Bus Ticket From Athens To Santorini

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The Parthenon in Athens is a historic and famous attraction and highly recommended in the context of the Acropolis.

Bus Ticket From Athens To Santorini


Santorini is certainly a resort island and the use of the umbrella and chairs are included free if you order drinks at the numerous beach bars.

Here are the available modes of transport from Athens To Santorini.

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Bus Ticket From Athens To Santorini

The distance between Athens to Santorini is 340 km. The bus ride includes a ferry ride crossing. First take the KTEL bus transport from Athens to Lavrio. From here, take the NEL Lines ferry that crosses the island of Syros. From Syros, take the Blue Star Ferries that will reach the island of Santorini. The total travel time is 18 hours and 11 minutes. The cost of this journey ranges from US$47 to US$50. To learn more, check: http://www.ktelattikis.gr/routes.php

Bus Ticket From Athens To Santorini

If you choose to drive from Athens to Santorini; the travel time is seven hours and ten minutes.

Train Ticket From Athens To Santorini

There is no railway transport provider that covers the Athens to Santorini railway route.

Airplane Ticket From Athens To Santorini

There are four air transport providers that offer daily flights from Athens to Santorini. The air travel duration is two hours and 19 minutes. The one way plane ticket price ranges from US$85 to US$150 depending on the type of airline provider you choose to avail. To get the timetables and list of fares, visit: http://www.oagaviation.com/

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