Top 5 Overlooked Games You Can Play When Travellin

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While we like tothink of globetrotting as glamorous and fun, but the reality of long bus and train rides, hanging around the airport, and other extended periods of boredom should not be overlooked.  Keeping the mind occupied during these times is key to enjoying the entire trip, so it’s clear we need some distractions.

In light of that, we are going to top five games to play when travelling. The focus will be on overlooked games, so we will steer clear of blockbuster video games and the like. Without further ado:

“I am going to Mumbai”

There’s a fair chance your travel companions will turn their noses up at the suggestion of playing this game, but – once they get into it – it becomes a lot of fun and weirdly compelling. “I am going to Mumbai” goes by other names (sometime called “I am going on a picnic”), but the premise is the same: The first player states, “I am going to Mumbai and bringing….” and they will list something beginning with ‘A’; the second player must repeat the sequence and add something beginning with ‘B’. It sounds a bit simplistic, but it’s bags of fun and really does take people’s minds off the ennui of a long road trip.

Tiny Epic Galaxies

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Okay, this one should be perhaps reserved for those of us who like a bit of geekery. The Tiny Epic game series has been a huge hit, with the Galaxies gamearguably being the best of the lot. It might be a bit difficult to assemble in a car, as there are a fair few small components, but there is also a one-player version available which is a bit less troublesome. As for the game itself, Tiny Epic Galaxies invites you to expand a galactic empire by conquering other planets through luck and strategy. Great stuff.

Casino Games

From classic blackjack, poker and roulette to slots and arcade games, an online casino will feature 100s of different options in its library. Batman casino games? 3D roulette? Celebrity slots?Those wonderful games can be found here, and you don’t even have to spend real money if you use a demo account. Online casinos are all available on mobile and tablet formats now, so you can play in the car, airport or anywhere else, providing you have Wi-Fi access or 4G coverage.

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“I Have Never”

This one can get a little naughty. After all, it’s a drinking game,so perhaps use a bit of caution before admitting to your friends that you once got married to a goat. If you don’t know the premise of “I Have Never”, the idea is that someone announces something risqué like “I have never peed in a swimming pool”, and anyone who has done the thing in question takes a drink. Just make sure that the designated driver isn’t playing – as it can really get out of hand.

What Do You Meme?

A game that taps into the world of social media memes. The premise is very simple: What Do You Meme? features a deck of cards with funny pictures, with the idea of pairing the pictures up with captions. The captions are provided on cards, but it’s arguably more fun to make your own and get a bit creative.

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