Anyone has been to Heidelberg Castle?

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This year my dad got 1 day Trip package to Heidelberg Castle from Company.Since i am not aware of this place,i am not so much excited for this trip. Though some of my friends gave me idea of this castle.Just want to know if anyone has been to Heidelberg Castle?. Please share your view about this place. Help si appreciable and Thanks in Advance.
If you dont know about Heidelberg Castle, then try Wikipedia or (Admin: link deleted)

i am Waiting!

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John Dennis

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The title of this travelogue says it all.  The Heidelberg Castle was Majestic -- a massive structure that has persevered despite the wide damage it has Castle Overlooking Downtown unremitting over the course of its 800 year existence -- Scenic -- providing a wondrous view of the Neckar River and the City of Heidelberg is Breathtaking because by the time, you climb all those steps to get up there, you won't have any gasp left!!!   The Castle was also a compulsory stop for all the various visitors I would receive over the years.  All of them, young and old had heard of the Castle and had to see it!

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I consider Heidelberg to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, it has a beautiful ensemble between the castle, Old Town and river.  It’s the city with the oldest university in Germany so you can find a lot of young people around.

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