Train Ticket From Estonia To Hamburg

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Estonia is a place with more than 1500 islands and many lakes to enjoy. You will have a great time in Estonia if you are here for a weekend fun with family or close friends.

Train Ticket from Estonia to Hamburg


There are a wide range of activities and things to see in Hamburg, making it one of the best holiday destinations in Germany.

Here are the available modes of transport from Estonia to Hamburg

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Estonia to Hamburg by Train

If you are planning to take the train from Estonia to Hamburg, then you should note one point that there is no direct train between these two places. First, take a ferry from Tallinn to Kornhamnstrog. Now, from Kornhamnstrog to Stockholm Central take a taxi or bus. Here at Stockholm Central, your train journey starts to Koebenhavn and then from Koebenhavn to Hamburg is your last train. The total duration of your ferry, taxi and train journey is 29 hours, 27 minutes and this journey is going to cost you $223 to $313.

Estonia to Hamburg by Bus

The distance between Estonia and Hamburg is 1729 kilometers.

Train Ticket from Estonia to Hamburg

The bus journey from Estonia to Hamburg is going to take 30 hours, 15 minutes, because there is no direct bus available between these two locations. You will first have to board your bus at the Kaubamja bus terminal and reach Tallinn Lastekodu. Now from Tallinn Lastekodu, you will have to take another bus to Berlin and finally, take a bus to Hamburg. The total bus fare for this trip is $132 to $192. It is the bus which takes more time to reach Hamburg from Estonia compared to train and flight.

Estonia to Hamburg by Flight

Flight journey is the best option available to travel from Estonia to Hamburg as it is good both fare wise and time wise. You will reach Hamburg in just 6 hours, 2 minutes duration from the Tallinn airport to Hamburg airport. The flight ticket also would cost you just $124 to $285. The bus is going to cost you more and takes more time as well. 

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