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holidays in dubaiI had heard many stories about the beauty of Dubai the desert city that has been transformed into one of the most vibrant economies of the world today. Therefore, last year, my husband and I decided to go on holidays in Dubai as we marked our third wedding anniversary. We were truly amazed by how this city that is constantly changing blends tradition and modernity while maintaining the excitement that is characteristic of any cosmopolitan city you can think about. In fact, you cannot believe that Dubai was once a tiny town of Bedouin traders as it is today the epitome of modernity as is evident in the number of electronic as well as high fashion stores. We had a great time in Dubai despite the high temperatures even though we were told that it gets hotter than it was at the time we visited. This city presents an element of ethnic diversity that is evident in the various cuisines that you can find in the over 400 restaurants.

Our holidays in Dubai were marked with many exciting activities that included a visit to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building that is surrounded by numerous entertainment options, shopping destinations as well as hotels. This building is a great observation deck for sightseeing. We went all the way to the 124th floor holidays in dubaiwhere we could see clouds below us. In fact, it felt like the building exists in the clouds. This was such a magical experience as there is a telescope that allows you to have a view of the landscape in real time as well as view images that have been taken previously. Even then, you must budget for the admission fee of AED 100.

Another place we visited that I strongly recommend to you is Bastakia Quarter that brings together various cultural significant sights like the Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai museum, Dubai’s oldest building as well as the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). What is exciting about this place is that we got a glimpse of what Dubai was in the past from the use of wind power system to beat the summer heat, the architecture of the traditional houses, the stamps and coins museum to galleries as well as curio shops. There are also restaurants that offer different delicacies you can try out. Even then, you are likely to miss on the feel that is associated with most heritage sites because it is not there. In addition, children may also not love this place, as there is nothing that will catch their attention.

You will also do well to go for the Bur Dubai Abra Dock that is boat ride lasting about 10 minutes aboard a wooden boat that is holidays in dubaialso referred to as the water taxi. We took the Abra from the Bastakia side all the way to the gold souk while looking at the art galleries and textile souk. This is such a memorable cruise even though I was a little skeptical of trying it at first. It is definitely worth trying. Getting on the water taxi is also an efficient and cheap way of getting across the Creek at 1Dhr that is far much cheaper than what the dhows charge.

We also went to the Dubai Spice Souk that is a shopping centre for traditional souks that offers you an opportunity to explore Arab Style marketplaces where different goods are traded. Some of the commodities that I saw being sold here include textiles, spices, perfumes and gold.

Another great place that you must visit while on holidays in Dubai is the famous Dubai Fountain that is choreographed to music with the waters shooting to the height of about 500 feet creating such an eye-catching spectacle. These fountains performance cover the entire 30 acre Burj Khalifa Lake. You do not need to pay an admission fee to view this wonder even though it is advisable that you position yourself at a vantage point because the intervals between which the fountains shoot the water are somewhat long. We went for the evening show that begins at 6pm all the way to 11pm because my husband had organized for a special anniversary dinner at the Red Lobster Restaurant.

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With the sweltering heat, you will definitely appreciate a visit to Ski Dubai that is the world’s third largest indoor ski slope. Ski Dubai is located at the Dubai mall and we spent some time here learning the basic skiing skills with the help of qualified instructors. While here, you can also learn some advanced skiing skills by meeting snow penguins with whom you will have an intimate encounter. These Penguins are particularly committed to teaching people of all ages using some interactive and engaging programs. The good news that you can watch the match of penguins for free severally as long as you are a park guest. holidays in dubaiSki Dubai charges varied fees depending on the age as well as nature of activity that you would like to engage in.

The Souk Madinat Jumeirah is also another place that you should not miss during your holidays in Dubai because it is strategically located within the Jumeirah Beach area and has some great restaurants you can think of. The beauty of this souk is that the temperatures are controlled because it is indoors. Even then, if you are looking to purchase unique items you could be a little disappointed because they stock just about the same goods as those you will find in the shops. You may also not be able to withstand the noise of the traders as well as the smell of mixed spices.

The desert safari is another must do activity in Dubai. We really had the best experience on our desert safari. The journey to the desert lasted about 40 minutes and it was quite thrilling as well as entertaining. We enjoyed a view of the sunset that we also took photos of, camel rides, the dune bashing that is a little scary and finally the BBQ dinner as well as the evening entertainment. There was a male dancer with an umbrella skirt that was truly awesome and a belly dancer even though she was not very good. The Dolphin Bay is another amazing place that I strongly recommend. Not only is it one of the world’s most sophisticated and largest dolphin habitat. There are different levels of interactions as well as swimming with the dolphins that you can select and these cater for people of all ages including children. For instance, you can choose to stand in the shallow water, swim or even take to scuba diving alongside the dolphins. The dolphins are such a spectacle and worth every penny. My husband and I enjoyed the shallow water swim as took some amazing photos that put a smile on my face every time I look at them. To enjoy this experience, you will need to ensure that you purchase tickets on time, as the number of people visiting the dolphin bay is usually high. We had hoped to visit a few more places but we ran out of time but we are hoping to travel back to Dubai in future, as it is truly a perfect holiday destination. 

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Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities and you will love to visiting it.

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