The Royal Château De Versailles

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I will never forget the wonderful time I spent in France. Of course there is no way I could ever put to words the feeling I had the moment I stepped foot in the country that prides itself on the romance and passion and style and fashion. There is no way of choosing what part of the trip was most exciting. Everyone knows that France is the perfect place if you are looking for a little excitement and passion in your life. But if there was one moment, one particular part of my vacation that completely got to me, was when I visited the Chateau de Versailles or, to roughly translate it in English, the Palace of Versailles.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

Learning about the story and the history of The Palace of Versailles made the tour even more enjoyable and exciting than how we thought it would be. I mean, we knew just by looking at the palace that we were going to love every moment we spend there but after founding out that the palace has an interesting history, it just made it even more exciting for us.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is just one of the most popular tour spot in France and judging how magnificent it is, I’m not really surprised. I swear there was no dull moment in the palace. Everywhere we turned there was so much to see. The Palace of Versailles just screams splendor everywhere you turn.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

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The eminent palace is beautifully decorated with luxurious gold brushed furniture, beautifully quilted four-poster beds and verdant lawns that stretch as far as the eyes could see. We marveled and couldn’t believe just how huge the place was and there was no denying that The Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world. And with its array of beautiful art works and elaborate design, The Palace of Versailles is nothing less than beautiful.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

To begin our adventure, my friends and I explored the palace gallery. That particular place of the palace features art works and artifacts that represent the colorful and remarkable story of The Palace of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles is just one of the beautiful architectural masterpieces that Paris is famous for.  But The Palace of Versailles is more than just a beautiful palace where tourist can take pictures of. After being taught about the History about the place, I realized that The Palace of Versailles represents more to the people of France than just a beautiful citadel. We found out that behind the glorious and magnificent architecture and the beautiful decorative approach lies a History that is the complete opposite of the splendor that most people see.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

We learnt that before the French Revolution, around the years 1789 to 1799, the upper class men of Paris and the French monarchy lived a life of absolute luxury, while the poor people of the country experienced the hardships of life. I have to say that nothing much has changed since the same thing is happening during our own time. We found out that the rich people completely ignored the poor ones while they suffer living in filth and going for days, even weeks without anything to eat. During the reign of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, the country experienced a crisis where all workers of the country couldn’t even afford a single piece of bread.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

Though to us, and other tourists, the palace is just another stop to a wonderful vacation in a foreign country. To the people who live in Paris and whose families lived the history of the palace, The Palace of Versailles was built to signify the power and splendor of King Louis XIV but it also represents the huge line that separates the rich people of France and the poor people of France. After that we moved on to the Battles Gallery which is the biggest part of the palace’s History gallery. The Battles Gallery occupies nearly all the two upper floors of the South Wing part of the Palace even reaching to the roof. The designing and layout of the Battles gallery began in the year 1833.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

Then my friends and I decided to check out the hall of mirrors. The country’s locals call the place La Grande Galerie just like it was called during the 17th century and it is the principal and most remarkable and notable feature of the palace. After a while we moved on to visit the King’s Grand Apartment. The place was made to serve as a parade apartment or a space to venue the sovereign’s official acts. The King’s Grand Apartment has seven different sections, the Hercules salon, the Abundance salon, the Venue salon, the Dianna salon, the Mars salon, and the Apollo salon.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

After exploring that part of the palace we moved on to check out other places and we found ourselves in different parts of the palace. We went to see the King’s Chamber, which was decorated with gold and silver brocade on crimson colored grounds that form a backdrop that is filled with beautiful paintings personally chosen by King Louis himself. Then we went to check out The Council Study which was decorated in luxurious wood paneling featuring new decorative ornaments such as trophies and other attributes to the army. When my friends and I were done exploring the wonderful King’s Chamber, we then moved on to check out The Queen’s Chamber. The Queen’s Chamber is built in the location overlooking the Parterre du Miri and is symmetrical with the King’s Grand Apartment.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

After spending some time in that place we decided to check out something else and we moved on to our next destination. So my friends and I decided to visit The Royal Chapel. According to French monarchy, the king was chosen by God and through his coronation became his “lieutenant” on Earth. The paintings and art work decorating the chapel at the Palace of Versailles evokes that very idea is a series that begins at the nave and ends at the part of the gallery where the king would sit.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole tour was when my friends and I decided to check out the Apartment of the Marie-Antoinette. We were told that Marie-Antoinette spent her time to read, paint, and meditate and to entertain her closet visitors. The decoration of Marie-Antoinette’s apartment involves the wood work of the Rousseau Brothers, and it is adorned with statues of Sphinxes and antiques tripods.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is also famous for its exhibition presentation. The exhibits began on November 13 2012 and will end sometime on March 2013. The exhibition of The Palace of Versailles highlights the omnipresence of the body of Apollo. The exhibits will feature collections of beautiful and rare antique pieces, cumulated by the kings, and remarkable decorative work featuring the gods and heroes of the Pantheon. The exhibition explores the relationship between Versailles and Antiquity. The wonderful exhibit of The Palace of Versailles brings together over two hundred sculptures, drawings, paintings, tapestries, pieces of furniture, and other various works of artistic value which comes principally from the Louvre museum.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

My friends and I truly enjoyed our time in The Palace of Versailles. We experienced the grandeur and magnificence of The Palace of Versailles and beautiful gardens of the place on a small-group tour that includes skip-line access, and we didn’t even have to wait in line. During the time my friends and I were there, we were ensured to have a more intimate experience in every moment we spent there.

 The Royal Château de Versailles

Hidden among the buzzing of the modern world, this wonderful and majestic European castle that resides the outskirts of Paris is a perfectly preserved example of the architectural brilliance of Paris, France. There was a certain magic that exists in the air at The Palace of Versailles and if you want to experience that magic, then I suggest you stop by and bask in the glory of this magnificent place.


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Believe it or not, I am French and I have never been to Versailles...yet so your magnificent pictures have really inspired me to discover it, at lastwink


I love the indoors / outdoors in the castles I visit and Versailles is a joy both inside and out.


Thank you so much for this grand tour of the magnificent Versailles Castle smiley3 !



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