A Tourist Guide To Cyprus

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Cyprus is situated south of Turkey, an Island that is in the Mediterranean Sea.  This is the third largest island after Sicily and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea . It is a member of the European Union with lots of antiquities and archaeological sites that are seen around the island, some of them can date from the New Stone Age down to the Roman Empire. It is a beautiful place that has not been spoilt with human activities. The capital of the city is Nicosia that has a lot of restaurants and attraction sites for visitors.

Thousands of visitors are seen during the festive period to spend their holiday because of the unending stream of fun and activities. There are lots of hotels that can be used by visitors for their accommodation and the car hire services makes movement very simple. It is recommended that the hired cars are used if guests are new to country. This is what would help in taking care of missing baggage and the avoidance of theft of belongings with the public transport system.

The Weather and Temperature in Cyprus


The best time of year to visit Cyprus depends on what you want to do in the country and the season you are visiting, a quick look at the weather forecasts in Cyprus would give you an idea of what to do and when to visit.

The lowest temperature is in February when the temperature ranges from  the day 16°C and  night 7°C

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July has become the best weather month with temperature between  day 34°C and  night  24°C

The cheapest Cyprus First Minute deals can begin from 374€ for a four day trip

July is the cheapest month while October is the most expensive month to travel to the Republic of Cyprus.

When You Can Visit Cyprus


Cyprus is a island that is fused with cuisine and the Mediterranean weather and the ease of communication is what makes the country a great place to be.   It is only in the Troodos Mountains that snow is seen and rainfall happens during the winter while summer is dry. The country has a very warm climate which is the warmest in this part of the Mediterranean. Summer can last up to 8months and begins in April and ends in November.  The middle of the summer period is always hot which is around July and August.

The temperature are more stringent inside the island with the winter having a very cold winter and the summer can be so hot when compared to other parts of the coast.  Spring is often cool and dry, it arrives very early around late February. Autumn is around September and October and it is a very pleasant time to visit


The best time to visit Cyprus can be during December. However, If you do not like the hot weather condition then it is best to visit Cyprus in the off season of spring when the weather is sunny and a lot of people are seen visiting.

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