About Al Salvador

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About Al Salvador

Population : 7.2 million

Annual growth rate is less than 2%

Religion : Roman Catholic - 57%, with significant and growing numbers of protestant groups

They speaks Spanish language

They are having free education and literacy is approaching 80% nationally

República de El Salvador, literally meaning "Republic of The Savior") is the smallest, and also the most compactly populated country in Central America. It margins the Pacific Ocean between Guatemala and Honduras. It lies on the Gulf of Fonseca, as do Honduras and Nicaragua further south.

They are splitter job profiles - agriculture - 17%, other retails like restaurant, hotels and stores are 30%, industrial exposure is low upto 17% and other services have contribution of 21 %

El Salvador is a democratic country with a rising economy. Tourism facilities are not fully developed. The capital is San Salvador, reachable by El Salvador's International Airport at Comalapa. The U.S. Dollar is the primary currency in El Salvador and the economy is fully dollarized. 

Travelers should be aware that El Salvador's entry requirements differ in harmony with agreements the country has with foreign governments.  Citizens of several countries in addition to the United States may enter El Salvador with a current passport and either a visa or tourist card.  Citizens of many other countries, including many Latin American and western European nations, may enter with only a current passport.  However, citizens of most nations are required to present both a current passport and a visa to enter El Salvador. 

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