Great Places To See In Spice Island

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Have you visited the Spice Island, a city that smells like nutmeg when you smell in the air? Grenada is a lovely Island that is situated close to Trinidad and Tobago, an island that can be referred to as the Fruit Island because of its luscious bounty that grows in the green hills, with a plethora of sand strands, perfect weather and hospitality. There are a lot of reasons to visit Grenada such as its carnival, beautiful tourists’ attraction centers, laid back vibe and beautiful vegetation.

If you are thinking of a beach with crystal clear waves that would lap on the white sand, then you are going to enjoy Grenada.  There are so many islands that you can visit here. The beautiful Grand Anse, Levera and Sauteurs are some of islands that may blow off your fleet.


You are going to be rocked by the Caribbean music and get intoxicated by the profusion of the locals when you are in Grenanda, the people are generally polite and considerate when they meet tourists.  There are a lot of eateries where you can enjoy the exotic meals, and fruit shopswhere you can buy soursop, papaya, breadfruit, avocado juice and lots more.

Grand Etang is a natural reserve that houses the Mona monkeys, hummingbirds, hibiscus bushes and rare fauna.  You can visit the Carriacou and Petit Martinique which are the two tiny charmers of the island.  You can see the St George which attracts hundreds of tourists. There is the La Sagesse Nature Centre, that has preserved all the local fauna and then, you cannot forget Grenvile, this is where you would see the rum distillery and the nutmeg growers. 

You can visit the Anse La Roche where there are lots of sea turtles hidden at the isolate Carriacou, hike, build sandcastes on  Bathways Beach, and  drive to the underwater art gallery that is situated at the  Moliniere Bay. This is where you can find the  coral and statues joins  to form  magnificent  masterpieces.

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 Activities in Grenada

Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND)

Maurice Bishop International Airport was initially called the Point Salines International Airport. It is situated in the parish of St. George's.  There are lots of car hire services that can help you with your movement. The lounge of the airport is beautifully designed to help tourists enjoy the time while at the airport.

Grenada  is a beautiful city to visit,  a lot of tourists around the world visit it daily because it has a lot of fascinating offers to its visitors. This is the reason hotels ranging from five star hotels to the budget hotels have been built to handle the accommodation and relaxation of the millions of the people coming in.

Movement in Grenada has been made easy for visitors with the different car hire services that are available. Grenada got the fun and exciting activities you may ever need while on vacation. There are a lot of things that you can do while in the city. This is the reason tourists are seen all year round. The best time to visit Grenada is January to April, these months  are the driest months


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