Holidays In Corfu

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holidays in corfuI went to Greece for the first time recently with my boyfriend Luke and I have to say, it is simply far too amazing to be described in words. We didn’t have enough time to travel around the country so we just spent our whole week off at a lovely island named Corfu. At the moment I got to see that heaven for real, I knew we had made the right choice. It has everything to offer a perfect holiday: nice beaches, charming villages, lush mountains. No wonder why it hangs in the list of top most beautiful islands in Greece.


Sidari Beach is one of the best beaches I’ve ever been to. It is huge and absolutely stunning. We went back there several times during our holiday, spent hours swimming and walking along the shore. The sand is very soft and crystal clear. The sea is gorgeous, warm and shallow – simply perfect if you are going with children. There are plenty of water activities and sports to do there: paragliding, boat hires, water skiing, scuba, banana boat rides etc. Bunches of loungers owned by beach bars and restaurants are available all the way; just buy 1 drink and you’ll get to use them for free. The food is good and reasonable as well, we had a big breakfast for only 3$/each!

Of course we didn’t forget to check out Canal D’amour (Channel of Love). It is just incredible how it took Mother Nature centuries to carve those rocky cliffs with the ocean and the wind. Standing there with my dear Luke, I think I really felt the inner peace. That was also my happiest memory of the trip.

We went to Sidari Water Park a couple of times. Though it was not as good as we expected, it was fun and a sweet escape from the beach. The wave pool was huge and the slides were good. There were a lot of sunbeds and the staff was very friendly. They came around to ask if we wanted to order something to drink but did not pester us to buy it. However, in case you want to try something, do not go for the food. It is awful and goes with expensive prices!

holidays in corfu

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Trailriders Horse Trekking

We had such a wonderful time doing horse trekking in Corfu. Though it was the first time for both of us, we all felt confident and comfortable thanks to the kind instructions of the staff, especially Sally – the owner of center. We were given all the things needed for a ride such as boots, helmets, chaps etc. and got to choose suitable horses based on our experience and weights. The horses were very calm and gentle, which actually helped us wash away our nervousness and tension within a few minutes at holidays in corfuthe very beginning. We trekked through woods and olive groves to see some beautiful quaint villages and the beach. The view was amazing; it got even better because we were watching on horses and felt excited. The trip only lasted for 2 hours but was so enjoyable that we went back there for the second time. So yes, pony trekking with Sally and her lovely team are highly recommended!

Mount Pantokrator

We travelled up to Mount Pantokrator by scooter. We had heard that the road was terrible but it was actually not that bad. We had to walk at some points for short distances but once you get to see the view, you will find it totally worth all the efforts. This is the highest point of the island so it has a brilliant view of Corfu and Albania. Luke and I were kind of standing there for 15 minutes just watching in silence. It is simply breathtaking! The small little monastery was quite nice and so was the café. Bars were a bit pricey, probably the most expensive bars in town.

Robin’s Nest

We had a great night out at Robin’s Nest. What a fantastic bar! We got to know it through some travelers in Corfu but not until we went there did we realize how cozy it really was. They had amazing cocktails, good music and super friendly staff.  The owner Robin was a brilliant host! She with her great sense of humor made everyone feel welcome and happy! Anytime anyone new walked into the bar, they were greeted and treated just like old friends. There were no TV or sports as Robin wanted her holidays in corfucustomers to talk. She introduced us to her friends and other travelers who were keen on talking and we had an awesome time! We ended up spending 2 nights there and didn’t leave until the sun rose! Robin’s Nest was one of the reasons why we wanted to come back to Corfu and to be honest, we definitely will!


Aqualand was the second water park we tried in Corfu. It took us about an hour to get there by couch but once we reached it, we totally enjoyed ourselves. There were many slides and almost no queues as we went there in October. The staff was very hospitable and helpful; food and drinks were available at very reasonable prices; live entertainment was delivered by a band near the river. The only thing that needed to be improved at Aqualand was the changing rooms. There were only 3 cubicles to get changed in, which could have caused inconvenience for their customers if there had been more people coming. The fee 25$/each person was also a bit expensive but all in all, we had a good day.

Paleokastritsa Beach

Our second favorite beach in Corfu was Paleokastrisa. It is such a great place to chill out and spend a nice sunny day. The beach looks amazingly beautiful with the color of turquoise, white sand and high rocks around. There are quite a lot of pebbles so make sure you prepare some proper shoes if you decide to walk.

We went on a superb speed boat ride (Yellow Submarine boat tour) to the caves for only 10 Euros. The view was stunning and frankly, it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!



We also visited Kassiopi, a small but very popular village. It is truly worth the reputation: charming and peaceful. There are a lot of restaurants and taverns nearby that will suit any tastes; plenty of beaches to swim or simply just go for a walk. The beaches are wonderful – very calm, warm and clean. The people are really friendly and open-minded; we made friends with some locals and they were all very keen on helping us to enjoy the place.  We went on to see the harbor which is quite pretty and had some nice drinks in a restaurant nearby. What a lovely day!

Corfu treated us so well that we really did not want to leave. Even when I’m writing this I still feel like I was on vacation and had never left the island. Luke, he completely fell in love with Corfu and made me promise that we would come back there at least one more time. Looking at the excitement on his face when he showed our friends and families the pictures that we took, I know where we should go for our next vacation.

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