Amusement Places To See In Yundum, Gambia

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Yumdum  has become one of the major tourist attraction centers in Western Gambia, a small populated city that attracts thousands of tourists yearly. This is one part of the world where you can have a fascinating holiday relaxation, wonderful sightseeing and it is close to major cities like Thies, Kaolack, Serekunda and Ziguinchor. This is an ideal place where you can bask in the sun, sand and have great moments in its beaches with increasing numbers of traveling Europeans coming here.

Yumdum, Gambia

Sightseeing In Yumdum

A lot of visitors are drawn to the numerous resorts that are located across the coast of the Atlantic coast in this city.  You have so much to experience when you visit Yumdum, what tourists do not forget is their cameras or camcorders to capture every scene in Yumdum. The city is not far from Kololi, a resort town that is situated on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by a forest.  You can find a lot of wildlife creatures here.

Night life in Yumdum is electrical, there are lots of night bars and local joints where you can dance and listen to the local artistes and sometimes, there are major concerts that attract international artistes to the city.


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The capital of Gambia, Banjul is not far from Yumdum, you can take a trip to the capital city and have a feel of what the political seat of power looks like.  Another town that has become popular to tourists is the Jufureh, which houses a museum and very close to the James Island.

The Kachikally crocodile pool is one of the tourists’ attraction locations which have become a sacred crocodile pool that is used by a lot of people for fertility rituals. There are lots of places where you can explore for sight and sound in Yumdum which is the reason thousands of tourists make it their destination.  The city has a local cuisine that is simply irresistible with food such as rice, peanuts, meat, tomatoes, oysters that are gotten from the rivers, chili peppers and cassava.



The traditional society in Yumdum have a lot of cultural festivals you would love to experience, the city also observe the country’s social events like the Bob Marley Day, Roots International, the Kartong Festival, National Youth Festival and the local wresting festival.

Yundum International Airport that is also called  Banjul International Airport is located in the city of Banjul, a hub for Gambia Bird which serves over 967,719 passengers yearly.  It was formerly an augmented landing site for NASA Space Shuttles and have become solely a passenger landing site for any airline.  The airside facilities include restaurant, bar and lots of shopping centers that serves the need of passengers.


The best time to visit Yumdum, Gambia is between the early months of November to early April, when the different beaches are very calm and pleasant for your sunbath and other water related activities.












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