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Travel to DubaiDubai is one of the most incredible travel destinations that I have ever been to. Unlike many destinations, the fun begins from getting there. I travelled on the business class of fly emirates and after 14 hours, we landed in this unique desert nation. Although the heat here can be stifling, Dubai is characterized by glamour and glitz that blend in with subtle Middle East culture. During my five days in Dubai, I discovered various sights and things to do that every first time visitor should consider checking. I also realized that April is one of the best times to visit because although the temperatures are high, it does not get to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, as is usually case at summer time. You also need to know that you can hardly do much outside during the hot months hence the need to plan your trip carefully.

One of the places that you need to visit in Dubai is the Palm Island. The experience here is awesomely unique and crazy. This artificial archipelago takes the shape of a palm tree yet you cannot tell. The best way to get the effect of the palm is by getting an aerial view. There are a number of facilities here that left me spoilt for choice. Can you imagine spending time at a marine and water park in a desert? That is an experience you can only enjoy in Dubai. I visited the Dolphin Bay that is also the world’s most sophisticated and largest dolphin habitat. This bay can accommodate people of all ages depending on your swimming abilities. Standing and scuba diving alongside the dolphins was just incredible even though I was a little scared in the beginning. 

The Aquaventure Water park is another fun place where I indulged in the thrill of speed slides, master blasters, splashers, rapids as well as the lush tropical landscapes. This is a great experience considering that the temperature here is always high. I also got another exciting adventure at the Aquaventure beach that is also ideal for escaping to unwind. Also notable is the Lost Chambers Aquarium where you can explore mysterious ruins of the Atlantis that have been hidden under the sea. This Aquarium accommodates over 65,000 marine animals that you can see while having fun in the underwater mazes as well as tunnels. The aquarium has guides that are friendly and will let you in on as much information about the facility as possible. Other activities that you can engage in at the Atlantis include fish feedings, the ultimate dive experience at the Atlantis dive centre, boat cruises, the ray experience and the back of life tours. If you love to swim in a pool, you can take advantage of one of the two swimming pools namely the Zero entry pool that is popular with families and the Royal pool that offers a quiet respite.

While here you can also check out the Atlantis hotel that is a show of amazing architecture. Another outstanding element of this hotel that I fell in love with is the impressive glass sculpture that is in the lobby. You cannot leave the Palm Atlantic without shopping at the underwater world where you are guaranteed of a wonderful retail therapy especially if you are into fashion. There are several avenues with numerous boutiques that have designer brands. Then there is Plato’s Walk that is grand lobby that is a haven for lovers of watches, jewelry and boutiques.

Another amazing experience that I had in Dubai that I would recommend to anyone visiting is the snow ski in Dubai. Yes, you can have a great time skiing at the mall in the backdrop of a desert. The only way I can explain the experience is that it was epic. Amazingly, you will be provided with all the things you need for skiing like ski pants, heavy jacket and a snowboard or a set of skis to complete the experience. The skiing experience is not only exciting but it also allows you to enjoy a cool atmosphere.

Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building that is a-must visit. This building is a magnificent centerpiece of Dubai is surrounded by shopping destinations, a range of entertainment option and hotels. I really enjoyed the sightseeing experience from the observation tower on the 124th floor where I got amazing views of Dubai as well as the surrounding area. There is telescope here that enhances the magnificent view of the landscape of the surrounding area in real time. You can also see images that have been previously captured during other times.

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Also not to be missed are desert safaris. This is in fact one of the reasons most people travel to Dubai. Driving a Toyota Land Cruiser on the sand dunes is a truly exhilarating experience. This one of a kind adventure was organized by Arabian adventures and this package included a show in the middle of the desert and a dinner. Riding a camel is another activity that you cannot miss in Dubai. Even then, you should expect it to be a little bumpy when they get down and up again for you to get on their back. To enjoy this ride you only need to lean back.

I also enjoyed watching the Dubai Fountain that shoots water to heights of 500 feet that is comparable to a 50-storey building. The fountain has been choreographed into music at intervals of thirty minutes. I loved the view of the fountain from the restaurant where I also had some drinks. If you are interested in some culturally significant sights and a true fee of being in an Arabic country then you need to visit Bastakia Quarter that include Dubai’s oldest building, the Dubai museum, the Al Fahidi Fort as well as Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.

My love for spices also led me to Dubai Spice Souk where I got an ultimate experience Arab style marketplace where you can find a range of commodities like textiles, gold, spice and perfumes. The alleyways here are packed with spice vendors who have giant boxes and bags of spices. For my souvenir, I went for the gold memento at a gold coin machine at the Burj Khalifa building.

Getting around Dubai is pretty much easy because it is a melting point of cultures hence English is a widely spoken. However, you also need to know that alcohol is limited. In fact, you can only order a single drink at a hotel. However, there are numerous restaurants as well as great hotels. At the end of my five days, I could only conclude that Dubai is amazing and I look forward to my next visit to this part of the United Arab Emirates.


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