Don't Miss Places In Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is without a doubt a stunning and lovely country that has been established as a tourism hub.

There are countless attractions, such as mountains, cities, inviting people, parks and more - including the National Palace - which will all give you an urge to visit there again. It is indeed a country known for tourism..

The National Palace

Here is a list of the top 10 tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic, which represents the most visited sites, as well as those tourists, love the most.



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The stunning Altos de Chavon village will be one place you will not want to miss touring while in the Dominican Republic. It is certainly a top 10 tourist attraction because the village is totally breathtaking.

The Spanish village has a history dating back to the 16th century. It is considered a place of adventure and immediately gives you a medieval feeling of the European continent. You will be allured when you stroll through its lovely but narrow streets and surprised by the dazzling amphitheater. You will certainly like the Roman structure and the over 5000 benches within it for relaxing.

Altos de Chavon

The Chavon River is yet another site you will be mesmerized by visiting. Even on the way there, you will enjoy the atmosphere and feel relaxed as you breathe in the tranquil atmosphere that permeates the entire region. You can also stop at the scenic cliffs that hang over the river for a better view of the beautiful surroundings.

The pretty artwork that has made the Dominican Republic village very famous should also not be missed. It is one of the greatest places to view the most excellent sorts of relics as there are countless art galleries scattered in every part of the village.

Altos de Chavon

A visit to the magical St. Stanislaus temple will make your visit within Altos de Chavon complete. You will like its traditional architectural design that honors the former Pope John Paul II. 



The amazing Parque Nacional Del Este is one of the most dramatic sites for nature lovers. It is an important tourist attraction in the Dominican Republic.

The park, known as the Eastern National Park in English is located on the Samana Peninsula. It is one of the biggest marine parks in the Dominican Republic. It offers a lovely place to refresh and relax. The park houses 112 different kinds of bird species which embellish the entire environment making it a lively scene.

Parque Nacional del Este

The plants, too, are beautiful. There are various types of lovely plants which will entice  you with their pleasant aroma.

You will also see magnificent coral reefs all over the shoreline which will reveal an incredible marine ecosystem. Diving into the waters will also be memorable and you will be able to observe the coral reefs more closely.

Parque Nacional del Este

The park is also home to astounding beaches. The beaches offer you a gorgeous site for stretching out in the warm sun while you watch the waters form low waves as well as observing the birds flying high across the sky.

Don’t forget to venture into the many compelling caves within the park that exhibit much of the Taino Indians lifestyle. There are not many places to see their culture. You should also be prepared to take photos, as there will be many opportunities.



Ozama Fortress is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction. It is ranked among the most visited sites in the Dominican Republic. The fortress is simply mind-blowing with its The  charming 16th-century architectural design. 

Ozama Fortress

You will certainly like it and you should plan to capture several photos of it. Its interior layout is even more fascinating and definitely worth seeing. Climb to its upper part by taking some stunning twisting stairs. The views from here are first-class and indescribable. 

Ozama Fortress

Ozama Fortress has a rich history. It was established out of a prison. Be sure to use any of the many guides around that will take you to every part of it. You will be excited to learn the meaning of the fort, a symbol of the European foray in the current world. You will even find a statuette of the famous Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo within the fortress.



The impeccable Damajaqua Cascades are certainly among the best places to explore while in the Dominican Republic. The whole region is beautiful and excellent for nature lovers.

Damajaqua Cascades

Damajaqua Cascades lie in the neighborhood of Puerto Plata and are home to about 28 dazzling waterfalls. The experience on this site will be one of  a kind. You will appreciate every bit of the entire ecosystem within your eyes reach. The tranquil atmosphere will be one thing that will compel you to come back for more.

You should definitely descend to each of the falls to watch and admire the dramatic flow of the water. It is indeed brilliant watching the  natural rush of water although the mist can become quite heavy and fill the air - especially when they flow in full force. Remember to bring some good rainproof clothing and appropriate footwear which so that you can explore this nature easily.

Damajaqua Cascades

The underlying pools are also fantastic to swim in. The site is easy to get to as there are many buses operating from Puerto Plata to the falls.



La Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo is one place to visit that will make your time in the Dominican Republic memorable. 

La Zona Colonial

There are many striking sites to tour. You will first be struck by the sight of lovely but odd city blocks as you walk through many of its attractive streets. The monuments too are amazing. You will have to tour inside and have a complete look at their beauty. The monuments have a thrilling history, one that brings you back to the Spanish-ruled era in this country.

The city also has numerous churches where you can spend time touring, comparing the ancient architectural designs to the current ones. History lovers will surely enjoy learning about this gorgeous place. They can also visit the Calle Las Damas Street for a closer look of its charm.

La Zona Colonial

The city is also full of wonderful people who you will enjoy interacting with. It is certainly a place you should not miss visiting while within the country.



Right within Puerto Plata, you will come across the stunning Mount Isabel de Torres. This is a striking and memorable tourist attraction within the Dominican Republic.

Make sure you have a camera with you before you start your ascent to the mount’s pinnacle. The cable car ride up the mountain will be tremendous, giving you a feeling of being out of the earth. You will also have a wonderful time taking photos of the many sites surrounding the mountain as you ascend it.

Mount Isabel de Torres

Its vegetation is worthy of mentioning. It showcases a remarkable natural ecosystem. While at the top, you will capture much of the country’s wonders. Here there is a botanical garden waiting for your visit where you can smell all the best fragrances from the many enticing flowers that embellish the site, making it heaven like.

The astounding statue standing on the mountain top will also not be missed by anyone touring there. It is the figure of Jesus Christ, and all Christians will feel a sense of peace  standing in its presence. 

Mount Isabel de Torres

It is easy to get there from Puerto Plata via taxis.



The best beaches and actually those that appear among the top 10 tourist attractions will be found at Playa Del Macao. This is one of those sites that are never full of tourists.

Playa del Macao

The beaches are dramatic and gorgeous. You will have a delightful moment basking in the sun as you lay on the soft sand. You can also find great views of the waters and especially the magnetic formation of waves that stray towards the dry land.

Playa del Macao

You can hardly leave Playa del Macao without trying some diving into the pristine clean and serene waters. This will be one of the best moments of your life. There are many classes going on at the beach for those who are new to scuba diving making it an appropriate site for all levels.  Surfing is also a great option here.

The beach will also offer you a chance to do some fishing. You will surely like being here as you can catch several fishes by yourself after getting a few hints from the numerous fishermen all along the shoreline. You can also sit and watch the fishermen comparing them to see who’s best. 


Failing to visit Bonao village would be a huge mistake while on your trip in the Dominican Republic. Hikers will surely find their place here. It will be a great journey traveling by buses from Santo Domingo to the village.


Bonao rests at the base of Mount Cibao. You will certainly love this setting and the serenity of the region. There are numerous incredible rivers and waterfalls that are a primary source of water for the entire village. You will be amazed by the intact natural aspects of the area. It is also fabulous for swimming, rafting, kayaking and camping.

The village is more remarkable during the month of February, as this is the time the Caribbean lifestyle is at its peak. There are lots of appealing music and dances to keep you fully hypnotized while in Bonao. The costumes worn in the Caribbean festival are magical and the best. You will definitely have to take several photos of everything you see.


Remember to climb this beautiful mountain so you can have a better overview of the whole underlying beautiful Bonao village. You should also not miss interacting with the locals there.



The Dominican Republic is truly a place for vacationing. The amazing Samana Bay is a place where you can be confident you will have a great time.

Samana Bay

The Bay offers you a good chance to view lovely humpback whales which are a little difficult to find anywhere else. The sea turtles and hawksbill are also predominant here. There are also many coral reefs to see.

The flora is surely breathtaking with tall and attractive palms and much of the tropical fauna. The beaches too are amazing. You will also have a chance to tour the caves in the surrounding islands which were a home to the ancient Columbian people and still show many of their petroglyphs..

Samana Bay

You can easily catch buses from the Samana El Catey airport to the bay.



The Santo Domingo city is one of the major places you have to visit to have a look at the beautiful National Palace. This is one of the most visited places in the Dominican Republic.

National Palace

Its architectural design is one of the best you can come across. The building has a green and golden color scheme making it very noticeable and unique. The former president of the Dominican Republic was known to live here.

National Palace

Make sure to pay some of its impressive rooms such as the Hall of Ambassadors, the office of the president and the Mahogany Hall a visit. It is from here that you can have a taste of the treasured history of the republic. 

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