A Tourist Guide To France

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France is a beautiful country that is situated in the Western Europe, bordering countries like Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany to northeast, Italy is to the Southeast, Switzerland to the east and Spain is to the southwest.  The country has become the top most popular tourist destination since the past twenty years, having visitors with about 83.0 million in 2012 and has become a very diverse country in Europe.  There are lots of hidden treasures that are seen in this country and considered one of the finest cities in the world.


France cannot be complete without visiting Paris. There are so many of side attraction centers that are littered around the cities.  Paris is the significant for its political, cultural, military and political influence. A lot of things happen here which is why the city is flourishing with cuisines, hotels, car hire services and advanced way of life that is different from the ancient Greek people.  There are lots of museums and UNESCO sites. Literature and art are fused with music and it has become what attracts the young ones to the country who want to visit experience an exotic lifestyle and get indulge in its delicious meals and drinks.

The Weather and Climate


The weather forecast in France is what would help a visitor come to the country at the right time, money is saved and the best of the country is experienced when the climate is conducive.

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The lowest temperature month is February with the day 3°C and  night -1°C

July is the best weather month and temperature is around day 26°C and night 16°C

The cheapest France First Minute deals begins from  564€ for a four  day trip

October is the cheapest month and July is the most expensive month to travel

When Should I Travel to


Coming to France has become a dream to a lot of holiday makers.  The country has an elegant appeal that is appealing during fall and spring. We have the guide for you to visit the country and enjoy the charm that France

The best time to visit France is April to June when the country is blooming with its spring season and also during fall which falls from September to November.   During the winter period, there are fewer crowds which makes it easier to travel around the country.  July and August are over-crowded months in France and hotel tariff is quite expensive during this period.

The city of Paris is a haven for tourists, May is often dry and snowfall is something that is uncommon in the capital. Every season of the year makes it a special time. During spring, we see a lot of visitors who are coming to the city and for those who are visiting during winter or fall; they always get a better value for their holiday money. The Mediterranean Coast which is the South of France is known to have the driest climate and rainfall is heavy and also incessant during autumn and spring. The best time to visit Cannes is during the Cannes Film Festival in May






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