Europe's Sexiest Hotel Designed To Give You A Run

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Thinking of an exotic and sexy hotel? We just found one in Europe and it is magnificent and beautiful. This is a five star hotel where you can shell out around £1,000 a night and the spending still runs on into the night.  This is a hotel that offers you eateries, swanky suites and bars.  We are talking about Hotel Gotham which is situated at the heart of Manchester, UK.

Hotel Gotham

What really makes this hotel very sexy? We would be taking you through some of its lovely features that make Hotel Gotham one of the finest. It is expected to start business on April, this is exactly eight years since the Grade-II building started life as a bank. 

Hotel Gotham has restored this former bank into a luxury place. The design was greatly inspired by the Art Deco heritage of the building. It is set over a seven floor which include the Honey restaurant. There is Club brass, a swish private members bar, Club Brass, that gives a great view of the city when you are on top.

Hotel Gotham

The designers had done some magnificent jobs in ensuring that there are some luxury stuffs in the bedrooms like the gold ingot toiletry displays and  there  are moneybag-style laundry bags. When you are in the restaurant there are typewriters on the wall and the bar is designed with briefcases for its light fitting.

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 The designers wanted to pay tribute to a major building designed by ‘one of the greatest British architects’, Edwin Lutyens whilst injecting a distinct fresh personality. That was the plan and it worked. The hotel guests would be coming in and be warmly welcomed by bell boys who will man the 24-hour entrance hall, before they can be  whisked up to the main reception on the sixth floor.

Hotel Gotham

It is only the guests who has reservation at the bar, hotel or restaurant that would be allowed to get inside. This is an aspect of Hotel Gotham’s ethos to provide a discrete and private experience for all of its clients.

The hotel has 60 bedrooms, that  are all individually designed. This hotel is named after Gotham, whch is the fictional home of comic book caped crusader Batman. This is going to be Manchester's second five star hotel after the Radisson Blu Edwardian.


The 68-cover restaurant that is  on the fifth floor will serve a modern twist on brasserie classics, with lots of local dishes including Manchester tart, warm rhubarb,lamb hotpot, and pistachio Bakewell and Lancashire cheese and Cheshire ham.

Hotel Gotham

The unique servery counters are based on period filing cabinets consisting of zinc, wood and marble and finished with brass bank vault mesh, while the original half-moon windows offer stunning views across Manchester.


The inside restoration includes the reincarnation of the main staircase, with original brass handrail, balustrades, mouldings and terrazzo flooring - while the original windows are fantastic features in the bedrooms and in the restaurant and bar.

Guests will also get an intriguing view of the stone pillars and mouldings on the top floor, from the new balcony areas at Club Brass.


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