Amazing Ways Tourists Can Save Money In Dubai

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The ever growing percentage of expatriates and the skyrocketing cost of renting  in Dubai has forced many expatriates to share rooms in villas or flats.  Just like in major cities such as New York and London, sharing apartments has become familiar with expatriates. In major places of the city like Umm Suqeim, Mirdif, Deira, Emirates Hills, Bur Dubai, Sheik Zayed Road, Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina have become where sharing of accommodation is very popular.


The internet has been able to bridge the gap between those who are hunting for roommate(s) and those people who want to list their apartments for sharing as a peer-to-peer marketplace.  The user-friendly mobile app has become what is making sharing accommodation in Dubai very simple and easy.


The apps which are a social network designed to make it easier for you to know who you are going to deal with, when you look at the history of the user and profile. You can post your room in under two minutes and communicate with interested roommate(s). The browse listings is done by category which is a powerful filter and search. Some rental apps are vey suitable for all kinds of properties in the city. There is the geo-localization that helps rentees find rooms in their choice locations in Dubai and the chat feature gives renters the opportunity of communicating with their potential roommate(s).

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 There are different types of shared accommodation that are often shared in Dubai such as the flats of two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms and villas. The reason why people share apartments is to reduce costs. It is expected that tenants pay around Dh.1500 to Dh.5000 when applying to DEWA depending on the apartment. The utility bills like electricity and water consumption can cost an average AED 1,200 per month. Roommates can cut these costs including the municipality taxes and transportation. The cost of sharing an apartment may come down to nearly 2000-3000 AED per month on average.


In Dubai, people sometimes choose roommates on their ethnicities, this has been made easier with the rentals app and its Facebook pages. All you need do is to put your ethnicity and a lot of results would come to you according to the destinations you are making use.  This is what you can do as a tourist when you want to spend some time alone in the city of Dubai. There are rules that you should understand if are going to think of having a roommate. It is not recommended that singles who are not married stay with the opposite sex. It is a crime which is what you should know and lots more.


There are a lot of questions you may want to ask these potential roommates which can be done easily with the social media.  When you are convinced that you have made the right choice, you can discuss the monetary aspect of the business.  The fact remains, moving with people who have different backgrounds and life views can be terrifying and still exciting.





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