Attractive Places To Visit In Gibraltar

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One of the safest and exotic family holiday destinations on planet earth is Gibraltar. A lot of tourists visit Gibraltar for many reasons such as the city’s vibrant nightlife, historical buildings and the Rock of Gibraltar among many tourist attraction destinations.  This city is a home to deep seas fishing, whale and dolphin watching. The atmosphere brings this magic that gets the people excited and happy because of the way the city is located on its terrains. Visiting Gibraltar can be a dream come true to partners and families.

You cannot visit Gibraltar without seeing the Rock of Gibraltar. This is an ancient place that dates back to the era of the Neanderthal man. Apart from this historic destination, the Alameda Botanical Garden combines its artistic display of the site that houses exhibits of botanical species and conservation value together. You can see the waterfalls, ponds and chain of fountains here.


Move over to the Trafalgar Cementry, Gibraltar Museum, the Europa Point, World War II Tunnels, the Gala Casino and many more. There are a lot of things you can do in this city like visit the Apes' Den. You can see a lot of Barbary Macaques; these are the only wild monkey species in Europe. Remember, there is a superstition around here that it is only when these monkeys are long gone that the Britain can go.

Away from the superstition, you can take your time to explore the different caves especially the St. Michael’s Cave which is famous in Gibraltar.  The stalagmite and limestone formations in this cave would fascinate you. There is always a stage play or even a concert to catch at the lower grotto.

There are things you can do in Gibraltar like riding a cable car that would take you to the Upper Rock. There are eateries where you can eat the local meals, local bars where you can dance along with the locals and friends to make.

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Gibraltar International Airport (GIB)

Gibraltar International Airport is also called the North Front Airport. The airport handled up to 314,375 passengers and 380 tonnes of cargo in 2004.  It was ranked fifth by the Most Extreme Airports in the world.  The Monarch is the airport’s largest operator and the airport serves people who are coming to the city and also to neighbouring places as the Costa del Sol.

Gibraltar tour

Gibraltar offers tourists great hotels and accommodation packages, starting with the budget hotels to the five star hotels where you can make use of Limo and other luxury facilities. There are lots of vehicles you can make use of from the Limousine services to the sedan cars. These hire services can be done with travel agencies that offers you the best car for your transportation, airline with the cheapest flight booking and help you with your hotel accommodation.


Coming to Gibraltar means that you are in for fun. There is no time that there is a dull moment in the city. However, if you want to get the best from the city, you can visit Gibraltar during the high season which is April to September.


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