The Wildlife-rich Tour To Gambia

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On the Western part of Africa, is the smallest country on the African mainland Gambia, but a perfect hot spot to make your holidays humbling. Gambia is a well off country with large varieties of attractions. The many national parks, museums, forests, beaches among others have continuously impacted heavily on the Gambia’s economy as they have continued tempting and bringing in lots of domestic and international tourists. Gambia has also a good cool and tranquil climate that is so inviting and a precious landscape that will leave you wanting to stay there for your lifetime. Recently, my husband and I visited Gambia to luxuriate ourselves in the beauties cuddled by this country. We enjoyed the serene clean atmosphere and were very enthusiastic about the beautiful Gambia. I thus have a great yearning to share with all and sundry the beautiful and captivating moments we experienced.

 The Wildlife-rich tour to Gambia

We started off from the amazing River Gambia National Park.  This lovely national park rests on the beautiful Baboon island .We could hardly keep our eyes off the beautiful and charming ecosystem full of much alluring flora and fauna. The plants were very green and attractive. We mesmerized picking several leaves and comparing their sweet wonderful aroma which had engulfed the whole place making it heaven like. It was a great experience. Our attention was further captured by the countless enticing chimpanzees that seemed to be competing in a jumping race. They kept jumping one after the other and from tree to tree. It was incredibly nice to witness their skilled expertise as hardly any fell off the tree branches.  It was an incredible moment that we could never be forgotten all our life spans.

 The Wildlife-rich tour to Gambia

We then moved on to the River Gambia which gushed through this stunning national park. River Gambia streams through the beautiful country and drains its water in the great famous Atlantic ocean. Our eyes almost popped out of their sockets when we saw gigantic hippos strolling in the eye catching water. They were really awesome to look at. We then hired a boat to ferry us across the river. This was a more fun moment as we continued watching the stirring chimps sitting comfortably on tree branches as they joyfully chewed large mouthfuls of leaves. The waters were so magical. It was hard to believe that we could reach the other bank before diving into them. However, I was too afraid of the big and enormous fishes in them and thus I resisted the urge. We also observed many villages and farms around the river and were a clear indication of the African agricultural and rural life. The experience was great and we have to visit the park again.

 The Wildlife-rich tour to Gambia

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We then advanced to the stunning Bijilo Forest Park. It looked almost illusory with plenty astounding and cheeky monkeys. We liked them very much. We hypnotized watching several monkeys climbing our car possibly searching for an inlet while others descended from the trees down to our shoulders. It was indeed amazing though a bit frightening. The forest was a superlative paradise with all sorts of plants we could ever think of. They offered a peaceful and placid atmosphere which we marveled at and actually we spent profuse minutes appreciating the splendid forest. We then moved to the spectacular Senegambia hotel. We could hardly manage to hide our joyous smiles as we watched several hoteliers feeding the enthralling vultures that had been offered shelter at this gorgeous hotel. It was a great moment and we were very grand that our trip was going awesome. We also enjoyed ourselves with plentiful sweet drinks that were offered at inexpensive prices. It was a great place.

 The Wildlife-rich tour to Gambia

From the Senegambia hotel, the Bushwhackers Tours trailed us off to half a day tour to the Roots and River Cruise. This was yet another moment full of pleasurable fun and merry. We enjoyed the company of the brilliant guides who had surprising names, the Mo’s as they involved us in sweet interactive and informative talks of the amusing beautiful country. We were very grateful to them. We immersed ourselves into the wonderful moments of watching lots of birds all through our tour. The birds were very alluring and mind blowing. Some were beautifully colored with white, blue, yellow and pink tints while others were wholly beautified with a black shade.  They were so stunning and tempted us to take several photos of them to aid us in recalling this remarkable adventure.

 The Wildlife-rich tour to Gambia

They then moored us for a river cruise right from the Delton Bridge in Banjul deep down to the mangroves where we highly appreciated the cool and noteworthy atmosphere offered by these mangroves and continued admiring the many superb birds that remained perched on the trees and a few flying over the trees. They moored us back to Senegambia hotel and we were indeed indebted to their pleasing and interesting welcome and amazing tour.

 The awe inspiring Kotu beach was next on our adventure list in Gambia. It was an amazing and memorable moment strolling along the exquisite superb and the wide sandy beach chatting and laughing with my husband. We both loved the experience very much. It then came the most romantic moment as we dived into the warm clean waters of the Atlantic ocean. The waters were quite surprising. It was hard to believe the waters could remain warm as this was the famous Atlantic ocean. We then basked on soft beach watching lovely waves growing each minute and enjoying sweet drinks from the local sellers. The numerous palm trees were yet another source of fun. They offered a cool shade from the high sun while a soft breeze wiped up the remaining heat. The locals were also very welcoming and friendly. We were very pleased that we had made an awesome choice of visiting Gambia. We will surely visit this beach again.

 The Wildlife-rich tour to Gambia

We could hardly bid Gambia send off before visiting the dramatic and dazzling Liv bar within the Kombo beach hotel grounds. It was a fantastic place which we could not leave easily. We enjoyed ourselves drinking several drinks and were overwhelmed by the serene and scenic atmosphere. The Karaoke dancers caught our attention by a bombshell. They came in dancing crazily that we ended up thinking that they had removed all their intricate bones so as to give the best of their best. It was a must to show them appreciation. The people here were incredibly friendly and we found unending fun chit chatting with them. Our visit was magnificent.

 The Wildlife-rich tour to Gambia

Finally we graced our trip with the Arch Tours to several outstanding spots within the beautiful Gambia. The Arch Tours were amazing and very friendly. These were the best moments of our life. I was very grateful to my husband for having agreed on our visit to Gambia. They took us to several markets where we got involved in buying and admiring the beautiful displays of fruits, clothes fishes among other enticing and charming items. We then moved to the great and magical cattle market.  We could not help staring at the enormous beef cattle that stood on the vast market area ready to accept any buyer who got interested in them. We could not get close to them as they looked too frightening. They finally drove us to the crocodile pool where gargantuan crocodiles slept silently beneath the clear waters.

 It was an amazing tour and we honored the Arch Tours very much. Our trip to Gambia was beyond comparison. We loved it very much and started planning for our next visit to Gambia.


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