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Stuttgart City is nestled in one of the many valleys in the Baden-Wurttemberg region. In the adjacent valley, you will get a sense of contrast as you travel along vistas with historical architecture to the green countryside, which is home to most of Stuttgart’s most modern infrastructure. Another noteworthy feature; the city is surrounded by all green parks. At the heart of the city is where you can find the Mercedes Benz Museum. You can explore it via “time capsule”, a pretty fast elevator that will bring you to the important floors of exhibition of the famous German car manufacturer. In this museum you will see the connection between Stuttgart’s history and the creation of Mercedes Benz.


At the exhibition halls, you will find a statue of the horse, which is very appropriate because Stuttgart was originally the city of horsepower and before cars were invented, this was the central part of Europe where all of the horses were bred for competition and trading purposes. You will find a colossal test track, which is the main testing area for all the Mercedes Benz vehicles during car events. Upstairs you will see lots of event and meeting rooms that offer more stunning views of Stuttgart’s rolling hills and all green surroundings.

When To Go:

Visit Stuttgart

The best time to go on tour of Stuttgart is from the months of May to October because the weather is at its finest. The summer months of May until September are the best time to go around and feel its charming atmosphere. The city is near the mountains and the warm climate complements its impressive landscape. The evenings are conducive for a quick stroll because of its cool climate and there are fewer opportunities for downpour or evening rain showers. October is highly regarded because of the beer festival, which every city in Germany celebrates annually.

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The winter season is not an ideal time to go because of the thick snow and extreme cold weather condition. The freezing temperature that is experienced from December to March becomes intense and all the roads take time to clear up from the heavy snowstorm making a tour or exploring around the city quite inconvenient.

Visit Stuttgart

Here are the major attractions and things to do in the city of Stuttgart:


St. John’s Church (Johanneskirche)

The St. John’s Church or the Johanneskirche is a beautiful Gothic church on a peninsula surrounded by a pond with swans and ducks and where there are benches for rest. It is located next to the so called Lake of Fire with a fountain, which makes it a very pleasant place to stroll. If you get hungry after walking, you can look next door to the cozy restaurant. The cathedral stands next to the S-Bahn station (Mass Transport Railway Transit), which makes the church pretty much accessible from the other cities in Germany. You will love the willow trees at the edge of the lake and the lights at night. It is definitely worth visiting this beautiful oasis in the city (along the Feuerseeplatz).

St. John's Church

Like all Protestant churches, Johanneskirche is not always open. During World War II, the church suffered so much from the rampant bombings of the allied forces that broke the dome of the church. After 1945, it was decided not to rebuild the dome and save it as an eerie monument to the history and the memory of the horrors of war. It is about 15 minutes walk from the main square of Stuttgart (you need to travel across the pedestrian street). The church is beautiful on the outside, but the interior is quite simple. In winter, the lake becomes a place to skate and where huge crowds gather for the Christmas Market.


Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross (Stiftskirche)

The Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross (Stiftskirche) is the main Protestant Church of the Baden-Wurttemberg region. Like the rest of the Old City of Stuttgart, it was destroyed during the bombings at the end of World War II, but it was fully restored in 1950. The appearance of the old church does not fit into the modern architecture of the city center, but it is really worth seeing because it has the modern interior of a religious building with its interesting stained glass windows and futuristic body.

Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross

It has a very unusual design and inside there are preserved paintings of the XIII century. This church was established in 1240 AD on the site of a village and its Roman church dating from 1100. Its two towers of 60 m is one of the official emblems of Stuttgart. The church was fully completed in 1531. It is located near the Landesmuseum Wurttemberg and Schillerplatz.


Palace Square (Schlossplatz)

The Palace Square (Schlossplatz) is a lovely square with bandstand, fountains, and two beautiful palaces in the background. This is considered one of the most sought after places to visit in Germany. It is a column of 30 m with the Gothic figure of Concordia dated 1841. The park has wide green areas, flower beds and fountains that attract thousands of tourists daily. The square is cool because it is well served by restaurants in the surrounding area and a lawn where people dine. It is very close to the pedestrian street where a lot of shops are concentrated.

Palace Square

In the period before Christmas, it offers one of the most reputable German Christmas Fairs. The square is an area of extreme vitality, with restaurants, subways, cinemas, the beautiful castle and a large lawn that becomes full of people. In summer, it's a total party, especially on weekends. Every Sunday, classical music is played on the bandstand. Across the street, there is a huge shopping mall where you can eat, drink, shop, love, and be happy. The beautiful twin fountains are pleasantly refreshing on a hot day; and it is always relaxing to walk along the openwork gazebo while soothing music comes from a live orchestra.


Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is a museum of automotive history from self-propelled guns to F1 racing cars. You can take the audio guide to understand the exhibit as you walk along the hall. The tour starts from the top of the building where you need to ride an elevator with a very original design. You must follow the course of the narrative in the historical museum; visit the horse and the first engine that was attached to an F1 racing car. In general, everyone who is interested in cars or history of engine and combustion will enjoy what they will see inside. Plus, there are a lot of captivating automobiles. Do not miss the Mercedes center, where you can sit behind the wheel and try out the featured Mercedes Benz car.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is the perfect example of "attractions" because it has combined the architectural and engineering elements of a well known brand. The atmosphere there is simply unique and allows guests to fully absorb the study of the artifacts, which are in great numbers. It has a well thought-out arrangement of the exhibits. In the beginning you rise to the top floor where you are met by the world's first manufactured car and then go down on the floors to see how the design of the Mercedes Benz evolved and ends with the Museum of Modern cars.


Porsche Museum

The Porsche Museum is a nice and entertaining museum with luxury cars and a good audio guide, which is included in the ticket price. It is not as big as the Mercedes-Benz Museum, but it's attractive in its own way. The automobile museum is interesting to both adults and children. A visit to this museum is a real pleasure because it is not overloaded with information, you can spend the entire day, and the interior is incredibly stylish. It is a great museum for those who love and understand what Porsche means and a good way to educate those who do not understand what Porsche is all about.

Porsche Museum

The exposition is not huge, but very interesting. It has virtually presented the entire history of Porsche. Next to the cash register, you can get an audio guide. There is a cafe and a restaurant; and a convenient underground parking. Across the road, there is a Porsche showroom, where you can buy accessories, gifts, and take pictures with the cars on exhibit.


Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden is a huge and interesting zoo in Stuttgart. The collection of animals is impressive and the diversity is equally remarkable. It has plants from all over the world, Arboretum, terrarium, an aquarium, a variety of birds, seals, penguins, flamingos, an aviary of colorful parrots, and a huge number of species of flora from different points of the world. You can spend six hours of walking and be one with nature and wildlife. It is necessary to go right on the map, which can be obtained at the box office at the entrance so you will not miss anything.

Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden

Right from the entrance you'll find yourself in a wonderful conservatory. There are all kinds of cacti, orchids, fuchsia, bananas and so on. You can have fun contemplating all of its beauty. There is a pond with a marvelous collection of roses, pink magnolias, and a huge number of all kinds of evergreens. From the fauna side, there is a butterfly pavilion, a complex filled with aquariums, crocodiles, monkeys, elephants, peacocks, giraffes and zebras. It has an interestingly presented farm where you can walk among the chickens, cows, sheep’s, and goats. There is still a lot of play/recreational areas for children and all kinds of climbing frame for them to explore. A short visit will leave vivid impressions and become one of the nicest places you would like to go and see again when in Stuttgart.


Neckar Park

Neckar Park is the official site of the largest beer festival in Stuttgart every October.  This festival was first held in 1818, when King Wilhelm I of Württemberg declared and holds it after the famine that gripped those years in Wurttemberg. After the unusually cold winter in 1816, the Kingdom of Württemberg turned out to be a bad year that brought famine. The situation was so serious that King William I, who was married to the daughter of the Russian Tsar Paul I, Catherine, asked for help from Russia, which sent a convoy with food for Wurttemberg. In 1818, after the end of the autumn harvest and hungry months by order of the king, the festival was organized for the citizens of the kingdom, which was held on September 26 at the King's birthday.

Neckar Park

The festival was attended by about 30,000 people, the king has established a special award for the farmers for their achievements in the field of agriculture in the region. Since then, the festival is held annually in late September and moved to early October. It is considered the most popular festival after the Oktoberfest festival in Germany, and gathers about 4 million people annually. The main symbol is called the Kannshtatter Folksfest - so-called because of the "fruit column", which has a height of over 30 meters, decorated with fruits and vegetables, set in the center of town. The festival presents a huge variety of attractions, including two Ferris wheels. Access to the amusement park is free, but each attraction is paid individually. The festival begins with the ceremony of the unsealing of the first mayor of the city of barrels of beer, after which visitors can enjoy beer and wine of the new harvest in the numerous pavilions. The most popular pavilions belong to the Stuttgart breweries. In the pavilions, there is always an atmosphere of joy, local dance events and musical groups in traditional costumes. In the evening, it has a beautiful light beer tent and rides.



Koenigstrasse is the central pedestrian street in Stuttgart with lots of shops. In summer, many street cafes are open, where you can drink coffee or tea, or have a snack. The street is lined with plane trees and benches under them. You'll meet street musicians and a few beggars in this noisy and crowded street. This busy street carries shops with well known and signature brands.


There is an interesting Market Square, a beautiful bazaar and lots of space for walking and recreation. On the square in front of the palace it is nice to sit on the grass on a hot afternoon and enjoy an ice cream. In December, it becomes the site of the huge Christmas Market and looks festive and colorful. It is also on this street where you can find the castle and a couple of beautiful churches.



The Killesbergturm is an observation tower with a very elegant design. You need to be careful because the tower vibrates when the wind is strong; it may seem scary to climb for those who are afraid of heights, but the view from the tower is worth it. Do not forget to visit the top of the tower and to throw a coin of 50 cents in the so-called "cash" (a billboard with a description and with a slot for coins, near the entrance to the tower). The elegant design of the tower is vibrating and singing in the wind. The top overlooks the park and the surrounding area. The park is beautiful and there are ponds with pink flamingos, ducks and geese. On the mountain, there is a pleasant café that serves Swabian cuisine of good quality.


This elegant construction of steel cables is composed of a spiral staircase and a playground. If the weather is sunny and there is no fog over the city, you can make a wonderful panorama. You can get to the park on foot and a visit here can be combined with a tour of the Porsche Museum, as these two attractions are located in the two underground stations from each other. Coming out of the subway you can get lost in the dead-end streets of the quarter. Therefore, it is better to ask for directions from the locals. From the station to the tower you can walk for 10-15 minutes of unhurried pace, pass through a housing estate, and then get through the park. The tower can be seen from far away and you can focus on it, because it has no pointers. The entrance to the tower comes with an extra charge. Near the entrance booth, there is a description and a map of the park. When in Stuttgart, do not forget this interesting piece of engineering with excellent views of the city.


Killesberg Park

The Killesberg Park in Stuttgart is a typical German park located on the outskirts of the city. It has lots of outdoor facilities with a variety of things to do like; there is a zoo corner, a cozy cafe, and as a bonus - an observation tower for viewing the scenic surroundings of Stuttgart, as well as a real railway with real steam locomotive and carriages for passengers. It is beautiful in spring and summer, when the flowers bloom. There is a restaurant, which you can check out after long walks and enjoy an order of the traditional bratwurst.

Killesberg Park

People know about Stuttgart and its high culture, but what most people don’t know is the variety of cultural offerings the city has like the museums about fine art, state galleries, and the museum of the city of Stuttgart. They also have an interesting theater, which is the major attraction of the city where you will find many orchestras and cultural shows all throughout the year. It is also a city of festivals that starts at the spring festival onwards to the high season, which celebrates the summer festival and of course, just like anywhere else in Germany, there is always a Christmas Market to celebrate the most important season of the year. In general, there is always something to visit Stuttgart for aside from the cultural reasons. 

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