Things To Do In Dresden

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The third largest state in Germany, the capital city of Saxony and the most beautiful city in Germany, which attracts a lot of tourists every year is Dresden, Germany. This place is cultural center and industrial center, which is known for the historical landmarks and Bruehl’s Terrace. Dresden is located near the Elbe river. This place has become a city in the year 1206 and also celebrated its 800th birthday in the year 2006 as well. This place has been home for many queens and kings and most popular king among so many kings was “Augustus the Strong”.

Things To Do in Dresden

There is a lot to see and enjoy at this place Dresden. There are many tourists attracts in this place and you should not miss to visit this place if you are traveling to Germany. You have the Dresden Klotzsche airport at this place and you will find many flights from all important cities of Germany flying to and fro in Dresden. Apart from flight, you can also choose to take a train, bus or even a car. You will get all these facilities available from any part of Germany to Dresden. Dresden has got so many things to do and you will just fall in love with the attractions that you get to see in here.

This place is not just a place for the tourists, but it is also a very popular business location as well. This place is one among the top 10 places for business. This place has dynamic economic growth and also many scientific institutions as well.

Things To Do in Dresden

Take a few days out of your busy schedule and plan a nice and pleasant trip to Dresden and definitely is going to be the best trip so far and the reason behind this is you have so many things to do but your vacation will come to end before you visit all the places. You will definitely plan another trip to this place Dresden very soon in order to cover all those places that you missed in your earlier trip.

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When To Go:

Dresden is a place where you will find climate which is cold and moderate to continental climate, you will have the summers very hot and the winters are really colder than Germany. This place is a combination of all kinds of climates and you will plan it well about when to reach this place to have a pleasant trip. The months June, July and August have a very pleasant climate and you will be able to enjoy your trip.

Things To Do in Dresden

If you want to get more details about the place Dresden then here you go. This place will have more rains in the month of July. The warmest month can be considered as August and the coolest month is in the beginning of the year in January. The month in which the climate is completely dry is February and in July it is completely wet. Now it is completely your turn to decide on when to go to this place according to your taste and preference. Some people would like to enjoy their holiday in rainy unlike others who go most commonly in the summers.

Now let us a peep into the things to do in Dresden…



A building which is built in the Racoco Style was palace once upon a time in Dresden but it is now a tourist attraction which is having many museums and park area. This is basically a museum which contains the old pictures and also a royal place where the physical and mathematical instruments are displayed. It is always said that the city Dresden that you get to see now is completely destroyed or at least 90 percent of it was destroyed in the second world war else this place was more beautiful than it is now. But when you reach this place, then you would feel that this building Zwinger is constructed just 50years ago.


You might have seen many similar places before, but this is definitely different from the other and you will feel it when you have a look at this place from close.

This place is open all days in a week, but you should try to avoid going there on Mondays as most of the things there are closed on Mondays. Do not miss this place at any cost as it is an amazing place to see.


Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister

This place is going to offer a feast to those people who love paintings and love to paint as well. You will get to see a grand collection of very important paints of the masters of Dresden. The organization of the paintings is in such a way that you will be impressed, the arrangement is impressive and new as well. Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister is the place where you should spend at least 5 to 6 hours so that you can enjoy all the painting well. You can call every painting as a masterpiece and you should not miss even a single painting displayed there as every painting is special in its own way.

Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister

This place is an exhibition of the world class painting and art which are very impressive to the art lovers. Add this place to your must visit list if you love art and painting else you will have to regret when you reach back to your place and hear about it. This place is open from 10AM in the morning to 6 in the evening. You can make your advance booking for the entry if possible.


Green Vault

Green Vault is an English translation for Grünes Gewölbe. This place Green Vault is a place which is having the largest treasure collection in the entire Europe. This place is a museum, but you will love the exhibits in this place. This place was founded in the year 1759 by King Augustus The Strong. This place was completely destroyed in the second world war and then completely reconstructed. You will find two different kinds of exhibits in this place, one is the historic green vault and the other is the new green vault.

Green Vault

It would be a great feeling to walk into those rooms and have a look at the great treasures of the Dresden. You will enjoy the jewels made of gold, silver, bronze and many other valuable stones. This place includes an entrance ticket and make sure you book your ticket in advance. It is hard to get tickets for the same time when you reach the place. If you reach there in the morning then you may get tickets for the afternoon and next day morning. This place is definitely worth visiting and do not miss even a single room in it.


Semper Opera House (Semperoper)

This place Semper Opera House (Semperoper) is for those who love listening to opera. This Semper Opera House is said to be one of the best opera houses in Germany which you will never want to miss. This Orchestra, which plays here in this place is Saxon State Orchestra, which is said to be the world’s best and largest Orchestra. This building was constructed in the years 1838 and 1841. But in the year 1844, this house was closed and just for six months, this building was completely destroyed in the Allied air attacks. This Semper Opera House was completely reconstructed in 1985 and was reopened.

Semper Opera House

The building itself looks amazing when you see it in the evening. It is constructed very artistically and grabs everyones attention. When you enter inside this Semper Opera House, you will be amazed by the grand decoration of the venue. You should make sure that you have done the ticket booking in advance as there would be a lot of advance bookings for this opera show and you will no be able to get the tickets if you are planning to get them after you reach the place.


Procession of Princes

This place Procession of Princes is famous with the name Procession of Dukes. This is a very long mural wall which is almost 102 meters long. This wall depicts the rulers since 1127 from the house of Wettin. When the Wettin dynasty was celebrating its 800th birthday, then this wall was painted for the first time in the year 1871 and 1876. But again later in the years 1904 and 1907, they have replaced this work with porcelain tiles for making this great art work weather proof and water proof. Almost 23000 tiles were used for covering this entire wall of 102 meters long.

Procession of Princes

This is just a huge piece of art which can attract anyone. You get to see the pictures of all the rulers of Saxonia. All the kings are riding horses and they look really awesome. This is an amazing place that you should not miss on your trip to Dresden. You should definitely take a walk along this wall. It is also a good option to hire a guide with you on this trip as that will help you in knowing about all the kings that are present on this great wall.


Asisi Panometer Dresden

This place Asisi Panometer Dresden is definitely going to be an interesting experience in your trip to Dresden, Germany. This place Asisi Panometer Dresden is a panoramic painting which is inside a gasometer and this would be showing the view of Dresden like it appeared in the past. This place is going to take you to almost 1756. This Asisi Panometer Dresden was created in the year 2006 by Yadegar Asisi who is an Austrian artist.

Asisi Panometer Dresden

This building has a telescopic gas holder and this gas holder was built in the year 1879 to 80. This gasometer’s diameter is 54 meters and its height is 39 meters. This building is in circular shape and it is very well suitable for panoramic pictures. This is something that you should not miss, you will enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the building with an excellent background music. You get a 360 degree view and this is something that you will recall even after you are done with the trip.


Bruhl's Terrace

A historical architectural building in Dresden is Bruhl's Terrace. This place Bruehl Terrace is also known as the “Balcony of Europe”.  This place is situated just high above the Elbe River shore. This place is really very long that it can measure up to one million people. This place is said to be one of the most popular and famous tourist attractions. It is a favorite spot for many local people as well. They love spending an evening at this place.

Bruhl's Terrace

This is a special place for many families, take a walk here or it is a right place to enjoy a cup of coffee with your family on a cold evening. You get a great view of the city from this place and make sure you are going in the evening only if possible as the city is going to look just awesome with lots of colorful lights. You will love clicking a lot of pictures of this place and when you walk there then you get a feeling that you are walking into the past, like you are walking into the history. You would never be disappointed with this place.


Royal Palace (Residenzschloss)

Royal Palace (Residenzschloss) is one of the oldest buildings in Dresden and it is the most important building related to the history of Dresden, Germany. This building was used by the kings and electors of Saxony for more than 400 years. This building is still the most important building in the history of Dresden because of its architectural designs. But now this is a museum which displays many important things related to the history of Dresden. This building was first constructed in the year 1200.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace (Residenzschloss) which you get to see now in Dresden has been destroyed completely in the second world war and whatever you see now is the a reconstructed building and it is open for people from all parts of the world since 2004. This is definitely a great work of history. You should make sure that you are planning enough time to spend at this place else you will not get a chance to see everything that you have at the place. This is an absolutely amazing place and you will fall in love with the place. Do not miss this place at any cost. You should better reach there by 10:30 so that you can spend a good amount of time here.


Dresden Municipal Gallery and Art Collection

This building Dresden Municipal Gallery and Art Collection is in Landhaus and this was founded in the year 2002. This place is a huge collection of artwork from Dresden. You have more than 20 thousand graphic works, seventeen hundred paintings and also eight hundred sculptures. In this Dresden Municipal Gallery and Art Collection, there was just 16th century related works, but its main focus is just on the 19th and 20th century works. This place is just awesome for those who love art and paintings. If you are lucky then you can attend any special exhibit at this place as there would be many special exhibitions being organized at this place.

Dresden Municipal Gallery and Art Collection

This place is having a great collection of paintings and graphic works which you might have never seen in your place. The past has been captured very well in these graphic works and paintings. One of the most popular place where most of the tourists visit without fail and you should also make sure that you are not missing this place.


Katholische Hofkirche – Dresden

This is definitely going to be the most stunning church that you have never seen in your life. Katholische Hofkirche – Dresden is very popular and one of the oldest churches of Dresden. This church is located just near the Elbe River and in the Dresden’s historic center. This church Katholische Hofkirche – Dresden was designed between 1738 to 1751 and was designed by one of the most famous architects Gaetano Chiaveri. This is an absolutely stunning masterpiece design by this great architect.

Katholische Hofkirche

There is a lot more than just a church at this place. If you are looking at this place as another common church in Dresden then you are absolutely wrong and you will get to know about this when you visit this place. This place is going to add great memories to your trip.


Elbufer Dresden

Now take a boat ride on the Elbe River along with your family. This is the place from where you will be able to see many historical houses situated on both sides of this Elbe River. Elbufer Dresden is going to be more fun and a lovely rip if you are going for it during Spring.


These are just a few things that you can see in Dresden but there is a never ending list of tourist attractions in Dresden. All you will have to do is just planning the trip in a very effective way so that you will spend enough time in Dresden and do not miss any place out here. Also consider the advice of booking things in advane so that it would not be a problem when you reach Dresden. 

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