Bus Ticket From Berlin To Prague

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A visit to the Reichstag Building is a must in Berlin. The view of the dome is amazing and the comment of the audio guide is really relevant and besides the visit is free. Be sure to register in advance online to avail of the free excursion.

Bus Ticket From Berlin To Prague


When in Prague, you must have enough time for every attraction and there is only one main means of transportation: walking. A long walk and you will feel Prague life in the atmosphere, the experience of art and culture,and its people. Use hip-hop buses and the "Tram" for a more authentic experience and conquer all buildings, museums, churches, and squares personally.

Here are the available modes of transport from Berlin to Prague.

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Berlin To Prague By Bus

The distance between Berlin to Prague is approximately 281 kms. There are three bus transport provider that can be easily booked online for your convenience. The travel time between two cities is 4 hours and 40 minutes. The earliest bus service leaves at 07:00 AM and the last at 23:30 PM. The minimum fare is offered at US $ 37.43 while the highest can go as far as US $ 728.15. To know more, check out this site: http://www.goeuro.com/buses_from_berlin_to_prague

Bus Ticket From Berlin To Prague

If you plan to travel by land on board a private vehicle, it is more convenient because the travel time is reduced to two hours and thirty minutes.

Berlin To Prague By Train

There is one train company that services the Berlin to Prague route (DB BAHN). The estimated travel time between two cities is 4 hours and 33 minutes. The first train leaves at 09:25 AM and the last at 21:00 PM. The lowest train fare begins at US $ 47.65. For more accurate details: http://www.goeuro.com/search/NTUwYjhhNmViZjYxMzozMjU3MjgxMg

Berlin To Prague By Plane

There are at least five commercial flights that travel between Barcelona to Prague daily (non-direct). The travel time is 6 hours and 20 minutes. The first plane leaves at 5:00 AM and the last at 21:00 PM. The lowest flight cost begins at US$ 437.

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