Bus Ticket From Prague To Krakow

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Prague in Czech Republic has one of the most fascinating squares in Europe named the Staromestske Namesti. The square can be found in the Old Town and it is just below the Church of St. Mary of Tyn. It has one side facing the Jewish quarter, and a tree-lined side where there are positioned vendors selling typical foods in Prague like ham, beer, and cakes.

Bus Ticket From Prague To Krakow


Krakow is a beautiful city in Lesser Poland Province with lots of things to see and do from the inside and the outside part. The sights bring a crescendo of emotions starting from the monument to Grunwald until the Fortress of Wavel. The various churches are sublime and built from centuries ago with impressive interiors. 

Here are the available modes of transport from Prague to Krakow.

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Bus Ticket From Prague To Krakow

The distance between Prague to Krakow is 536 km. There are two bus transport providers that travel daily from Prague to Krakow; Osnado and Trans Tempo. The travel duration by bus is nine hours and 50 minutes. The one way ticket differs between these two bus companies. Osnado offers a cheaper fare at US$18, while Trans Tempo’s bus ticket costs US$29. To get the latest schedule of departures and arrivals, check out this site: http://www.osnado.cz/pages/jizdni-rady

If you prefer to drive from Prague to Krakow, the estimated travel time via D1 highway is five hours and 40 minutes.

Bus Ticket From Prague To Krakow

Train Ticket From Prague To Krakow

To reach Prague from Krakow via Czech Railways, you need to accomplish two train rides. The first train ride is from the Praha railway station in Prague that is bound to Bohumin. From Bohumin, you must take another Czech Railways train that is bound to Krakow. The total travel time is seven hours and 40 minutes. The fare costs US$22.

Airplane Ticket From Prague To Krakow

A total of six airlines cover the Prague to Krakow flight route daily. The travel time is three hours. The cost of air fare is estimated at US$340. To know the latest schedules, visit: http://www.oagaviation.com/

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