My Wonderful Visit To The Grenada (caribbean)

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 Travel to Grenada

I was anticipating this wonderful event for quite a long time. I had heard a lot about the island and how magnificent it is with one big Island and two other small ones, all placed strategically in the sea. I was longing to see it with my own eyes. It all seemed to be a wonderful imagination until the time for my travel came to pass. I had to make a decision on where to go to first because this is a wonderful place that most people have not discovered and it is also rarely visited. I wanted to visit all the best places that are attraction to the few who have known what nature has for us in life.

I started my tour by visiting the underrated beaches in the Coast that were very lively and appealing  with the waters that were nice, cool and generally bluish. I had to dive into the beach and experience the splendour of the cool waters. This was a wonderful experience in my life and I would want to do it once again if life and luck both permit.

Travel to Grenada

Then I went to the Grenada Island where I moved to the South West corner to have a view of the airport and some nice beaches there as well. That was a very well established airport that I never noticed well when I arrived in a hurry to view the nature first. It was quite a good place to be in. I had to look for a better hotel for my meals and to finally spend the night.

This time I chose a perfect lounge called Cabier Ocean Lodge just near the Grenada on the beach in St. David’s Crochu neighbourhood. It was an extremely wonderful and romantic place I have never imagined it to be. The rates were also very reasonable and were inexpensive so I didn’t spend too much on accommodation.

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The following day I decided to visit the Seven Sisters Fall that is located in Grand Etang National Park in Grenada. It is a beautiful place where water rushes down the mountainside into a large pool. I was amazed at how I could enjoy myself swimming in these magnificent clear waters. This place was just perfect!

I had a great fun having a hike through the rain forest as I was accompanied by the tour guide who made everything possible. At first it was a bit challenging as the rains started falling down. It was raining cuts and dogs. I wanted to postpone my hike here for the following day but my tour guide encouraged me to continue because there was fun ahead. Indeed, it was real fun ahead as we hiked to these majestic waterfalls that made Grenada a great place to long for.

I also had to swim and dive in the waterfall from up and down to the pool. This felt quite amazing although I felt a bit scared at first but I gained courage eventually when I saw one Grenadian climb up the hill then dive down through the water to the bottom pool and start up again. I did this several times and enjoyed it. Eventually I moved to one isolated beach where I had a good bathe for around an hour while my guide waited patiently.

I just wanted to relax and enjoy myself after a very tiresome activity that made me realise how flexible I am and trust me this realisation was one of the best. What next came into our minds was this place called as La Sagesse nature Centre. It is a very good place for just relaxing as you look at nature and enjoy some good lunch. We reached there early enough and it was not very sunny but later on I had to get my sunscreen. This place needs good preparation with a perfect sunscreen lotion. My guide was very interesting and concerned. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. We relaxed as we got refreshed and then had a great lovely lunch at the restaurant. It was just wonderful having a salad and fish, being that fish is my favourite meal and also that fish was just excellent and so fresh.

Travel to Grenada

There we also saw few monkeys, which were of good breed, looking very lovely as they walked and jumped, others running after their little ones. This was a very wonderful place that I can recommend to anyone who wants to have some time out to relax, enjoy and have a view of nature.

I had to move to the second waterfall which is usually known as the Concord Falls so that I could have further hike. I was able to swim in the cook water that made me very happy. I had never done this before. We found ourselves lonely in the place because most people don’t come to this place during that period.  I didn’t mind because all that mattered was being happy and having a wonderful moment in Grenada. I can actually recommend this place to anyone who wants to visit Grenada. This is a must visit place that no one can afford to miss. Although there may be muddy trails sometimes but the location is very beautiful and worth it.

Travel to Grenada

I also visited St George’s, the largest town where I took several pictures in this most picturesque waterfront in all of the Caribbean and its surrounding. It is the capital City of Caribbean Country of Grenada that is very isolated in South-Western part of the Island. This was quite amazing to see the developed stone buildings in the city that was known to have been invaded by the US in the 8os. It has now developed to a very beautiful place. I took a tour round to see the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the green hills of the Volcano crater that surrounds the city.

The climate was a very pleasant tropical one kind. I also witnessed the vibrant culture that is a mixture of Africa, Indian and French traditions full of dance, food, music and festivals. The people in this country are very friendly and welcoming. I truly enjoyed being shown around and getting directions from them.

Then we visited the market square to have some little shopping in the market during the market day as I had a walk in the city and doing some sightseeing. It was a lot of fun seeing the wares in the market as you get forced to buy from only the vendors. From here, I decided to visit the Sibling Island of Carriacou that is very relaxed, laid back and quiet place. It is just a beautiful little Island with white beaches and green hills. I couldn’t resist the urge to enjoy the sand bathe in the beaches and eventually having a very calculated hike along the hill. It was a great joy being in this Island as I had a tremendous hike here.

Travel to Grenada

I could go to the hidden beaches that are good for discovery. I realised that this place has not been discovered by many and therefore it is not as busy and touristy as other beaches in the Grenada but we really enjoyed everything and it was just amazing being here and shall stay fresh forever in my memories.

I would love to plan for another visit to the Caribbean because it is just a wonderful place to be. The Grenada Island and its environs are the places to visit.

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