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travel to Berlin

We’re a group of fun-loving people, always in the search of excitement, always looking to explore new places. This time, we decided to visit Germany on our Christmas vacations. None of us had ever been to Germany before, and that’s why we were very excited to explore this historically rich, but relatively unexplored part of the world, which once fought predominantly against the allied forces. But there’s a lot more to Germany than just war. We decided to know more about Germany and this country didn’t disappoint us in any way. In fact, our Germany travel became one of the best tours we’ve ever had in our life. J 

It’s been about a month now since we’ve came back from our Germany travel, yet the memories imprinted on our mind are as fresh as it’s a previous day’s thing. And so, I decided to let you all know about our travel, places to visit, and things to do in Germany…

Our 4 days travel started from the capital city of Germany, Berlin. We reached Berlin late in the evening. The only sightseeing we did that day was the views of this lovely city in our taxi, in our transition from the airport to the hotel.  We checked-in in the hotel and had some rest. The next day, after having our breakfast, we left our hotel to explore Berlin. Berlin is famous for its historical sites and great architectures. Berlin Philharmonic is one of the most spectacular buildings of Berlin. The golden finish of this building makes it very appealing. It was a sunny day and the sparkling golden color of building was looking fantastic. We watched the music concert in its beautiful hall. Music was great. It was the best orchestra that I have ever listened to. This place is bliss for music lovers.

travel to Berlin

Museumsinsel is a great area of the Berlin city from where you could get a glimpse of some stunning museum buildings. Actually, this place is home to three most famous and most gorgeous museums of Berlin. This place has been enlisted in the World Heritage Sites. We were not in the mood to visit all the museums of Berlin but we wanted to see the beautiful architectures of Museums. So, we visited this place. It’s a wonderful place. It was great to watch the stunning architectural beauties in the center of this beautiful city. We loved the views of The Pergamon and The Bode museums. After this, we decided to visit a zoo, the Tierpark. It’s a small but nice zoo amidst the Berlin city. It’s a lovely place to be. Apart from the very common animals found in any zoo, there were also some rare ones, like penguins and llamas. It was a delight to watch penguins. They are really cute creatures. This place is also home to an aquarium. Various aquatic species were on display. Our stopping-by at this place was worth the time. With this, came an end to our 1st day. Sun was setting and we decided to move.

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travel to Berlin

Munich was our next destination. This was the place I’d been waiting to be at, mainly because this place offered an activity, very special to me; a helicopter ride over the city. Well, I always wanted to be a pilot, and this automatically makes me want to see everything from a bird’s eye view. And Munich is one of the few cities around the world which allows this. A private company, Heliflieger takes care of this. Advance bookings are required to enjoy a helicopter ride over this lovely city and I’d taken care of that. My friends were not much interested in this and they decided to remain at the ground only. My helicopter took off for the 45-minute flight over Munich, and I must say..Simply Awesome!! Nothing can be more splendid then flying over Munich. This city is beautiful. The flight route included hovering over the Munich city, and some lakes nearby. Also, the Alps could be seen at a distance. This was totally magnificent. The memories of this Helicopter flight are going to remain in my mind forever.

travel to Berlin

After this, we went on to see Asamkirche. It’s an ancient church, built in the mid 1700’s by two brothers. It stands right in between houses and business places. This place is amazing! Totally worth a visit! Built in the Baroque style architecture, this place is a beauty. Amazing decoration, done on some really amazing architecture, this place is a must visit place for all.

Residenz Munchen was our next halt. Once a house to the Bavarian Monarchs, this is now converted into a museum, open to all. With more than 130 rooms at display, this place exhibits some of the most brilliant architectural works in the world. You could feel a pinch of the royal life while being in this place. Residenz Munchen suffered some serious damage during the World War 2. But really hats off to the architects, who’ve renovated the place to make it just as good as the first time. We then moved to Olympiapark, the home to the 1972, Munich Olympics. Olympiapark is the name used to designate the overall area constructed for the Olympics, including the Stadium, the various Halls, the Olympics Tower, the Olympic park and the village. Olympiapark offers various fun activities like bungee jumping, roof climbing, etc., both for children and adults. We skipped the activities and went up the tower. The views from the top of the Olympics Tower were magnificent. A large part of Munich could be seen from this height. The headquarters of BMW, the famous building BMW Welt could be seen nearby. It’s as pretty as advertised. 

travel to Berlin

The beautiful city of Hamburg was our next destination. Hamburg is the second largest city of Germany. We started from exploring the Alster Lakes. Well, it is said that no one visits Hamburg without coming to the Alster Lake. Wow! What a picturesque place… You can choose whatever suits you; you can walk along the coastline, enjoying the blend of some magnificent views of the lake and the skyscrapers nearby or you can enjoy a hired-bicycle ride. You can choose a boat trip, and navigate through the gardens and houses inside the lake, or you can enjoy picnic with friends. This place is a perfect spot to be. We really enjoyed being here. After spending a good 4-5 hours at this place, we moved to our next destination.

The next place we visited in Hamburg was the Miniatur Wunderland. You just can’t afford to miss this place if you plan to travel to Hamburg or Germany. There’s a small fee to enter this place, but believe me, this place is more than worth it for the money. Miniatur Wunderland is a jewel of Germany. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this place. It’s a model train exhibit. It’s the largest of its kind in the world, with over 900 train-models at display. It’s all simply awesome!! Believe me; once you get in this place, getting out of here would be so irresistible for you. We were wishing that we’d come to this place earlier in the morning, that way we would have been able to enjoy more time here. It’s a thrilling place and definitely one of the most radiant displays of technological development I’ve ever seen in my life. The newly constructed airport, a miniature of the Hamburg International Airport is the new addition to this exhibit. This place is simply alluring.

Well, with this came an end to our Germany travel. With so much left to explore in this beautiful country, we left the country with a promise to revisit it soon. If you’re planning a holiday trip, somewhere in Europe, mark Germany in the top of your list and this country won’t disappoint you.

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