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According to estimates, Dubai's population was around 1.3 millions, consisting of the native Emiri (20%), South Asian (50%), Arab and Iranian (23%) and remaining being the Westerners and East Asians.

Dubai society is known for its tolerance for different lifestyles and foreigners are free to practice their own religion and other cultural activities. Different communities have their own schools and social and cultural institutions in Dubai. Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Diwali are celebrated by the religious minorities with great fanfare in Dubai. Arabic is the official language of Dubai, however English is widely spoken and understood all over the emirate.

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Hello intutive,

You have describe Dubai very nicely. In Dubai every festival is celebrated whether it is Valentine day or Christmas. People of Dubai are so fun loving and very cooperative. They do help to people who comes from other countries.

If a person totally unaware about the Dubai and come first time, I sure he/she will not has to face any problem while travelling in Dubai.


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