Don't Miss Places In Grenada

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The exuberant Spice Isle is an immaculate haven for fishing, cruising and trekking or biking through its challenging mountain slopes. Grenada is composed of six major islands or parishes in the Caribbean and has its own share of aesthetic qualities and rich cultural heritage.

Don't Miss Places in Grenada

Plunge among the sharks, watch turtles lay their eggs and go back to the ocean, or discover amazing wrecks on the ocean floor with the guidance of trained scuba divers. Find delicate corals and tropical fish in great abundance along its rich coral reefs that encompass the small nation.  Despite its sheer size, it is rich with vibrant festivals, exciting dive sites and exotic restaurants that serve the typical West Indian and Creole cuisine.

Don't Miss Places in Grenada

These are the not to be missed places while in the magical island of Grenada…


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ScubaTech Grenada (St. George Parish)

The ScubaTech Grenada in St. George offer diving adventures on its calm waters with good equipment and proper gears in a well-conditioned atmosphere with its implementing rules. The area does not have rough waves, the current is manageable, and it allows appreciation of the marine life and corals of the island in peace. ScubaTech is a place that must not be missed if one wants to make recreational diving or spend qualifications such as Nitrox diving. It has friendly atmosphere and the teaching is adapted to all levels.

ScubaTech Grenada

Eveline, the head of the club and director of diving is trilingual (English, French, German) leads her team of other divers professionally. She leads the expedition by heading to the southern part of the Lesser Antilles to make beautiful exploded dives and guide clients to discover Grenada breathing its Creole culture and authenticity.  Aside from the warm welcome, they offer the most beautiful and diverse dives. Besides exploring an old shipwreck and discovering the magnificent flora and fauna, you will find yourself in good company under their care while going through the deep.  There's something for everyone; diving wrecks, reefs, snorkeling and for all levels. You can commend them for their dedication and patient stewardship, plus there is always the popcorn, pastries and juices for snack. Another plus factor is they speak many languages.  


Underwater Sculptures        

The Underwater Sculptures are positioned on the bottom of the sea and are very interesting to see. To reach these statues, you can rent a boat from a diving center and dive for only a few feet deep and it is very easy to see them. The sculptures depict children, women, and more. It is located in a small bay reserved for diving and it has an authorized park area. The sculptures are a lot and done with symbolism; like the man who goes on a bike, the one writing on a desk, and the kids that form a circle and holding hands together. The time required for the visit is a maximum of one hour.

Underwater Sculptures

These are original sculptures to visit in this museum under water. They do not seem to attract fish that remain more near the reefs. Note that the sculpture of the "circle of people" as seen in magazines and dive center begins to deteriorate. The Underwater Sculpture Park is one of the top attractions of Grenada where snorkeling is ok and diving there will certainly be a really great experience. Although it will take great effort to reach the statues, it is a must to see and understand what they mean to the island and the people of Grenada.


Grand Anse Beach (South Coast)

The Grand Anse Beach is very wide and has umbrellas and sunbeds for a fee. On the beach there are also some bars where you can drink or you can directly ask the guys that also offer the umbrellas for rent. The beach is very nice, spacious and long, so that it is never too crowded. The sea is warm and not too deep and allows extended baths. You can go there directly with a taxi service or by water taxi, the price is almost identical. This long beach with white sand is dotted with cafes and hotels. The beach has no tough waves and the depth starts pretty quickly.

Grand Anse Beach

The crowd density on the beach is very little, except for days when the cruise ships arrive and more foreigners roam and shop around the island of Grenada. The transparent water is like a dream and wonderful for bathing. Although it is very clear to the underwater world, however, snorkeling is not suitable since there is not much to see except sand and a few fish but that should not deter a visit to this gorgeous beach in Grenada. These miles of sand, palm trees and the Caribbean Sea is located near St. George, the capital city.


Seven Sisters Falls (St. Andrew Parish)

A tour of the Seven Sisters Falls can be best availed with the Sunsation Tours with a total of 10 people plus a guide that will lead the way to the actual site. The hike is really nice and well worth it, but you should not forget to bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen. The guides perform their job perfectly. You can admire the scene as you go along, plus the guides’ explanations of plants, land, and the people are great. The trail at the beginning looks very cozy, but if you go further you will face the challenging part which is a course of narrow, slippery and steep landscapes.  Make sure to wear shoes with good profile or an appropriate pair of hiking sandals is required, otherwise it can be dangerous.

The Seven Sister Falls are one of the top attractions of Grenada - and for many good reasons. The combination of experience, nature, learning, and refreshment is simply unique. First, it goes through a plantation with lots of different agricultural products like; nutmeg, pineapple, breadfruit, papaya, banana, and guava - everything there is to see, especially things that never before has seen grow in its original form. Then you can go to a small hike through the bush in a very interesting way.

Seven Sisters Falls

One should bring a walking stick at the start of the walk which will prove to be very helpful. If you come here early in the morning and there is no rain or fog, you can do the ascent to the falls very well.  You will be rewarded for the effort with 2 beautiful waterfalls where you can swim in the pool of refreshing ice-cold water. The path around the falls is more complicated, because there will always be oncoming pedestrian traffic that you may need to work through. If you have made the difficult part of the ascent and need to rest, you may stop at a local bar, where you can get refreshing drinks that are cool and cheap. Overall, the trip to the falls is one of the most breathtaking adventures that you must try when you’re in Grenada.


Grand Etang Lake

The Grand Etang Lake is described in many guidebooks as the true must-do of Grenada. Accordingly, it is indeed worthy to see and visit this awesome lake. The site holds many surprises that are worth discovering. It is a volcanic crater lake which is also the only way to see the Caribbean, Dominica. The lake is very interesting and the exhibition center provides information that can be observed in 30 minutes. Located in the middle of a forest reserve the lake is a perfect example of what pure nature means. It also has no restaurant or souvenir shops on the lake, only benches and tables to eat your packed foods and drinks. The Etang Lake is accessible by a private car with a small fee at the entrance. The lake is surrounded by mountains and you can enjoy the wonders of nature and the idyllic view.

Grand Etang Lake

Grand Etang Lake is a lake in the crater of an underwater volcano that is now extinct. It is almost two thousand feet above sea level. It is awesome but it is forbidden to fish in the lake and the natives do not consume them because they have many stories and myths regarding the lake. It is a must if you go to Grenada. There is a museum with a guide and souvenir shops plus you can take lots of pictures of this beautiful place which is one of the major attractions in the island of St. Andrew Parish.


Sandy Island (Carriacou Island)

The Sandy Island is one of the great destinations in Grenada where you can create the best memories of your life. It has lots of activities in store for a perfect Caribbean holiday. You can go for a long swim on the northern tip of a tongue of sand desert within the island of Carriacou. Then wait for the sunset on your moored sailboat while sipping a typical rum punch. You will feel like the king or queen of the world. If you want to extend your relaxation time after the sunset, you can arrange it out with a local tour company. You can rent a dusk armed generator, concert speakers, strobe lights and crates of alcohol. Assemble everything and dance until the morning. At that point you will have done something remarkable and memorable on this island that you can tell your friends back home or your future grandchildren.

Sandy Island

It is also one of the best snorkeling sites you can explore on this part of the island. You can swim along with the thousands of fish with exceptional visibility of the reef area. Unfortunately, some parts of the reef off Sandy Island are now totally devastated by the anchors of huge sailing ships. Otherwise, it is still a pleasant place to enjoy swimming and taking pictures. There are also a few shades left under the palm trees. Another option is to visit the nearby White Island or Saline Island. There, the underwater world is still in order, but pay attention to strong currents.


Tyrell Bay

The Tyrrell Bay is often referred to as a Caribbean honeymoon dream beach, and yes indeed its true because it is here where you can find many small and private places to complete that ideal getaway and intimate ambience for newly wed couples.  Also, the overall vision of the bay is very attractive and can be quite true like most Caribbean clichés.

Tyrell Bay

The beach itself is relatively narrow and with crystal clear waters. You need to plan your itinerary on this island that is filled with fine restaurants serving West Indian dishes. For another option, you can combine a visit here with the nearby Paradise Beach.


Carriacou Museum

The Carriacou Museum is a local museum with amazing detail and lots of additional information about Grenada and the rest of the islands in the Caribbean.  You can spend an hour to absorb everything it offers starting from the artifacts, old maps, images, and the nation’s first telephone.

Carriacou Museum

Taking pictures is not allowed but they will allow you to touch the objects of curiosity. You will admire the efforts of conservation and the educational information about the island that this museum wants to impart in all their guests. A visit is a must to have a good understanding of Grenada’s historic and colorful past.


Levera Beach (St. Patrick Parish)

Levera Beach

It is conceivable to access the Levara Beach of St. Patrick Parish via a rented 4x4 from the city, yet it is all the more fascinating to incorporate it as the focal area of a trek from Bathway shoreline to Sauteurs, which can be easily reached by a minibus. To do so you must walk through the entire stretch of Bathway and discover an access road from its rugged headland. You can stroll along the sand to the west end where there is a zigzag road leading up to Levera town and inevitably up to Sauteurs.


Bathway Beach

The Bathway Beach is a stunning long shoreline to walk yet be careful because the sand gets exceptionally hot! It is difficult to stroll along in parts as the sand is so delicate and you will need to go on and off the sandy part or risk sinking and injure your toes or lower legs. In the afternoon, you can enjoy a delightful and serene stroll sans the hot sand.

Bathway Beach

Visit the Aggies Bar & Restaurant before you leave for nourishment and beverages. This beach is surrounded by a regular reef and endless row of pool and lagoons. The beach also holds a complete bundle of water sports activities to try and experience on this island.


Belmont Estate

The Belmont Estate provides an interesting tour of the nutmeg and cocoa plantation. It is here where the farmers will guide and show you how prepare the cocoa beans, how it is dried in the street, then roast, grind and processed for export. At the gift shop you can buy chocolates (including free –tasting of all its variants), there is also a talking parrot that is kept under their care and trained how to greet every guest that visit this estate.

Belmont Estate

The visit takes place in a warehouse and the site entrance costs US $5. It explains very well the history and stages of making chocolate and afterwards you can have a meal in the buffet restaurant where the soup is excellent as well as the fresh fruit juice mixes (Golden Appeal and Carrabolla). The homemade dishes are good and spicy and it is a must to see this estate while you’re in Grenada City.  


Grenada Co-Operative Nutmeg Association

Nutmeg is an important ingredient for Europeans, whose extraction and production is mostly done in Grenada. It is one of their main sources of income aside from its flourishing tourism. When on tour of the Grenada Co-Operative Nutmeg Association you will be given a few reminders. First of all; in the factory it is forbidden to take photographs and it is important to keep focused on what the guide is saying. The factory is a nondescript part from the outside of the multistory house. Inside there is an enormous heat, humidity, and partially fine dust. It begins with a visit to the top floor and where you get completely drenched in sweat and happy for each open window.

You can see the whole production and workers who earn money from here. Here you can see the difference between Europe with its unions, employee protection provisions - and a country where there is no such imposing rules yet. The tour guide will explain and answer everything you want to know about spice production and a glimpse of Grenada’s history. The tour is very informative even if it’s a bit short. In any case, it is worth it, because you do see a different view of the domestic labor in Grenada City.

Grenada Co-Operative Nutmeg Association

Grenada is a small island state that is proud of its autonomy and its own flag. People live off tourism, processing of spices and the usual monocultures (cane, bananas and tropical fruits). You can explore and enjoy a nice trip around the island but you must haggle with taxi drivers who sometimes charge much on tourists. Visit the reefs, ship wrecks, the underwater museum, and old plantations. You will like the work cycle of nutmeg and other spices which made Grenada truly famous around the world. 

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