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Finland is situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe. Greater part of the tourists comes to Finland from Sweden. There are lots of renowned places in Finland. The Finish sightseeing is supported by the Finland Promotional Board.


When you visit Finland, the initial thing that you will observe is its quiet ambiance. The capital city, Helsinki is also very quiet, serene and the air is effluence free. The countryside of Finland also has a serene beauty. The weather in Finland is usually very cold but the summers are striking by longer days, where sightseers can enjoy a lot.


Finland is distinguished by unusual kinds of countryside, tradition, food and weather. Given below are some renowned places in Finland.


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Over the kingdom entirely, there are marked distinction in atmosphere and countryside, with equivalent regional variations in traditions, background and food. Seasonal variations are mainly marked in the north; in Lapland, for instance, the winter sports season lasts until May, and the midnight sun shines night and day for the whole of June and part of July. Autumn is also worth seeing for, in September, the first frosts produce the vivid colors of ‘Ruska’. In southern Finland, spring comes earlier and summer is longer.


Finland is a nation of numerous lakes and around it has 20,000 lakes which include small and big. Finnish lakes are one of the most renowned places of magnetism in Finland. It is known for its gemstone clear water and the forests nearby the seas, rivers and lakes. Tourists in Finland can spend a lot of time on the shore of the sea and lakes, fishing or simply by watching reindeer and moose. As Finland has chilly winters you can enjoy cross- country skiing and alpine skiing that Finland tourism offers you. Among celebrated places in Finland, Finnish wildlife is worth mentioning. Finland also has a wide range of fauna. Various types of wildlife is found in Finland which includes brown bear, elk, whooper swan, caterpillar, willow, redwing and also fresh water fishes which are plenty in Finland.



There are around half a million population in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, making it the most heavily occupied region in Finland. The area comprises four townships, Helsinki (the capital), Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.


In many places, there are historical sights – old manors and churches – as well as buildings by the best-known of Finnish architects, including Dipoli Hall at the Helsinki University of Technology in Otaniemi and globally acknowledged 20th-century masterpiece.


When you reach Finland, a few things / assumptions that come to true are vast landscapes, snow, forests, lakes, and that’s exactly what Finland boasts.


You can enjoy something from rasping sightsee in the Lapland region to seashore activities in Helsinki in the summer months.


Finland also boast unique culture such as the Savo culture in Kuopio, and delightful villages where you can get a feel of the old and traditional Finnish way of life.


Rauma is located on the southwest coast of Finland, and it’s a superb place to enjoy a day trip. Rauma maybe a small town, but if you’re looking for a true Finnish practice, be sure to add Rauma to the list of attractive places to visit in Finland.


Rauma old segment is like stepping back into an 18th century Nordic village. The old section boasts lovely cobblestone streets and old wooden houses.


If you’re roaming during the summer, Rauma holds also an annual lace week during the last week of July where you can enjoy fun competitions, purchase high quality lace, and enjoy prosperity of expression for the whole family.


Kuopio is situated northeast of Finland and it’s the enlightening center of the region as the city hosts many festivals throughout the year such as the ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and the Kuopio Dance Festival. Kuopio is one of the fascinating places to visit in Finland because of the gracious ambiance, unique attraction and natural beautiful scenery surrounding the city.


Kuopio is bounded by immaculate lakes and forests so there are continuous occasion for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing in the summer and ice skating and skiing in the winter.


In Finland you will find variety of museums and you will learn about Finnish culture. So just head to the Kuopio Museum Quarter (Kuopion Korttelimuseo) to see appealing Finish art; and the Kuopio Art Museum (Kuopion taidemuseo) to check out 19th century craftsmen’s demonstrations.


Oulu is one of the major cities in the country, situated on the center of Finland along the western coast. Oulu is a long way from Helsinki for a day trip, but if you’re exploring the northern region, Oulu is worth passing by as there an innumerable of things that you can visit and do. I am also adding Oulu to the list of motivating places to visit in Finland because of the Screaming Men and the Air Guitar World Championships.


The Screaming Men or Men's Choir Shouters are a cluster of old choir men who achieve very loudly Finnish loyal songs; while the Air Guitar World Championships features competitors imagines to play a guitar.


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Finland is extraordinary place to spend your holidays. Finland has somany places to be visit and it offers lots of to its visitors. Helsinki is one of the popular destination for your Finland tour. Thanks for sharing this nice detailed information here.

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