Tourist Favourite Locations In Corfu

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If you are thinking of embracing romance with tourism, you can visit the magnificent city of Corfu. A land dominated with Greek historic artifacts and beautiful structures. It is rich and intimately connected to the great beaches. This is a destination that is filled with the Turks, French, Romans, Sicilians, Venetians and British.  There are lots of activities that you would indulge in, exotic meals to taste and a lot of daring fun activities you can do in Corfu.

The oldest village in Corfu is the Old Perithia. This is a heritage protected site that sits above the sea level.  You can find a four star hotel in this village. This gives you the opportunity to take in the Greek environment local lifestyle. There are up to eight historic churches and attraction sites for you to visit.

You can visit the Esplanade that is situated between the Old Town and Old Fortress. This place has a park and parade ground and there is a Museum of Asian Art structure here. The best time to visit the Old Fortress is  in April to October. This magnificent fortress was built in 1546 by the Venetians. The Palace of St.Michael and St. George are some of the places tourists can visit.


 The Nymphes is a village that was built by Greek legends. This is a place of the myths and you would learn a lot about this village. You can visit the Agriculture Co-operative premises where you can be offered some sweets and liquors for free.

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Immediately, you step outside the Nymphes, you can take a trip to the Askitario, this is a historic and small monastery. It was believed that a monk Artemios Paissios from Epirus once lived here in the 5th century and he performed a lot of wonders.

There is the traditional village called the Kynopiastes which is a must visit when you are in Corfu. There are ancient mansions, monastery and museum that you can find in this village. This is where you would find one of the famous restaurants in the world.


Corfu International Airport (CFU)

Corfu International Airport is also called the Ioannis Kapodistrias (Capodistrias) International Airport. It is a government-owned airport Kerkyra, which serves both charter and scheduled flights from European cities.  In air traffic, this airport peaks between April and October which is the summer time. It served 2.106.818 passengers in 2013.

Night life in Corfu is what you may not miss for anything. Corfu has a lot of exciting locations where visitors can use as a getaway for their holidays and tourism.  Accommodation has been made affordable with different luxury hotels and  budget hotels that visitors can make use of.  Movement around Corfu is made easy with the numerous car rental services that are available at the Corfu International Airport. Flights booking to Corfu and the car rental services are what would support you with when you are coming to this beautiful city.

tourism in Corfu

The best times to visit Corfu can be during the spring and  period.  However, there is no time that you visit that is not excited. During summer time, there is a huge traffic because of the number of people coming to Greece, if you love the crowd and excitement, this can be the best time to visit; April to October.

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