Stunning Replica Of The Famous Chauvet-pont-d'arc

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Maybe, you did not have the opportunity of visiting the Chauvet Cave and its stunning 36,000 year old drawings on its walls. You can now see what this cave looks like after its replication and the site has been opened to people to see what it really looks like. This cave is in southern France  and it is  set to open 1.5 miles from the original. The cave is a UNESCO World Heritage site, that is an evidence of early communication. This is what makes this location a special one because everyone would want to have a glimpse of what this cave really looks like.

Chauvet Cave

The art works in this cave dates back to prehistoric times and is believed to be the oldest in the world. For this to be possible, and the drawings accurate, the 3-D modelling was used and some 6,000 digital images were also overlapped in developing  the various sketches.

 The cost of bringing this to life was not cheap, it has cost a total of £45million ($67million) for these drawings to be possible in their replicated forms. This is created inside a huge educational exhibition center. The construction started in 2012 and ends in April 2015.

Chauvet Cave

It was in  1994 that Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave was discovered . The length of  the cave is two-and-a-half football fields and  it covers 68,000 square feet. The five huge chambers were not replicated to that original proportions, however there was a great focus on the cave's impressive prehistoric art. 

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 In the original cave, there were a lot of drawings of  mammoths and footprints and it contains some of the best preserved figurative drawings in the world. When it was discovered, experts had  found over a thousand images that were on the cave walls and this is called the Grotte Chauvet-Pont d'Arc, after being discovered by researcher Jean-Marie Chauvet in the Ardeche region.

Chauvet Cave

It was a great discovery that in 2011, this cave was the center of a 3D documentary by German filmmaker, Werner Herzog, called Cave of Forgotten Dreams. These drawings were suggested to be from the tribes from Africa who came to Europe with a lot of languages.

Chauvet Cave

Researchers also  discovered  about 26 signs, that were  drawn in the same style, which appear again and again across the cave's interiors, it was said that such repetitive signs are actually an early attempt at communicating through writing

Chauvet Cave

This is the reason why this cave’s replication has become something to see. A lot of resources have been put to ensure that this cave is a tourist haven. Indeed, it would be one of the most visited tourist sites in Europe soon.  If you want to give your partner or kids a special treat, we believe that the famous Chauvet Cave is going to be one place you can take them to in France. We know that the Eiffel Tower which is forever exciting to visit may not educate people the way that this cave’s replication can do. This is why you can plan your next visit to this location when you are in Europe or even France.


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