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travel to parisI had dreamt of travelling to Paris for years and so when the opportunity presented itself, I did not hesitate. Thank goodness, the actual Paris was amazing more than the one I had always imagined and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. While I was sure that four days was not enough to experience this city, I was determined to make the most of the trip. I got to Paris late in the afternoon and even though I was quite excited, I opted to take a rest at my room in Best Western le Saint Maurice hotel before I could take on sightseeing. After about four and a half hours of rest, I went to the restaurant at the hotel for dinner before going back to my hotel room. I later called my friend who has been in Paris for over a year now and we made plans for the next day since she had agreed to be my tour guide for the four days.

Early the next day, my friend picked me at my hotel where we also had our breakfast before beginning of my Paris experience. Paris is a beautiful city with numerous monuments that are an actual reflection of the glory of France. My itinerary for the four days included a lot of outdoor activities that centered on visiting the attractions in Paris and having some fun.

Some of the attractions that are a must visit include the Eiffel Tower. Although most people think that this is over rated the truth is that this structure is iconic and offers a unique 360 degree panoramic view of Paris. The night view is even more breathtaking. Another place that you need to visit while in Paris is the Musee d’Oray that is a museum dedicated to a collection drawn from post impressionist, impressionist as well as new art. If you love art, then you will definitely appreciate the collection of master pieces that you will find in this museum like Renoir’s ball, Degas’ ballerinas and Manet’s on the Beach.

The street markets are also another notable phenomenon because they are not only shopping centers but also offer an opportunity for social gatherings as is evident when residents chap up with the stall holders for culinary tips as they pick up what they need. Unfortunately, I never got to purchase anything from them. Another thrilling moment was a visit to the Louvre that is also the largest museum in the world. This museum lives up to its title as you cannot exhaustively sample all the art works in there. It is a great place for both adults and children to visit.

We also got some time to relax at the Jardin du Luxembourg garden that offers an excellent outdoor experience. The garden offers a serene atmosphere and many people come here to unwind. For us, it was a perfect place to stop and have a little snack before carrying on with our sightseeing experience. Another place that is a great location for unwinding that we sampled is River Seine. This is especially of the quietness of the river as well as the beautiful views.

The Notre Dame cathedral is also another great landmark that you need to visit. The cathedral that also serves Catholic faithful has Gothic architecture among other medieval architectural illustrations. Even then, when I got inside I immediately realized that it was a sacred place. It is peaceful and silent. As stanch Catholics, we took some time to pray before admiring the magnificent beauty of this building that also has characteristic stained glass windows. By the time we walked out I was feeling rejuvenated. The Notre dame cathedral is not restricted to Catholic faithful alone and I would recommend it to anyone.

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Equally exciting was cruising on Canal Saint-Martin from Bastille Marina towards Marne River then to the open air dance halls. The cruises on Canal Saint Martin usually run all year round so whenever you travel to France you can always include it in your itinerary. The Josephine Bake Swimming pool and Solarium is another haven where I had an awesome experience. This floating pool anchors on the Seine River at the end of the French national library and Simone de Beauvoir Bridge. There is also a children’s water pan as well as solarium, Jacuzzi, gym, sauna and a café. We spent an entire afternoon here even though it was not initially planned factored in the itinerary. Although I did not have any plans of going on a shopping spree, we also visited the shopping district where I got a souvenir for my mother. I truly had an amazing time in Paris.

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