Holidays In Paris

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Holidays in ParisParis is one of the amazing destinations that I travelled to recently. This is because it is full of pleasurable surprises hence whether you are visiting for the first time or subsequent visit you will definitely fall in love with the numerous attractions that are known the world over. As is my tradition, I always go on holiday in the company of family or close friends depending on their availability of course the budget. I went for holidays in Paris with an old friend I have known since our elementary school because she is always fun to be with and both of us had been longing for the opportunity to travel to Paris. Moreover, we had had so much about shopping in Paris and as shopaholics, we definitely wanted to experience what it feels like to shop in this famous city.

We began our holidays in Paris by going on L’Open Bus Tour that I highly recommend because it is one of the best ways to see this great city. While on this tour, we listened to a recorded narration of that covered important information about this city and the various attractions. The beauty of this tour is that you can get off and back on whenever you wish as the busses pass at an interval of 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Even then, you must ensure that you retain your ticket at all times, so that you do not run into trouble with the tour operators. The tickets for this tour cost us 30 Euro for one day. You can also get tickets that are valid for a longer period if you think that you may not do the entire tour satisfactorily in one day. The bus management is considerate enough hence you can find drinks for purchase while on board. 

Having done a run through of the city through the open bus tour, we now embarked on visiting specific attractions and the first one was Arc de Triompe whose origin is attributed to Napoleon’s orders as a sign of honoring victory of his Grand Armee. This monument is a great site to visit as it combines a symbolic as well as commemorative element. A flame is lit on the tomb of unknown soldier from the great war while the exhibition captures the historical aspect.  It is a great attraction that is well worth seeing.

The other attraction that we visited is Jardin des Tuileries that is a perfect demonstration of the intricate Parisian style of landscaping. We walked through these gardens in an estimated 20 minutes and we could not fail to take notice of the beautiful statues as well as fountains. There is also a great place for dining in the outdoors as well as a merry go round that complete the setting for those who want to spend an afternoon out. It is also a great place for those who want to go on a picnic as well as those who want to enjoy some sunshine while they relax. This garden is also bordered by major attractions, River Seine as well as beautiful arcades that have cafes, shops, luxury elections and of course restaurants.

Holidays in ParisWe also went to Le Caveau de la Huchette that is a great night spot especially for lovers of Jazz. This pub is conveniently partitioned into the dance floor as well as the lounge. We had a feel of both but loved the dance floor that is a cave where the live jazz band plays really good music. On the other hand, the upper section is quite comfortable and has chairs and benches. The only issue that we did not like about this place is the fact that it is not big enough to accommodate the number of people who frequent it hence the underground dance floor is  packed. Musee du Louvre is another important place that you cannot miss to visit while in Paris. We visited this museum during our holidays in Paris and took away some really great memories from the huge gallery of art. You must however be prepared to part with an admission fee of 10 or 14 Euros depending on the package that you choose.  The museum has taken into consideration a special group of people by including the disability access hence everyone can come and have an encounter with the museum.

We also had an opportunity to sample some of the French delicacies and our love for food took us to Laduree where we found a short queue that we joined and patiently waited for our turn to enter. We went upstairs and got a charming spot. The service here is quick and we opted to have the brunch alongside an extra pot of tea as well as a French toast that we shared equally. It was such a great treat and would definitely do it again when I go back to Paris.

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Another memorable spot that we visited while on holidays in Paris is Galeries Lafayette that attracts many people because it is one of the massive department stores that you will find in Paris. This place has a broad range of brand name items that you can be sure to find something to suit your preferences. We found different types of both expensive and cheap items even though we only shopped for those items that our shopping budgets could allow since we still had much more to explore in Paris. We were particularly interested in discounted but quality products and we sure got great deals. The only undoing of this beautiful dome is the fact that the crowds. While here we also got an enviable view of the famous Eiffel Tower as the sun was setting, of which we also managed to capture some photos.

Holidays in ParisAnother place that is not to be missed when you go for holidays in Paris is Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmarte that sits magnificently at the highest point of Paris. The views of the city from this Basilica are amazing. We also took some photos outside even though there were crowds of people in the background. The atmosphere around this gorgeous and breathtaking building is welcoming as everyone is happy. Although we had seen a number of negative reviews about the risqué world famous Moulin Rouge Bar online, we decided to go there and see the experience for ourselves. Contrary to the many negative reviews, we had such a great time here. The shows are particularly spectacular, even as the gorgeous show girls put up an amazing performance. The acrobatic clowns also had a world class show that was truly entertaining. Every first timer to Paris should definitely visit this place for some real fun.

Café de Flore is another great spot that we went to for lunch. This café is historic and has managed to capture great ambience of old Paris. The waiters are very kind and helpful. We sat at the table outside where we had lunch in a very relaxing atmosphere. However, this came at a price as their menu is a little more expensive than other brasseries we had been to in Paris. Another significant attraction that we visited is Musee d’Orsay that is a must visit for any visitor in Paris. This museum has a collection of paintings drawn from various artists across the world. The Eiffel Tower is another historic site that we visited. In fact, there is no way you can visit Paris without going to this tower that stands at 324 meters tall. We visited this tower in the evening and had some of the best views of the city. It is advisable that you purchase your tickets online to avoid the long queues of people.

Also worth visiting is the Notre Dame Cathedral that is a great masterpiece of true Gothic architecture having been constructed in the 12th century. This cathedral is beautiful and imposing from the outside while the inside is spectacular. The architecture is stunning and inspiring. For our last shopping experience in Paris, we went to Village St-Paul that is a section of Marais that is filled with old building as well s antique shops. The interesting thing about this place is that you never know what you will find here as the antique shops as well as galleries boast of great collections of art. When our time in Paris came to an end, we were still yearning for more but this was not possible thus, we intend to do another visit in future because Paris is a great holiday destination.

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