Holidays In France

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For a long time my friends and I had longed to visit France but this year we were able to make our dream come true as all of us managed to take a break from work and go for holidays in France. If you have been to France before, you holidays in Francewill understand that France is vast as it is divided into various provinces so you need to identify a particular region for your holidays. For our five days holidays we chose Cannes that is largely characterized by regattas, Galas, the film festival as well as affluence.

When we set out to France, we expected nothing short of fun and adventure and the good news is that we sure had a great time in Cannes. In fact, while holidays in France are synonymous with Paris and the Eiffel tower, Cannes also has a lot of great attractions and activities that make a perfect holiday experience ranging from the huge beaches to great food and drinks. We went against our tradition of booking our accommodation facility before arrival because we had been disappointed by this move the last time we visited Thailand.

Even then, we had searched the internet for possible accommodation options and out of the three options that we had all agreed on, we began by checking out Azur Meuble soon after our arrival. This is because we were mainly interested in the location and of course the cost. This hotel is at the heart of Cannes and it is the cheapest for the bed and breakfast option. This is notwithstanding the fact that it is right above a cinema that it tends to get louder when the crowds gather and when garbage trucks pass in the morning. Unlike many other hotels, towels are not provided thus you need to bring your own. Even then, the kitchenette and the bed are well equipped. In addition, you are required to clean the room when you are leaving. On holidays in Franceour first day, we settled into our rooms freshened up  and took a little rest before heading out for dinner because the jet lag effect could not allow us to do much as we were all feeling sluggish.

Although we had developed a comprehensive itinerary on the activities and attractions that we would visit, we opted to begin with office du tourisme de la Gare. This is one of the places that you must visit when are in Cannes. When we got a lot of information on Cannes that would help you to revise your itinerary to include those places that you may have left out when planning. The people here are friendly and contrary to our expectations, they all spoke to us in English. There is also a gift shop at the tourist office where you can pick up a souvenir or a gift to take back to a loved one. We also obtained free maps that point up those places that may interest you.

From the tourist office, we went to Isla Santa Margarita for a picnic. We enjoyed a boat ride to the Island of Ste Marguerite. This was after getting assorted snacks from a nearby fast food outlet. When we arrived on the Island, we took a nice walk in the trails that are shaded by eucalyptus. Not only is this a great way of stretching legs but also very refreshing. There is also a museum on this Island, known as Musee de la Mer that features the roman ship that took place at the Isles de Lerins. The museum also has a little room or prison that housed the real Man in the Iron Mask. This prison is so beautiful that you can mistake it for a castle on a cliff. We also sampled the bird sanctuary holidays in Francethat is at the end of this Island before settling down to enjoy our snacks and share our experiences. Later, we went swimming even though there is no proper beach. This Island has a lot of history and I recommend it to you if you want to enjoy nature at its best. Having spent most of the day here, we kayaked from this Island to Cannes. This was so much fun and it took us about 25 minutes.

The other place worth visiting in Cannes is Le Suquet where we enjoyed great views from the top of a tower. The best way to access Le Suquet is by the tourist train even though there is the option of walking. We opted for the train, as it was so much fun. This place has many nice restaurants where we enjoyed some great French delicacies in an outdoor setting. They are also charming and cozy with awnings stretching to the walkway. If you are visiting Cannes as a couple you will enjoy even more as the atmosphere of this place at night is usually romantic. We also got some great views of Cannes from the top of the tower. The streets are narrow but amazing. This place is good for dining as well as taking a stroll and great photos. We totally fell in love with it.

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La Croisette is another must visit attraction in Cannes that is a world famous street running from the shoreline of Cannes. This street offers many upscale shopping opportunities. Although we opted to stay clear of shopping, as the cost of items at the high-end designer shops was rather high, we engaged in window-shopping to stores like Carter, Chanel and Louis V, took a walk and watched people while we enjoyed some snacks. It was an amazing experience altogether. Even then, it is important to keep in mind that this place is expensive and not suitable for you is you are on a budget.

Both Musee de la Castre and Musee de la Mer are two museums that also worth visiting. The displays at Musee de la Castre are quite exceptional. Moreover, the museum also offers a great view of Cannes but this requires that you go up 200 odd stairs.  This means that you need to bring a bottle of water after having a bite because it is not as easy as it sounds. You also need to ensure that you check out for the times when the buses so that you are not stranded. This is also one of the places where you are guaranteed of an amazing shopping and beach experience. Musee de la Mer is also a great museum that houses great murals on one part of the museum while the second part covers history of trade.

Although we are not into gambling, we visited the Palm beach Casino that only admits you after checking your passport even if you are not playing. Here we only found about 10 to 12 playing doing what they know best and it was not long before we left. We also went to Palais des Festival where the famous Cannes Film Festival is held and took some photos. We concluded our holidays in France by going shopping at Rue d’Antibes and Rue Meynadier where we enjoyed shopping from a wide selection of shops. Later, we spent two days in Paris where we also visited attractions like the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and of the Eiffel tower among others. If you are wondering about our nightlife experience, we never went out in the evening, as we are all teetotalers. Besides, we love to have a good rest in the evening after a great day outdoors. We sure had a great time during our holidays in France; it was a wonderful experience.


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