Resort in Fiji if anyone wants to travel there inexpensively

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Hi, my name is Christian and to tell you a bit about myself I'm 32 and live in Australia.

I work for one of the largest companies in Australia as an I.T. system administrator and I recently bought a resort in Fiji on Kadavu Island named Waisalima Beach Resort.

Hopefully this isn't considered advertising as I'm just telling you a bit about myself and my life. I could have been saying "I listen to this type of music and go out on the town" but thought I'd at least keep it on topic for you.

Anyway, if you're ever interested in coming to visit check out (Admin: Add Deleted!!!)
Anyway, I love to travel and just thought I'd come online to say hello and check out what appears to be a new forum to do with travel.

I look forward to reading your posts and chatting with you soon.



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Amazing  :cool:) you own a resort at Fiji island oooo that's awesome. i would have parted  :nightlife:) with pals all day and night. But work hard party harder live life. Best of luck

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John Dennis

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Thanks Christian. I'm planning to visit Fiji in Feb.
I will surely visit your Resort and enjoy with your hospitality.

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