Things To Do In Strasbourg

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Strasbourg is one of those urban communities which are by all accounts intended to be advantageous for about any mode of travel. Guests can utilize everything from rental autos to their own two feet to get to where they need to go. The most ideal approach to experience Strasbourg is to consolidate techniques, utilizing driving and transportation modes for times when accommodation is key and strolling and riding on trolleys when there is space for an all the more comfortable pace. Strasbourg City is the best place to visit if you want to satisfy your gastronomic desires for French and German cuisine. Strasbourg is also home to the best wines in this part of France.


When To Go:                                                                            

The city can be explored anytime of the year relying on what the traveler prefers to enjoy doing at certain months. It is a territory where the seasons do what they are characteristically planned to do; the summers are humid (but tolerable), the winters are frosty, the pre-winter is brilliant and the spring is loaded with sprouting new plants and vegetation. The busiest vacation time is amid the summer season. There is likewise a rise in tourist arrival amid the Christmas season, as numerous individuals go to the Strasbourg to see and spend a festive White Christmas.

Visit Strasbourg

As far as temperature, the most humid and dry months of the year are July and August. The high temperatures at this point roughly average at 90° F and low temperatures are more or less around 70° F. The cold winter months start from December until February with January normally seeing the most snowfall. It rains all throughout the year but there are no storms. Downpours and overcast clouds normally occur during spring and summer season.

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Strasbourg City

If you need variety of attractions to see in your travel, these are the popular tourist sites and things to do in the city of Strasbourg:


Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

The visit to the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg deserves to be organized especially around the time when you can see the astronomical clock in action between 12 and 12.30 pm. You can appreciate the Gothic architecture and this cathedral. It is really a wonderful example old French structure both outside and inside.  The majestic bell tower and the monumental astronomical clock inside the cathedral make this place worth a visit. From a distance, the lovely Strasbourg Cathedral turns out to be fascinating and it becomes pure magic that comes along with unparalleled architectural wonders immersed in an almost fairytale like setting.

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

It is a sacred basilica that is rich in impressive art especially the beautiful organ and tapestries hanging from the sides of the nave. During Christmas season, the altar is decorated and the atmosphere becomes very unique from the Annunciation to the Magi. The top view from its towers looks thrilling and worth the effort. The interior of this church is one of the most inevitable points for a trip to Strasbourg. The Gothic details are in its maximum austerity and grandeur. The building is made of all pink stones and copper roofs. The magnificent rose window and fine stained glass windows are all there to admire. The main altar is very particular on different levels. The interior designs accurately depict the important scenes of the gospel. Imposing is the pipe organ located at the beginning of the nave and it is definitely worth spending a bit of time to see the famous astronomical clock and its gears. This is one of the first places to visit while on tour of Strasbourg City.


La Petite France

La Petite France is part of the city of Strasbourg that is definitely worth a walk and where you can snap some pictures of its evocative corners. It is not far from the Cathedral and from the major point of interest, the river. There are some nice refreshments where you can taste the famous Flambe or Flaming Bread (a typical preparation similar in some respects to a pizza but the bread is wafer-thin and unleavened). You cannot miss the romantic atmosphere of this neighborhood. The riverfront and the buildings are all magical. Explore the streets, houses, flowered balconies, waterways, bridges, and admire the views that are really lovely. Don’t forget a visit to the wonderful Maison Des Tanneurs (the house of the tanners), the beautiful shops and the restaurants that offer local cuisine. It is an absolute must to visit this interesting side of Strasbourg.

La Petite France

During the Christmas season the entire place brightens up with thousands of lights and colors at night. The half-timbered houses are all decorated for the holiday and it is impossible not to admire them and leave you speechless. The ancient bridge over the waterways of the historical center gets all decorated and illuminated and gives the city a romantic atmosphere. The Christmas markets are distributed in various squares of the old town. People are friendly and nice. Prices are accessible anywhere you have the option of dining in typical brasserie downtown while spending very little. The city is definitely beautiful in the spring, but at Christmas it is something unique and highly recommended.


Parc de l'Orangerie

The Parc de l'Orangerie has an interesting little zoo where you can see into the wild white storks of Alsace. The trenches in the green are used for sports practices.  It is a well-kept green lung for relaxing moments that the family can enjoy.  It is equipped with a small lake where you can rent paddle boats and have romantic journey along the water. It is also nice to walk through the fields, admire the storks and hear its call. There is also a small mound topped by an old tree from which you can have a beautiful sight of the park. This site is right next to the European Parliament and very popular with families and young people in Strasbourg.

Parc de I'Orangerie

Within a vibrant city like Strasbourg, the Orangerie Park is an oasis of peace and serenity. The park is well maintained and it is a pleasure to stroll among the fountains and get close to the swan pond. The various compositions of flowers and flower beds make the visit even more beautiful. Place in your itinerary a visit to this really nice park. Walk along the edge of the waterfalls and go on a rowing boat accompanied by ducks and swans. Between a path and the other look up and find the nests of storks. The place is beautiful not only for children; it also has a restaurant and a couple of kiosks to eat sandwiches.


Strasbourg Musee de l'OEuvre Notre-Dame

The Strasbourg Musee de l'OEuvre Notre-Dame has a very nice collection of pieces collected over the centuries and highlights the construction of the magnificent cathedral that is located in the same square. It is worth a visit and offers free admission every first Sunday of the month. The museum provides a complete immersion into the medieval culture. It also tells the story of the beautiful Strasbourg Cathedral of Notre Dame which is so interesting, but visiting the cathedral itself produces a stronger impression. Inside you will be surprised by the environments that are really suggestive rather than the works on display.

Strasbourg Musee de I'OEuvre Notre-Dame

It is located at the foot of the cathedral and classified as a remarkable architectural framework. The Oeuvre Notre Museum - Dame has one of the best decorated art collections that are beautiful to behold. The museum is relatively small but with information and a collection of objects relating to the site, building, and some original sculptures of the cathedral. The sculptures displayed on the cathedral are just replicas. All the originals are in this museum. It is nice to see the rest of the paint that these statues were originally colored. The cathedral details, the history and symbolism of each piece on the facade can only really be appreciated up close but after passing by the L'Oeuvre, learning about the cathedral and its history is something to be admired more.


Musee Alsacien

The Musee Alsacien is special because it is situated in a house that was built in the style of Alsace. The museum is arranged with big and small rooms on several floors of the cloister. You can visit the kitchen, living room, bedroom along every stage of life; marriage, the party, and the birth of the baby. You enter and see a glimpse of everyday life and in the private sphere tiptoe into discovering unexpected objects and stylish designs. Very beautiful and moving is the final part that is devoted to the history of Strasbourg. It is ideal for lovers of contemporary French history. The site offers a journey through time that is full of excitement.

Musee Alsacien

The museum is very striking especially the location where it is housed in the original timber-framed houses of the sixteenth century.  Except for a few pieces, many things go back to the beginning of the early century; in short it is like a journey back to the early times of Strasbourg that can be seen in all floors of the building. It is an exceptional museum with the floor that creaks in remembrance of times past. It has countless small pieces of furniture that tell something about the past making it exciting and really cute.


Eglise Protestante Saint Pierre le Jeune

The Eglise Protestante Saint Pierre le Jeune is a Protestant church in Strasbourg that is unexpectedly rich in art. It has a wealth of frescoes with a beautiful choir adorned with paintings, an unusual and impressive interior architecture in which abound pleasant colors, wooden furniture of excellent workmanship, and a large portal with statuary of all respect. The church is hidden in the delightful place of Saint Pierre le Jeune that is just a few steps from Place Kléber and is right next to the Hotel Sofitel.

Eglise Protestante Saint Pierre le Jeune

The place is authentically "old France", quiet and peaceful, which makes you forget the tourist bustle that usually surrounds the Cathedral and invades the center of Strasbourg. In the square in front of the church there are many old plain trees, size and extraordinary forms, under whose shade you will find it nice to rest on the bench. You must visit this church, although it is not a "must", but it will leave a great and pleasant memory and allows if necessary, to take photographs of interiors that are absolutely unusual (but be warned, the light is very poor).


Strasbourg History Museum

The tour of the Strasbourg History Museum consists of two hour of history and audio guide (in English). It is enough to understand the history of the place and eventually assign them in the general context of post-war Europe of which the city of Strasbourg becomes the symbol of after it was finally free from the eternal struggle between France and Germany.  Among other causes of two world wars, Strasbourg becomes the seat of the European Parliament. The staff speaks good English and they are very friendly and accommodating.  It is a museum on the history of Strasbourg. The site is very interesting and nice for children because some parts of activities are provided for them. Spend an hour walking around and you will know a lot more about Strasbourg City.

Strasbourg History Museum

It is an informative historical museum that is located in the heart of Strasbourg, between the Cathedral and the Palace of Rohan. The exposition is divided into different periods; the Holy Roman Empire, the Royal France, 19th century, and the 20th century. The inscriptions are duplicated in both German and English. It has a large collection that is worthy of careful examination like the exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the First World War. The museum is very impressive and clearly presents the history of the region and the city.


Palais de Rohan

Palais de Rohan is an attractive building with really interesting environments. It is worth visiting this building and if you are interested you can also visit the fine arts museum where you can admire works of painters such as Botticelli, Rubens, Goia, El Greek, Raffaello, Giotto etc. Inside the complex of the Palis de Rohan there are also other very interesting museums. The museum is spread over several floors and preserves the history of the city of Strasbourg from the origins of primitive man, the Great War, and with exhibits about historical / archaeological artifacts that are truly unique.

Palais de Rohan

The path is backwards and starts from modern times to the origin of man. the historical reconstruction is complete and unique. On the upper floors there are art galleries and exhibition of objects of value that it has collected over the centuries. It is possible to see original paintings by important painters such as Raphael, Giotto and Tintoretto. The museum is large and it takes time and calm to view it satisfactorily. Admission is free and provides a really informative way to know all about culture in Strasbourg.  The building is beautiful, some rooms have retained the original furnishings, and this is definitely one of the best highlights of the visit to Strasbourg City.


Strasbourg Covered Bridges

The Strasbourg Covered Bridges is an unusual bridge or rather an establishment on the water that is very characteristic. Inside, there is not a lot but going up on the roof you will have a wonderful overview of the La Petite France towards which you can continue your walk to the other interesting points of the city. From the top of the covered bridges you can see the defensive towers, canals, and other bridges to the cathedral that is all very impressive.

Strasbourg Covered Bridges

From the Terrasse Panoramique you will have a beautiful view of the Ponts Couverts (now no longer covered). The whole area is a lovely picture/postcard. It is highly recommended to take a panoramic photo of the city with the vicinity of the cathedral that, as always, dominates everything. During a clear day or even better in the evening, you will have a breathtaking view of the city.


Le Vaisseau

Le Vaisseau is an educational museum and development center for children offered from kindergarten through high school.  The museum has a wide range of themes that covers ecology, engineering unit of humans and animals and various topics from the field of knowledge of the world. All you can touch, run, and disassemble; you can try here. The main thing - do not interfere with the children as they explore this site where they can find lots of interesting things to do for them to keep busy.

You will be surprised at one corner where the child can feel as a person with disabilities like; the child can go from wheelchair to crutches to test them on different surfaces and obstacles. It offers eye-opening adventures and important information. It is better to book a schedule in advance to avoid the huge crowd and long lines to appreciate all of its interesting features. The site is ideal for families with children and must not be missed while in Strasbourg City.

Le Vaisseau

Strasbourg is considered as the capital of Europe - but considering the history of the town it is virtually a part of Germany. In fact, the typical product is the Alsatian Beer (Fischer). It has a corner of Vera France with half-timbered houses standing across the river, huge churches and all the magical atmosphere of a nice small town in a gorgeous and very touristy place. 

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