Things To Do In Bremen

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Bremen is a fabulous city in Germany with a fairy tale like setting. In the Alstadt area, all the houses are perfectly preserved and leave the impression that you are in the scenery for a film in the style of Baron Munchausen. Most noteworthy are the narrow streets toward the river from the area on which there is a clock that comes to life with fascinating characters and music. It's nice to walk through the streets and look into the courtyards, where you can find various lovely sculptures or explore a remarkable old building. The outskirts of green, lots of trees and lawns are best explored on foot or on bike. The Hanseatic city has its share of old houses with interesting facades decorated with carvings, sculptures, and small statues. Bremen is the type of city that is worth coming back to again and again here in Germany.


The fame of this city brought the Brothers Grimm fairy tale creation and what has now become a cult phenomenon in the country called- “The Bremen Town Musicians“. These musicians or story have become the symbol of Bremen, because they are everywhere around the city in different variations and versions. However, apart from the heroes of the fairy tales that has registered strongly in Bremen, the town has enough interesting places to visit and walk through with a variety of fun things to do.

When To Go:

Bremen can be visited anytime of the year because of its agreeable weather all year round, but when it comes to the best time to visit, it would be in the months of May, June and September when the climate is charming and the city is not that swarmed. One can likewise benefit from a considerable measure of discounts and hotel deals amid these months. Spring (April – May) is another most loved time to visit. A variety of local events happen amid this time and one can likewise catch good pictures because of the blooming flowers and pleasant atmosphere.

The Freimarkt (October – November) and the colorful Carnival celebration (observed during the winter season) are just two of the big events and good reason why the city is exciting to discover. Make sure to coordinate your travel plans and itinerary amid these months to get the most out of your Bremen City adventure. The popular Christmas Market is also one of the reasons why the winter months are the best time to see this historic city in Germany.

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Visit Bremen

Summers (June –August) are generally lovely with the temperature unwinding with a tolerable 22° C. In any case, once in a while on truly hot days the temperature may ascend to a high of 30° C which gives the chance for vacationers to unwind by the pool or sunbathe by the riverside. Winters (December- February) get very cold and the evenings can get entirely chilly, so pack in enough warm apparel in your luggage.

These are the numerous attractions and things to do in the city of Bremen:


St. Peter's Cathedral (St. Petri Dom)

The St. Peter's Cathedral (St. Petri Dom) is a beautiful cathedral in the city center with an impressive architecture, near the monument to the Bremen musicians. Entrance to the cathedral is free, but the climb to the observation requires an admission fee of 2 Euros (as of August 2015). The top offers a beautiful view of the central part of Bremen and the River Weser. There is no elevator, so it is necessary to top up the old steep and narrow stairs. The cathedral is part of the ensemble of buildings on the central square of the city. It has a majestic view, always filled with visitors, and an informative museum. The St. Petri Dom has interesting interiors and fascinating architectural elements. The Cathedral is completely renovated and creates an atmosphere of the presence of previous centuries. It is located near the Town Hall and remains a beautiful example of medieval architecture.

St. Peter's Cathedral

Its two symmetrical towers are visible from afar and recognized as the official symbol of the city, along with the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians. During the war, the cathedral was partially destroyed and rebuilt in its present form in 1981. On one of the towers is an observation deck and the entrance to it is only open during the warmer months. The cathedral is very large and it is consisted of two distinct sections, a crypt with the remains of the clergy, and an exhibition of objects found during the restoration of the cathedral. The Cathedral acknowledges both Catholic and Lutheran, so it's unique and interesting to visit when in Bremen City.


Schnoor Viertel

Schnoor Viertel is one of the narrow streets in the world and the most beautiful place in the city. It is the historic part of Bremen that is interesting for tourists and locals. There are old houses with stained glass, wrought-iron gates, and old grills. Taking a walk through the narrow streets creates the illusion of returning to the distant past. In the center of Bremen is an old district where there are narrow streets, low houses, cozy restaurants and plenty of souvenir shops. Some streets are so narrow that from one house to another, you can measure the distance if you stretch your arms wide.

Schnoor Viertel

Once upon a time there lived fishermen and sailors in this district. Today, tourists from around the world come to see the remnants of the old Germany. Walking on Schnoor can be long and you will be in awe of its presence as you pass by the set of tiny houses, fountains, monuments and fabulous store with Christmas toys all year-round that will not leave anyone indifferent. It successfully preserved and conveys the atmosphere of Bremen towards the end of the XIX century.


Historische Altstadt

If you want to see the European architecture of 16-17 centuries in its classic presentation, visit the Historische Altstadt or the Historic Old Town of Bremen. From the train station, it is just 7-10 minutes on foot. The Hanseatic history has left traces in the Old Town and it is worth a look. It is a small, but concentrated area of the city that is lined with old houses, cobbled streets, and famous landmarks. There is a mini zoo and park that give even more positive emotions, combined with a cup of coffee in a cafe near the pond.

Historische Altstadt

Next to the magnificent cathedral and the government buildings adjoin small houses. In the narrow streets, it is pleasant to walk and to look at the facades of the many cafes and shops. At every step you can find souvenirs or stalls about the Bremen Town Musicians. The Town Hall Square is recognized as a Word Class Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Old Town is perfectly preserved and almost did not suffer during the war. Its atmosphere and engineering marvels amaze and delight every visitor. Be sure to walk around the streets of the old city and look into the architecture of the houses; note the statues decorating the house that looks like guards keeping the peace of the city. The historic center of Bremen is small, but it is worth a visit.


Bremen Town Hall (Rathaus)

The Bremen Town Hall (Rathaus) and its old building give the impression of walking in the Middle Ages. It is completely restored and it is one of the mandatory places to visit in Bremen. Inside you can find stained glass windows and you can walk through the halls where once sat the Senate and held important political meetings. There is also a wine cellar that is worth checking out too.

Bremen Town Hall

Before the Old Town Hall of Bremen stands a huge statue of Roland. On the side, there is always a queue of tourists waiting to be photographed with the famous statue of the Bremen Town Musicians. When you walk in the center of Bremen, you'll get the impression that you're walking in the Middle Ages (except for the presence of modern trams and tourists armed with DSLR cameras).



Marktplatz is the central square in the city of Bremen. It has the most concentration of all cafes, people, old buildings, and architectural monuments. It is the central part of everything in the Old Town and where you can locate the tourist information center of Bremen (you can get maps about the city and important information about the major attractions in Bremen). It is also one of the most crowded places in the city and it is lined with shops, flea markets, places to eat with the family on the outdoor veranda cafe. If you want to make a good picture, it is better to come in the morning, because the square is always crowded. It is the heart of the city of Bremen.


Everything here is present and harmoniously combines the big stores and small shops. Tourists, souvenirs, and the all year round Christmas shops give a unique spirit of the holiday. Here you will not see any gloomy faces and the mood is improved just by the presence of one Christmas store. You can spend hours wandering through the small streets and view the works of masters. You can rub the hoof of a donkey (Bremen Town Musicians) and make a wish. Several times a week, there is an area dedicated for the flower market. There are many cafes and the tables are in the middle of the street where you have the opportunity to relax and go people watching. You can join walking tours to go around the major tourist spots and guides are not hard to find.


Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmusikanten)

The Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmusikanten) monument is definitely the most important business card of the city. The small monument is installed on the rear facade of the Bremen City Hall (it is close to the tram tracks and the monument to Roland). According to legend, if you make a wish holding the front hooves of the donkey - it will come true. The childhood tale of the Bremen Town Musicians is a well known fairy tale adventure for every German, young and old alike. A donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster form the quartet of characters of the story. The monument itself is not large and because it is one of the most visited landmarks in Bremen, the hooves of the donkey looks gleaming and almost erased from the constant touch.

Town Musicians of Bremen

It is always photographed by tourists, so if you want to photograph the sculpture and its background without outsiders come here early in the morning. The iconic monument was created in 1951 by the German sculptor Gerhard Marcks. Despite his youth, he carefully observed and studied the atmosphere in the old center of Bremen and created a sculpture that blends harmoniously in the background of the historic town hall. In Bremen, there are several monuments to the famous musicians and tourists walk around the city to recognize its presence everywhere. At the souvenir shop, there are pictures of the Bremen Town Musicians on mugs, T-shirts, bags, and in the form of gifts and toys. Thanks to the Brothers Grimm, which gave the city such a memorable fairy tale character.


Roland Statue

The Roland Statue is right in the middle of the square opposite the Town Hall, and the Treasury of St. Peter's. It attracts the attention of all the tourists and locals of the city. Despite the fact that the head of the statue is a remake and the original is kept in the museum, the size is impressive, especially considering that it was created during the 14th century.

Roland Statue

It served as a symbol and talisman of the city from its enemies and diseases since 1404. The statue is quite high as its stands 5.5 meters. It stands very close to the Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmusikanten) monument.



Schlacte is a great place for walking, blessed with beautiful views, old houses, small restaurants, and nightspot balconies. It is a popular promenade place among both tourists and locals alike. If you want to taste the best Bavarian beer, it’s all here. In fact, part of the street contains the largest beer garden (Beck) in Bremen. Schlachte is located on the banks of the River Weser.


This is a place of public entertainment, themed stalls, cultural events, etc. If you want to watch the sunset, you can sit on the set up chairs with tables that are overlooking the river, and in the evening, (mostly every Friday and Saturday), all of these turns into a buzzing hive of bar hopping enthusiasts and party loving people. It’s a cozy place along the river where it is nice to sit on a terrace and enjoy the partying atmosphere all around.



It is worth visiting the Burgerpark because it is huge, you can take a boat to hire, there is a peasant farm with pets, great to just walk and get some fresh air, and you can spend the whole day with the family. It's a nice park for a leisurely stroll and rest from the bustle of the city. Burgerpark is all green, fresh, and highly recommended for hiking and biking with children.


It has a variety of tracks, small channels, and comfortable benches (which hang signs with the names of specific people that donated their money that helped them to put or repair). It is mandatory to see this park when in Bremen City because it's a peaceful and quiet place where you can aimlessly stroll and get a lot of pleasure from the wonders of nature and clean air. And if you get tired, you can relax on the benches and admire the idyllic scenery.


Rhododendronpark Bremen

At the end of April - May, the Rhododendronpark Bremen is not only blooming or a flourishing hotspot with rhododendrons (in a huge diversity of shapes and colors), but also has azaleas and magnolias that begin to bloom. The botanical park is easily accessible by public transport from the central part of Bremen. The park is free to visit. It is also well maintained and so pleasing to the eye. Definitely a must see, especially with the right season. This park is on the Bremer Stadtweg cycle route, but is also accessible by bus. It's a beautiful outdoor garden with free parking and entry and totally worth discovering when in Bremen City.

Rhododendronpark Bremen

It is a city with an extraordinary history, the spirit of antiquity, and preserved monuments. Certainly, the town hall is the heart of the city and must be included in the plan of places to visit. However, coming to the market place, it is impossible to bypass, along with a visit to the giant and a good defender called Roland, the grand Cathedral of St. Peter, and the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians, which is sure to please both adults and children. With its unusual monuments and landmarks, Bremen looks like a fairy-tale town of childhood fantasies. Bremen is a striking and interesting ancient city and to wander through its streets is an unforgettable experience. Come to Bremen. You will love this city, and most definitely want to come back. 

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