Don't Miss Places In Faroe Islands

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The lush green mountains, idyllic bay views, glacier carved cliffs, whale-sighting adventures, plus its warm and friendly people is what makes Faroe Islands an ideal holiday destination. The quaint villages that are situated along its rugged lands add to the mystic charm that entices tourists to hike, camp, and discover.

Don't Miss Places in Faroe Islands

The Faroese are proud of their wonderful culture that is teeming with festive celebrations all year round. The islands lie between the countries of Norway, Iceland, and Great Britain. Be dazzled by the thrilling adventures while enjoying the natural beauty of this place that is dubbed as one of the best kept secrets and the last piece of paradise in Europe.  

Don't Miss Places in Faroe Islands 

These attractions are the top ten not to be missed places in the Faroe Islands.


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The place called Tinganes is picturesque, old-fashioned, and beautiful in a well-kept manner. Discover culture and history, all in one place. Getting a skilled tour guide can tell so much about the real story of Tinganes. You can walk around this cultural village in Torshavn and see many old houses that are exciting to look at and the old fort at the entrance, the parks, etc. The houses look like dollhouses that are so cute. Everything is very clean and it is hard to believe that everything around here is real, it seems like a dream.


You can see a couple of ganços quietly strolling on the street. The colorful houses, the scenic view, the flat and calm sea, make an impression of a fairy-tale land. It is common to see 1-2-storey little houses with grass and turf instead of a slate tile roof.

And right there in Tinganes you can find the House of Parliament, the office of the Prime Minister, and the offices of the other political bigwigs of the island. Aside from having the seat of the government, it is common to meet most of the head of the ministries along the street. Tinganes is unmistakably very folkloric, but really unusual.


Once you get there, you are welcomed by the beautiful view of the panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a must for anyone visiting the Faroe Islands. Do not miss the nearby Skansin Hill; this is where you can see Tinganes in all its glory. It is the best place for long walks regardless of the weather condition as the islands often rains.


Torshavn Town

The Faroe Islands lie northwest of Scotland, halfway between Norway and Iceland in the middle of the Gulf Stream. The archipelago consists of 18 islands with a total of 1,399 square kilometers, of which 17 are inhabited. It is a land of steep cliffs, green rocks and wide valleys. There were Norwegians, who did not want to live under a despotic king and therefore in the 9th Century settled here. From the deck you could see the colorful houses of the capital on the east coast Stremoys. Full of pride, the inhabitants call it even the smallest port city in the world.

Torshavn Town

The locals also jokingly call Torshavn the "navel of the world". The name is derived from the Germanic god of thunder and lightning- Thor and the Scandinavian word port, so literally translated it is “Thor's harbor”. The coat of arms of this city shows Thor's hammer, the Mjolnir. You can go through the panoramic drive because you can see very much of the landscape and culture. You will see countless waterfalls, salmon terraces and of course the football stadium, where Germany has played. In autumn here, you can try many water sports. When the fishermen are lucky enough they catch salmon and trout. During World War II the British occupation took the fortress Skansin as the headquarters of the Royal Navy.


Torshavn Cathedral

Torshavn Cathedral

The small Torshavn Cathedral is the main attraction in the center of this little town. This cathedral has a great dial and interesting spire. It is predominantly white, situated on a hill at the entrance to the old town. Torshavn is definitely so different from any other capital city you will ever see and this church is one proof of its mystical charm and appeal.


Gasadalur Tunnel

The modern Gasadalur Tunnel is one of the many underground and underwater tunnels of the Faroe Islands. It is located near the airport. On the way there, be amused with the stunning views all around as you can see the panoramic vista of the ocean and the nearby Mikines Island. Once you reach the narrow tunnel (only one car at a time is allowed to pass through). The pitches carved into the rock welcomes anyone who enters and within its dark corners you will feel that you have stepped back more than three hundred years ago. After the tunnel, you exit into a brightly lighted path and arrive at the remote village that is called the Gasadalur.

Gasadalur Tunnel

It is an incredibly quiet village and the finest community you can see on the island. These people have lived here for a long time and to reach their place you need to either go over the mountain or by boat. The road that leads to the harbor is a long staircase down a high cliff. The road also leads up to the lush green lawns overlooking the sea. Marvel at the sight of the waterfall that flows into the sea from a height of 60 to 70 meters. See the rivers that descend from the mountains all get immersed in the perennial fog (it is present even in the Summer season) of the islands. This is indeed a beautiful place to do some soul searching and to bask in the solemn peace that nature brings.


Rib 62

The RIB 62 Faroese adventure is a class by itself. Tourists who often visit and experience this water sports adventure are equally impressed by the great scenery that they pass by before reaching the inside of this carved cave. To date, it is the coolest boat ride in the Faroe Islands. The cliffs are enchanting and the color of the sea water is so intense that it makes you want to go even in the middle of the cold and unpredictable weather. There are many migratory birds that visit this site especially during winter.

Rib 62

Along with admiring the lovely terrains from the boat, the mix of nature, treeless mountain tops, volcanic landmarks, and the rare chance to see huge whales who gives quite a show each time they appear is one indescribable sight. You need to brave the treacherous waters and waves to get here. The ride is pure adrenaline and heart pumping excitement to the truly adventurous. Do not worry about the issue of safety. The trained guides and staff of RIB 62 ensures your full safety and the chance to truly enjoy what makes this part the most visited attractions of the volcanic island.


Nolsoy Island

The Nolsoy Island is like a breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a 60 minute ferry ride away from the capital city of Torshavn. It is a lovely island that offers 2 types of beautiful hikes; an ambitious climb on the highest part (often in the mist), and the other one which is the accessible but no less enjoyable trails through the fields and bog peat lower parts of the island. In the middle point of the island that is just opposite the harbor, you will discover a carved cave where the waves roar. The trip is best enjoyed for a day and be sure to source in local stores food and water if you want to explore the rest of the cliffs on the island.

Nolsoy Island

There are no restaurants and dining places on this part of the Faroe. However, the secluded island becomes dull when the fog takes over and even the horizon is not visible. On this island, you can find the house of Jens-Kjeld Jensen where excursions can be arranged to tour the remains of its old settlement and a few old houses. It stands on a dramatic location with great views, a place for self contemplation, and tranquil moments. You can come alone for half a day and there is not much crowd of tourists that visit this idyllic island because of its remote location.


Sjoferoir Boat Tour (Skuvadal)

The Sjoferoir or the Skuvadal is an awesome boat that can take tourists around the island of Vestmanna. Their organized tours will take you to the breathtaking cliffs and crashing waves that rises up to several hundred meters in height. Within the rocky cliffs you can hear the noise that is produced around the ocean and the hundreds of sea birds of all kinds (Puffins, Seagulls, Shearwaters, and many more) that scream and mark their presence along the shore. If you are planning a visit, you need to dress warmly and to bring a raincoat as the presence of constant rain will leave you no places to hide for shelter or shade.


When climbing the rocks, the tour operators provide a safety helmet because sometimes the stones show a little volcanic activity (earthquake prone area) with a little mild shake that is felt at any certain times of the day. The 15 meter boat hails from the port of Vestmanna. Tourists can ride the boat even without a reservation and leave from the pier in front of the museum. Within the two hour boat ride safety gears are provided (helmets, headlights, etc.) because the boat goes into creeks with overhanging cliffs that are full of stones that may collapse. Even when the seas are rough, the boat tour goes on and you can witness the small fjords with its rocks getting peeled on its side. As the boat proceeds, the professional guides give good explanations about the sceneries in good English.


Kalsoy (Bordhoy)

Widely known as “the flute” the small island of Kalsoy offers a fantastic view from the lighthouse of Kallur. This island odes not contain many houses and communities but it is till very characteristic because of the tunnels situated along its beautiful terrains. There is a small village on the other side of the ferry with a harbor and docking area that starts from Klaksvik in the area of Trollanes.


From here there is a great hike that leads through the meadows and sheep up to the lighthouse landmark. Climb up to the top the breathtaking 360 degree view of the island and its surrounding mountains and open seas. It is difficult to describe it in words. It is one of the most photographed attractions of this country.


Olavskirkjan Church (Kirkjubour)

The Olavskirkjan Church has a rich religious history that can be traced back to as far as the year 1000 – 1100 A.D. If you are into old churches that has managed to surpass the test of time, this is the perfect place. Everything inside it is as old as time immemorial. Even the icons, paintings, and old statues still stand as a living testament of a forgotten era.

Olavskirkjan Church

The Bible from the year 1584 remains open and accessible for anyone’s perusal. This restored old cathedral was built on the remains of the old church before it. A Faroese guide welcomes guests and very helpful when pointing out the most important portions of the old and restored areas. There are also other buildings on the site which is worth a visit especially the "Roykstovan" which must be experienced.


Basalt Cliffs (Frodba)

The main attraction of the Basalt Cliffs is the presence of its unusual wall of rocks. It stands within walking distance from the quaint village portions in the town of Frodba.  Here, you can take photographs and admire interesting rocks that are smooth and uniform in shape with a reddish tint.

Basalt Cliffs

There are a lot of birds and their nests can be found hidden between the edges of the rock formations. A herd of sheep that graze peacefully on its green meadows is a common sight. If you look closely at these rock formations, you can see rocks that sometimes produce handmade impressions and figures that looked quite peculiar.


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