The Undying Beauty..cyprus!!

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Cyprus , an island in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, is an ideal destination to make your adventure terrific. Cyprus is a resourceful attraction spot.  Lots of fun  are offered by this beautiful and captivating island.  The Famagusta old city, Cyprus lake, mountain hikes, museums, and not forgetting the many day trips are a sure reason why the island is ever packed to capacity with hordes of tourists from all over the world. The cool tranquil atmosphere is yet another reason for all to visit. My kids had all excelled in their end of term examinations and this was a great time to applaud them. I thus choose for them Cyprus island where they would enjoy and swill out the tiring memories of school. The outstanding beauty embraced by Cyprus that we experienced was a must to be shared to many and thus I decided to tell it all.

 The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

We set off at the amazing Cyprus museum. The museum was notably small. This gave us undying urge to get inside and explore its wonders. Beautiful and charming displays of incalculable collections of artifacts, pottery, clothing and fabulous paintings greeted our eyes with an irresistible  whim to get closer, admire, touch and understand their captivating history. We were very grand that our journey had commenced nicely and this gave us more enthusiasm to carry on with our adventure. It was remarkably going great. The museum had ten rooms all sequentially and thematically designed in terms of periods. They start from the Neolithic  period, then the Hellenistic and finally the roman period. It was positively amazing to see how the people of Cyprus esteemed their beautiful history. The large collection of pottery dated back to the Bronze Age. My kids were more invigorated with amusement from the many beautifully and well carved archaic statuette that displayed their lure in many spots of the museum. It was very difficult to get them from these spots. We loved it very much and spent several hours moving around the museum.

 The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

The Cyprus Folk Art museum was yet another alluring museum we could not outwit. It is situated at the ancient grounds of the Archbishopric palace near the St John Cathedral. Its colossal exterior architectural design was so impressive and attractive. It looked more of a paradise. More so, its interior brilliant blueprint was worth a look as it exhibited a home like style with many displays of enticing and precious needlework and elegant nuptial outfits. It also exhibited a customary Cypriot bedroom and an old fashioned primitive oven that were so inviting to marvel at. There was also a vast collection of beguiling handcrafts that included flimsy laceworks, numerous gorgeous household items, and primordial farming tools among others. It was a remarkable moment to watch the crafts men who were very generous with information at work. It was indeed a great experience and my kids kept insisting on visiting the museums again.

 The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

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Out of mesmerizing museums, we boarded the Red Bus for a tour to Famagusta old city to indulge ourselves into more fun. The bus was far too glittery with cozy and comfortable seats. It was incredibly maintained. It was also well equipped with many bravura, generous and informing tour guides who greatly infused into us sweet info of the old city. We treasured them very much. Famagusta was in itself a dazzling first rate scenic city. It had many alluring architectural designs that were beautifully arranged within the Venetian walls. Its atmosphere was very tranquil and mind blowing. We enjoyed walking along the attractive streets of the city and admiring the showcased beauty of Famagusta. The bus then trailed us off to the charming ghost town popularly known as the Varosha town. At this beautiful resort, we enjoyed swimming in the cool breathtaking waters of the Mediterranean Sea before basking on the most beautiful beaches we had ever set our eyes on. The beach area also offered a good panorama of the old frayed walls of the city that were damaged in a time of war, as we had been informed earlier by the tour guide. Our visit was undoubtedly good. We enjoyed very much and took several photos to aid in remembering this stunning site.

 The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

We then advanced our swimming dexterity at Cyprus Lake where we enjoyed diving deep into the relatively warm and clean waters embraced by the lake; and basking on the enthralling sandy beach. It was really nice. We then hiked merrily along the good looking rocky bays that lead us to the magnificent Grotto and Indian Head Cave. The waters along the bay  were immaculate blue and attractive such that thoughts of diving into them kept crossing my mind. It was certainly a gorgeous experience. What struck us most were the proficient swimmers who dived deep into the water to survey the wonders beneath the Indian Head  cave that lay way deep into these waters. We also mesmerized watching many audacious divers jumping off the angelic cliffs into the waters. All these beauties were crammed in the amazing Bruce Peninsula National Park. It was a wonderful place and almost illusory. We liked it very much and have to visit again.

 The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

Wheelie Cyprus Mountain was another lovely place we mesmerized visiting. The place is widely known to have a variety of exquisite environment, mountain bikes and walking tours among other attractive features. Moreover, they had a  team of welcoming  tour guides who usually  direct tourists  to their preferred destination of interest. In fact the place is extremely awesome because of the introduction of the innovated approach to self-driven cycling during the great holidays in Cyprus using a GPS for easy route finding together with tour guides to simply identify points of interest. Actually the place was so nice such that we had to  hire a bike, then with the help of an unique uplift service we got transported to the highest point where we just enjoyed a free ride without  the pain of  grueling the hill climb. It was incredibly a heaven like experience that could never get eroded from our minds.

 The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

Cyprus essentially is one of the places that is jam-packed with many interactive activities that will need a considerable amount of time to completely exhaust all of them. Just after leaving Wheelie Cyprus Mountain, we stumbled upon the famous and popular Wine museum and stopped for fun and pleasure. The museum is known relatively for its capacity to withstand so many tourists who flowed in every year to see various items. We enquired for more details about the museum although not much successful, we managed to  get little  information, history and state of  the Cypriot wine industries. There was no chance to interact with staff as the place was heavily crowded. We managed to carry a few bottles of wine with us since the prices were fairly cheap. Though somehow tired, we had a reason to smile and bear in mind the good memories of the thrilling museum.

 The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

We finally ended our fabulous holiday at the Great Taste Tours of Limassol. This is a place that you can’t afford leaving Cyprus without paying a visit. We got great experience in discovering the old parts of Limassol town; we strolled through the amazing old town buildings at the same time capturing several photographs which was to keep us good memories of a superb visit to Cyprus. In reality, we can’t forget to mention the warm welcome by the local people and favorable environment that they provided to us, they even served us unforgettable traditional food that made us feel privileged.

 The undying beauty..Cyprus!!

Cyprus Island can only be described as a charming place to visit.  We experienced the best ever trip and were sure to visit the island many more times. Our trip was perfect.


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