Unbelievable Tourist Attractions In Dubai

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There are so many things that we can do in Dubai when it comes to entertainment and tourism. We can add to the list camel polo game. We know that camels are huge ponderous looking animals that are very fast when one is on top of them charging them up and down any polo club. This is what has become a fascinating game in Dubai. In the desert is where this camel polo game happens. You can visit the Dubai Polo Club and experience this.


There is a this adventure themed trip that would take you around the city if you make use of the Seawings that you can board at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. The view  from the air is mesmerizing and you get a lot of excitements up.  Once upon a time, Dubai was known as a tiny Persian Gulf trading port but today, this city has become a gleaming metropolis that have a lot of high-end shopping malls, luxury hotels and a la carte restaurants.


A visit to the the world’s tallest building at 2,722ft; Burj Khalifa, which has become one of the world’s engineering miracles and the Palm Jumeirah ; this is a man-made archipelago of luxury hotels and homes which has appeared like magic out of the sea. You would see from your lofty position where Dubai ends and where the desert begins. Quite a magnificent view!

We must tell you that if you are making use of this air trip, you must not be a nervous flyer because there are a lot of steep turns that are involved, however, the takeoff and your landing would always be smooth.

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Down from the airplane, you can move to the older Deira part of Dubai. This is next to the creek with its more traditional buildings. You would passing the Majlis Al Areesh meeting area, this is where you would find the locals hanging out and taking drinks and smoking water-pipes.


The creek  is where you would have a look at the gold souk. The JA Oasis Beach Tower which is located in  the heart of “new Dubai” can be that perfect spot for you. Here you would be doing a lot of stroll and seeing a dazzling array of restaurants and shops on the doorstep. You would find great accommodations here.

Still in the spirit of fun, you can take a trip to the desert safari  that is run by Platinum Heritage.  This is billed as a Bedouin experience, and  it would not disappoint you. The Falcons which have become a key part of Emirati culture  is significant here and falcon racing is really a huge business, with competitions offering many thousands of dollars worth of prizes. A good racing bird is worth a small fortune.


The meals that you would take are classic and there is always something new to give you that thrill that you would want in an unbelievable trip here in Dubai. These are just few of the best things that would happen to you when you are in Dubai

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  • There are so many things that we can do in Dubai when it comes to entertainment and tourism We can add to the list camel polo game We know that camels are huge ponderous looking animals that are very fast when one is on top of them charging them up and down any polo club This is what has become a... Read More

    Unbelievable Tourist Attractions In Dubai

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