Tropical Beach Paradise In Gambia

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 One ideal getaway in Africa that may blow your mind can be found in Gambia. There are lots of things that you can here, unwinding in some of the finest beaches and basking in the sun. The white sand beach is one place where you will find wild adventure and get that warm reception from the slither of Gambia’s golden sands.

The fun begins immediately you land in this country, you would explore some of the off the beaten track destinations.  Surrounded by Senegal and this makes it a must visit place in Africa. The people are friendly and easy to be with. A lot of tourists are seen heading to the sand beaches that are in Kombo and there are still a lot of amazing places to relax while you are here.


The Makasutu Culture Forest is a blissful place to be and it was founded in 1992 by Brits James English and Lawrence Williams. The meaning of Makasutu is ‘sacred forest’ in the Mandinka language . This is an ecology project and  has become a place for people to learn about the local culture and people. It is a thousand acre reserve that contains a lot of forest species along the river.

There are a lot of wildlife that you can find here including monitor lizards, bird species, vervet. Baboons,red colobus monkeys and lots more.  You may even find the old mongoose on the riverbanks if you are lucky.

markasutu culture forest

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If you want to see the birds, you can spend time in Mandina Lodges, these are the floating homes that are seen along the river and have become a relaxing spot for tourists. There are baboons that are in the country that would give you a thrill and push your adrenaline. You can find the ‘World Without Walls’ which is an international recognized street art project that Makasutu runs.  There are so many beautiful art works that would give you a run for your imagination, the corrugated iron houses and breezeblock have been designed to give the Ballabu people a great appearance.


the walls of the tribal houses  has become canvases for iridescent designs and statement pieces, with all money and donations going back into the community, thanks  to the collaboration with the locals and street designers from all over the world, such as Swiss street artist Tika, Roa from Belgium and London's own David Shillinglaw.

The Banjul Market is also another place you can visit and buy so many things. There are local artifacts to buy and goods to see.  From there you can visit the Tanji Fishing where you would find fishermen ready to go fishing.

Gambia has a lot of things exciting for tourists. If you want a country that has less of the crowd in some stunning tourist places, this is where you should be in Africa. The cost of having amazing vacation in Gambia is less compared to what you may get if you are in some popular African tourists’ countries. This is indeed a home away from home.


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