European Guided Vacation Itineraries

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Whether you are thinking to get away for some days or spending quality time in Europe, we have listed some of the best and guided vacation itineraries that you can make use of during your vacation. Travelers can now live their dreams in some of the stunning places in Europe, get missing during a secret walking tour in Venice’s canals or even getting attached to the prehistoric monoliths that are mysterious at Stonehenge or even take a quick dive into the palatable  seasfood paella that can be found at the tapas bars around the continent. While doing all these, you can still save money but it is not something that a lot of people may understand especially if they are doing it the first time.

We have provided some of the most famous European trips that can come from Trafalgar:

The Great Italian Cities


This is an eleven days tour that begins from $2,826. You are allowed to move around some of the hottest tourists’ spots in Italy like Rome, Venice and Florence. You are going to visit the the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Ponte Vecchio, Colosseum, Vatican Museums and private boat cruise  straight to St. Mark's Square.

The Amazing Britain

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Imagine  11 days movement around the Great Britain that would range from $2,256. You are going to explore the ancient wonders, beautiful scenery and a lot of sprawling cities that would give you a value for your money. There are a lot of places that you can visit such as the birthplace of Shakespeare, 18th green at St. Andrews that is famous and you are going to enjoy ‘wee dram’ when you are taken  to a whiskey distillery.

The European Whirl


It will take you 15  straight days to explore this great tour and the cost is  from $3,738. You are moving around so many places that you cannot stop talking about the beauty of places such as Rome, Venice, Munich, London, Paris, Florence and London.

The Imperial Europe


This is an 11 day tour that would have you loving every moment of your tour. The cost comes from $2,266. You would see some of the intriguing cities that the central Europe got to offer you.  You would be loving the different places that you would be taken to like the the UNESCO Wachau Valley. This is one of the finest river valleys that Europe got for you. Apart from this, you can visit the grand State Opera House in Vienna, eclectic Gothic, Baroque and Art Deco architecture.

The Spanish Wonder

Madrid Capital, Spain

It would take you 10 days to have fun in this tour, you should be spending from $1,924 to have a lovely moment here. Get embraced here with tourism as you visit places like Barcelona, Seville and Madrid. This is the reason why you can easily come for this tour and forget every other thing. There are markets to visit, tapas to sit and drink out, activities to be involved with and not forgetting that you are going to have some of the most memorable moments here.


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