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Netrate Concepts and Beautiful Curacao.........


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A top destination for travel is the island of Curacao. Not just your ordinary Caribbean paradise, Curacao, a part of the Netherlands Antilles until 2010 is now celebrating its independence. A rich culture filled with history and a culture proud of who they are today, offer visitors a host of experiences from one of the most cosmopolitan city centers in the Caribbean to of course, the beauty that is the Caribbean as well. An Overview From the capital city of Willemstad and its bustling streets filled with colors, history and of course residents and tourists all bustling about in this economic center of the Caribbean, to the quieter underwater world filled with millions of fish and sea creatures quietly moving past you in an intense underwater world, it is easy to see what make Curacao stand out. Ranked as one of the top Caribbean islands to visit in 2012, Curacao is a renewed and excited independent nation filled with hope for future and the desire to make their country stand out above all the rest. The history of this island paradise dates back thousands of years, like most islands in the Caribbean. Home to native peoples who fished and lived on these islands in peace until the arrival of settlers from other lands, Curacao offers a diverse history. City sites in the capital city dating back to its settlement days are some of the most well known and visited destinations on the island with many others being historic sites around the island dating back to times much further back and a much different world. Other popular sites include the Christoffel National Park and the Museum Kura Hulanda as well, each known to focus on the cultures specific to the region. Visiting the Island Of Curacao Visitors who make this their Caribbean island destination are offered a range of destinations and activities to choose from including strolling the streets of historic and cosmopolitan Willemstad or leaving the brightly colored streets and heading out into the lush green and blue wilderness beyond. Activities known to be popular on the island include historical sites and natural areas offering ample opportunity for you to surf, swim, dive and explore the Caribbeans more amazing beauty.

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