Copenhagen's Dessert And Its Bakeries

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Copenhagen is a populous city and the capital of Denmark, a city that is located on the  Eastern part of the of the coastal Zealand. It has a so many bridges that is connecting the different districts and  it is known for its waterfronts and promenades in its landscape. Copenhagen has become a tourist attraction center for a lot of tourists around the world.  Sweden is not far away from the city and it has a lot of places that would impress a first timer. Apart from the locations that can be visited, the people are hospital and have one of the best packages for tourists.  The city is the economic, cultural and government centre that is among Denmark’s financial centres of the Northern Europe and it is seen with the  Copenhagen Stock Exchange. This is also a home for a lot of students from different places on earth


There is no trip to Copenhagen that would be complete without the tourist visiting some of the local bakeries and also eating the country’s local desserts. You may have gone to Paris and enjoyed their desserts, in Copenhagen, it is going to be a new whole experience for those who are coming there for relaxation and business.  Desserts are made to be the consumer’s choice because of the time that was taken to make each of them

The Kringle

Every bakery in Copenhagen are famous as Kringle, which is a pastry sort of bread that is always served and eaten warm straight from the oven.  You cannot visiting the city when you eat this dessert in Copenhagen.

The Wienerbrød

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This is a sweet bread that is made from a folded dough with extra butter to make it special. If you have tasted these desserts, you have quite a number of bakeries for you to visit around the city.


Gregersen Bageri and Konditori

This is a bakery that is operated and owned by a couple. It is the work of the husband to make the bread while the wife does the selling. If you are coming to Copenhagen, this is one of the most popular bakeries that you see.


Reinh. van Hauen bakery

Reinh. van Hauen bakery  has become a great place to visit and it is more than 130 years old and can be seen in four other locations in Copenhagen. What they do best is the cinnamon roll that got a different taste from the rest. It is recommended you are not dieting when you are here because you cannot help but feast your stomach with desserts.

 Sankt Peders Bageri 


This bakery is seen situated in the heart of Copenhagen, this is a smaller bakery that has become one of the hidden treasures that Copenhagen has for its tourists.  There are still other dessert places you can visit when you are here in Copenhagen and they are known to be exceptional for the way that desserts are made by them. The good news is they are very affordable and can be seen in different parts of the city



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