Planning A Trip To Paris?

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With no shortage of options, answering the question of what to eat in Paris can prove a challenge.  Restaurants in Paris offer something to please every palate and taste.  Travel with Carnet suggests a few of the most popular and sought-after tables in Paris to help guide your dinner reservations.

Le Bristol offers Fine Dining in a Parisian Hotel. Home to two restaurants notable not only for the French fare, but also for their lavish architecture.

Le Grand Colbert, a French Bistro with Hollywood Glamour.  This quintessential Parisian restaurant served as the backdrop for a scene in the Jack Nicholson/Diane Keaton movie “Something’s Got to Give”—and is very popular amongst tourists as a result.

Guy Savoy features a Brilliant Menu at A Must-See Restaurant.  Known for his showmanship, this dining experience is as playful as it is elegant. The ambiance includes  an extensive art collection collected by Guy Savoy himself.

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