A Visit To Eritrea

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A visit to Eritrea

I had never known that there was much more to Eritrea than meets the eye until I had a vocational visit to Eritrea with some of my friends. It was a group tour that we organized as friends and we wanted to have splendid experience in this country which is known to be on the horn of Africa. Eritrea is actually situated in the Eastern part of Africa just in the northern part of Ethiopia where it is bordering the red Sea I the Northeast. This country really has several natural wonders and it is also blessed with several highland, high mountains, beautiful seacoast, wildlife, sandy desert areas, hot water springs and much more. This is actually an ideal destination to visit as it has all that you may need for your perfect vacation. There is actually everything for everyone and that is the reason why we chose the area as our perfect place for a holiday trip. It actually worked because at the end of it all, everyone was very satisfied and more relaxed than ever. I loved the place with all my heart and that is the reason why I am here as a witness to those who want to visit Eritrea. It is very wonderful place for a great tour.

 A visit to Eritrea

We started it all in the Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. We had booked one of the best hotels earlier and when we reached Eritrea, we just headed to the Crystal hotel that was booked. This Crystal Hotel is located right in Harnet Avenue, Asmara in Eritrea. It is within a very quiet residential area that is very comfortable to stay in especially when you want to relax and keep off from everything. The staffs were very charming and helpful and the rooms were also a very decent size with a good size TV set and a huge bed to make you feel very comfortable as if you are at home away from home. I couldn’t imagine going back home because this particular hotel became my second home since I was booked in and I was also enjoying the wonders of Eritrea. It was just the most wonderful place to stay around. The atmosphere and the surrounding were also good.

 A visit to Eritrea

When we got out of the hotel, we went to see the Eritrean coral reefs in the Eritrean red sea that is within the Massawa. Massawa is actually the pearl of the red sea which is the best place to visit when you are in Eritrea. No one can actually miss this spectacular Massawa since there is also a wonderful island there to advance your adventure. The island was very wonderful and good item for the tourism purposes even though many people have never realised. The bustling port was quite wonderful with everything that you can ever imagine in the port. The very clear blue waters were just wonderful to have a great view of and it makes the place very serene and amazing. I had never gone to this place before and all of my friends were also coming here for the very first time yet we opted not to take some guides. It was very fortunate that we were able to see all the amazing nature of this country and we loved every minute that we spent in this particular place.

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 A visit to Eritrea

A visit to Eritrea

After all that time in the scene of great blue sea, we wanted to have bird viewing session where we could just see the bird life of such creatures in that particular place. We went to the tropical forests that are located in the Semenawi Bahri area around the North east of Asmara. This was really the home of several tropical birds such as the crimson toraco, trogon, sunbirds, francolins, catbirds and the hornbills among other birds of various kinds. I love birds so much and having a view of the birds was quite a wonderful thing in my life. They are very beautiful creatures that no one can afford to miss in their life. The colour of their feathers are made uniquely that only the creator can understand their greatness. They were looking very lovely and I will have to go back and have more of the bird watching again.

 A visit to Eritrea

We went to the great Sunshine Hotel for the evening just to relax and have some drinks as well as the meals. This hotel is located very close to the city centre and this made it very convenient for us to get even the transport means to other destinations very easily. It was just a walking distance from the city centre. The place was very clean with large and well kept rooms. It was just a wonderful place to stay in and I loved their staff the way they treat their customers with honour and respect. They are also very efficient and well knowledgeable in their work. The meals were very wonderful as we decided to have a taste of some of the local foods prepared in that place. The place is also very quiet that makes it nice for meetings or seminars. We actually had a small meeting with the group members to discuss more about the group and how to develop our talents and grow further through this group.

 A visit to Eritrea

We also visited the railway of Eritrea to see what was happening in this great railway that connects different places here. This railway was actually extended from the capital city, Asmara to the port city of Massawa and to Agordat.  This railway line was constructed way back in the 1887. It actually had 30 stations by that time when it was just constructed. After a long period of time, a project to rehabilitate it was started in 1994. This is when the very first phase was built again in the Massawa-Asmara line which was actually finished in 2003. This railway line has more of the history of Eritrea to learn from its development, rehabilitation and its current status. It is now providing tour services to local and foreign tourists. We actually used it to get all that we wanted for our tour and they definitely gave us all the requirements with good capacity as we wanted.

 A visit to Eritrea

The following day, we took a trip to Dahlak Islands. This island is just scattered over a great area of the red sea. Dahlak is obviously one of the largest Islands that also have the water cisterns. There are abundant of fish in the waters that most visitors have never realised. It is actually a paradise for several aquatic activities that are very enjoyable such as snorkelling and scuba diving, water skiing, beach recreation, surf riding and sailing, shipwrecks off the Massawa Coast and swimming among other wonderful activities. This was just a paradise on earth as we dived, sailed, had a great swimming and water skiing.

 A visit to Eritrea

We then moved to Keren which actually means a Highland. This is a well known attractive town in Eritrea. It is situated in the north western part of Asmara. It is a very attractive place with very unique places to visit such as Forto, St Mary of Daarit, British and Italian cemetery as well as the Italian Railway station. We visited the British war cemetery where the Commonwealth troops were buried. It is in the north western part of the town off the Agordat. Just past the cemetery lies a great statue of the Madonna. This is an historic place that was actually worth visiting. We loved everything in this place and we actually learnt a lot from this visit. We never got enough time to visit all the attractive places in Keren but we are actually planning for the next visit to Eritrea where we shall extend our tour being that we have already learnt so much about it during this first visit.


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