Holidays In Tahiti

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Tahiti is the first place that comes into my mind when I talk about romance. Tahiti Island is eminent for its Polynesian charm and romantic ambiance. It is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations. Tahiti is also called as ‘queen of the pacific’. Countless couples visit this romantic island for celebrating their honeymoon. Romance is in the air of Tahiti. I got married last year and I visited this charming island with my wife for our honeymoon. The magical beauty of this island made our relationship strong and intimate. We had a wonderful time in this gorgeous island. After spending 7 wonderful days with my wife in Tahiti; I am very excited to share the boons of this lovely island with all.Holidays in Tahiti

We had pre-booked a hotel room in Tahiti to avoid any discomfort. Our room was very beautiful. It was perfect for a honeymoon couple. We relaxed in our hotel room for some time and then we left for exploring the beauty of Tahiti. I must appreciate the climate of Tahiti. It really adds to the glory of this island. The weather was very romantic and we wanted to extract the best of those moments. We decided to visit Fautaua Waterfall. This waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls of the world. We both are waterfall lovers and our expectations were very high from this place.

Fautaua waterfall is located at a 5 minute walk through a rainforest. We enjoyed this small walk and reached the waterfall. This waterfall is majesty of nature and it lived up to our expectations. The views were mesmerizing. There were not too many people at this place and it was good for us. We sat near the waterfall. It was joyful to watch a lovely waterfall and the weather was a bonus for us. We spent around one hour at this lovely place. There are actually three waterfalls. We decided to watch another two waterfalls. It took us around 15 minutes to reach the place where other waterfalls are situated. Both the waterfalls were awesome. We were captivated at the views. If you are a nature lover and you want to enjoy some beautiful moments with your partner then this is your place. It’s a great place for an outing. We were very happy because our holidays in Tahiti started with mesmerizing views of natural beauty. It was a perfect start for our holidays.Holidays in Tahiti

We had heard a lot about the magnificence of Trou du Souffleur de Arahoho. It is located near the Fautaua Waterfalls. We visited this place and we were blown away by the views. This place is a picturesque spot where you could watch four wonderful natural blowholes. Three natural blowers are located on the face of cliff and the fourth blower is located above the old coast road. I have seen some blowholes which shoot water but it was very unique because instead of shooting water; these blowholes were shooting mist. The three blowholes located on cliff face give a spectacular view. It looks like a perfect sketch with the cliffs in backdrop and wonderful blowholes shooting steam. My wife was watching a blowhole for the very first time and she was pleasantly surprised by the views. There is a lovely black sand beach near this place. We visited that beach also. Actually, the sun was about to set and we wanted to see the sunset views. The sunset views look awesome from this beach. We enjoyed our time to the fullest.

Tahiti is enormously beautiful. We wanted to discover the hidden beauty of Tahiti; so we booked a full day tour with a company. Our guide had extreme knowledge of this area. He told us some interesting stories of Tahiti. Our excursion was full of scenic beauty. Papenoo valley was the best part of our full day tour. We stopped at many places to watch the magnificent views of nature. We saw Cascade Puraha, Cascade Topatari, and Cascade Taiharuru. These are three magnificent waterfalls in this stunning valley. A dam has been built on Cascade Puraha. We walked to the dam. We saw some eel-looking fishes in the water. To see more fishes, we threw bread in the water and our plan succeeded. We saw many fishes trying to get a piece of bread. After this, we continued on into the Papenoo valley. We saw some more waterfalls. These waterfalls were giving a miraculous touch to the beauty of this valley. We also saw Princess’ Hair. It’s a splendid waterfall that flows only when it rains. We were very lucky because there had been rain prior to our visit. Princess’ hair waterfall was looking amazing. Actually most of the waterfalls in this valley are seasonal and they flow only when it rains.Holidays in Tahiti

The charming flora and fauna adds to the beauty of this valley. Our guide told us about the culture of Polynesia. He also demonstrated the techniques of communication that were used by Polynesians before the rise of cell phones. It was very interesting to know that how people used banging on chestnut trees and blowing a conch shell to communicate. Papenoo Valley is spectacular and you would get to see many matchless views. A waterfall flowing in between the green mountains looked magical. We enjoyed every single moment of being in Papenoo valley. Our tour went excellent. It was extremely enjoyable. After the tour, we were taken back to our hotel.Holidays in Tahiti

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We were enthralled by the beauty of Tahiti and we wanted to peep into the history of Tahiti. So, we visited the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands. This museum is sited in a sea side coconut grove. You could capture the gorgeous views of Moorea from this place. This museum is ranked among the best museums of South Pacific. The exhibits show the history and culture of Polynesia. The exhibits include a fantastic topographic map; the flora and fauna and the sea life of Polynesians. There are many exhibits which are devoted to early tools, tattooing, horticultural techniques, tapa-cloth making, religions, traditional weaving, warfare and arms, writers and missionaries (which includes Tahitian Bible which was written in 1938). Most of the myths have been translated into English. It took us one hour to explore this museum. This place is very informative and you would get to know all about the history and culture of this charming island. Its location is very pretty and you could take it as a bonus as it offers splendid natural views.Holidays in Tahiti

We got so much inspired by the views of Moorea from The museum of Tahiti and Her Islands that we decided to Visit Moorea Island. We rented a ferry to reach there. It was a 30 minutes enjoyable ride through the pacific. Moorea Island is a small and special place which is full of natural magnificence. We had adequate time till the evening to explore this island and we didn’t miss this opportunity. We hired a taxi and drove to the Belvedere Lookouts. It’s a place from where you could enjoy the panoramic views of Opunohu Valley. The views of Opunohu valley were breathtaking. We were mesmerized. We spent two hours at this place and then we returned to Tahiti.Holidays in Tahiti

The marine life of Tahiti is also very famous and it was time to experience the aquatic activities. Well, when someone talks about aquatic activities; diving is the first thing that knocks the doors of my mind. I am an experienced diver and I love diving. The experience of diving in south pacific was terrific. I dived two times. My wife also enjoyed the experience of diving. The clarity was excellent and we saw many colorful fishes. We were delighted.Holidays in Tahiti

Our honeymoon in Tahiti went excellent. The ambiance of Tahiti is very romantic and it makes this island a perfect destination for honeymooners. The matchless natural views make it one of the most preferred tourist destinations. We would surely visit there again.smileysparkle Holidays in Tahiti


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