Fun Filled Holidays In Djibouti

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I was astounded with an air ticket to Djibouti by one of my best friend, Tony. Actually, I didn’t believe that he was going to keep his promise that he had earlier proposed to me. It was a dream come true when I found myself at an airport ready for a take off to Djibouti. Fundamentally, Djibouti is a relatively small country located within the eastern horn of Africa. Djibouti is one of the best and awe inspiring places to pay a visit during your holidays because of its varied captivating attractions. It has a fascinating nature, a charming Lake Assal, lovely animal refuges, enticing Hot springs, the breath taking Canyon among several other features that have seen millions of tourists visiting it. The flight took us about two hours to reach the capital city of Djibouti .The joy that overwhelmed me was beyond reasonable doubt. We enjoyed taking in the clan and safe atmospheric air as we utterly admired most of its beauties. The experience we had was great and gave a desire to extol and appreciate its appealing wonders.

 Fun filled holidays in Djibouti

We commenced our gorgeous journey at the great lovely lake of Assal. We boarded a tourist bus for a three hour ride from the city of Djibouti to the lake side. The tourist bus was well conditioned and ventilated to allow fresh air to circulate throughout its interior. We then stopped at several view points to see the great lake and very huge and attractive cracks that were formed during the historical plate tectonic transfer. We then walked a distance of about 1km to the lake which took us about one hour due to mountainous and rugged terrain. We enjoyed the walk as it helped us in building lots of energy for our other awaiting travels. The lake water was unique. We had to taste some with our tongues to feel their tang and we realized that it was too saline. The lake shore was too interactive and captivating. We at some point collected some crystalline bits of salt, some beautiful stones and other tiny items that were very eye-catching. There were also some people at the lake shores selling items like enthralling sea shells, ornaments and cowrie shells at affordable prices. This was one of the most interesting ventures we’ve ever enjoyed.

 Fun filled holidays in Djibouti

We then set off to the Old Arabic Town of Tadjoura. Inherently, it is one of the oldest towns in the East African coasts whose development started back in the 12th century. The town had astounding beaches, dusty but compelling streets and a notable harbor. We were stimulated fervently by the old buildings and their architectural designs that were exclusively different from modern houses. The town was full of dusty streets and unorganized items that were all over the place. From our point of view, the place was isolated and without form. Adjacent to this was a stunning harbor that was used long time ago to anchor ships by the colonial government. However, there were few ships and cranes that seemed to be still in use. There were also some fishermen doing their usual activity where they welcomed us with some well prepared fish. We dust our feet at this place having adventured most of the interesting and valuable places.

 Fun filled holidays in Djibouti

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We then continued with our adventure to the port of Djibouti. The port was inaccessible due to numerous activities that were taking place but we kept our pride off and squeezed among the hordes of people to the port. In essence, it is the central deep water port that doles out its usefulness to several neighboring countries bordering the country. This was a busy place with all sorts of sea freights taking place in many destined countries and major towns. We managed to get a place where there was a wide point of placid view that enabled us to see many ships approaching the coastline along the port, loading and offloading and several enthralling containers that were packed at the shores of the coast.

 Fun filled holidays in Djibouti

The dazzling Hot springs were another mesmerizing attraction worth a visit. This place was not far from Lake Assal. The warm and pleasant atmosphere around this place was attractive and alluring. The water from the springs was too hot. My companion mate boiled an egg which took a few minutes to get ready. Although, the charming and charismatic warmth married the place, it was so dangerous to be near the water and we had to watch every step as a simple mistake could even take somebody’s life. The hot water was also hot enough to boil a whole fish. We actually bought some alongside the spring that were professionally dried, cooked and stored. We packed many of the fishes to carry with us back home in order to surprise my mom who treasured them very much. The place was also fenced to curb cases of unauthorized persons or animals roaming in there .We finally left this place with a lot to tell and share with our friends.

 Fun filled holidays in Djibouti

We then explored the Indian Ocean waters along the Djibouti coastline for intense snorkeling and diving. This was the place that we enjoyed most due to its countless interactive activities like diving and snorkeling. The place was more breathtaking with amazing and scenic coral reefs that made the site a marine life home. We hired a fantastic boat that sailed us along the shores for a crystal clear outlook of the vast charming collection of about 200 different types of coral reefs. There were also numerous mind blogging shoals of attractive fishes which had inhabited the whole region. We were particularly interested in the enticing whale sharks that seemed so peaceful that we could hardly believe them being dangerous to their fellow fishes. We did our best to capture good photos of them. The whole experience was incredibly charming.

 Fun filled holidays in Djibouti

We were then enthusiastic to do the mind blowing snorkeling. We quickly put on diving suites which were provided by some friendly guides at the shore and within no time, we were busy exploring the under waters. One of the kind guide accompanied us and helped us discover the hottest spots deep in the waters. These waters were unusually magnetic. We took bountiful time of more than three hours under the relative warm and serene waters. We also came across a large and gorgeous school of barracudas. They were remarkably exciting to watch while below the waters but within no time they had disappeared far into the waters that we hardly saw them. It was indeed one of our best moments. We also had fun lazing around the sandy shores watching more fishes swimming proudly beneath the shallow waters.  This site was a must to visit on our next visit to Djibouti.

 Fun filled holidays in Djibouti

We finally adventured the amusing Gulf of Demons and were mostly surprised by its weird name. The place was wowed with strong winds blowing across that we had to hold tightly all our belongings otherwise get them lost in the waters of this charming bay. The bay’s environ was compactly filled with nice volcanic rocks which offered good sitting sites while watching the wonders within the bay. The waters were dreadfully awful as they embraced a black tint that chased all our swimming desires. Enormous high waves were also forming making the place a not swimming zone. We were moreover astonished when we learnt that there was a stunning devil’s cauldron right within the bay. We however cherished the fact that there were lots of dolphins and lovely fishes dwelling in these waters. This experience was surprising and we would want to visit the bay again. Djibouti indeed has loads of attractions that are not yet known to many. We would certainly consider visiting this lovely country again.


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