A Trip To Guinea-bissau With My Boyfriend

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Guinea Bissau, a Portugal colony that lies in West Africa and that has its coast bordering the Atlantic Ocean, is a perfect destination to make your holidays awe inspiring. Guinea Bissau has loads of attractions. There are countless amazing cities, lovely parks, nice looking nature parks, many alluring beaches and stunning historical forts that have lured large hordes of tourists every year who flock there to admire its beauties. Its climate is also wonderful and attractive at all times. Its landscape is also precious. I visited Guinea Bissau with my boyfriend for two weeks to get rid of our daily hustle and bustle and to also appreciate its beauties that have been told by many over the years. The experience we had was dazzling and I thus decided to praise its compelling beauties.

 A trip to Guinea-Bissau with my boyfriend

We commenced our great adventure at the stunning Parca dos Herois Nacionais in Bissau city. This site is commonly known as the old presidential palace. The site was impressive. The peripheral architectural design was first class. It exhibited the best old structural design  in the charming city. Its roof was however missing which we later learnt that it had been bombarded out during a previous  assail. It was, however, very daunting that we took several photos of it.  Its interior too was compelling. It still upheld the good image of a king’s parlor. We explored its inside intensely where we came across numerous small and large rooms that represented the many nice and well designed offices. It was a good feeling being there. We were astonished  when our eyes met with an awfully destroyed part eluding its historical beauty. We wondered why anybody would think of damaging such a breath taking place but were only grand that the citadel still looks enticing and is worth a visit. It was indeed a great start for our adventure.

 A trip to Guinea-Bissau with my boyfriend

We then set forth to appraise the other beauties of Bissau city. The city was alluring with scores of attractive things to see. We walked through its many streets that still exhibited much of the Portugal trends such as impressive building designs. There were lots of captivating shops from where we admired and did some shopping.  The items were well displayed reflecting the active nature of the staffs working in them. We then moved to the coastal regions of the town where we were surprised by the charming beach that welcomed us warmly. It looked so astounding that we had no otherwise than walking leisurely along over the soft sand that was so inviting causing us to walk on it barefooted so as to feel its beauty more intently. It was indeed a remarkable moment. We then dived into the waters to explore the beauty that lay in them. The water was indeed calm, tranquil, clean and relatively warm. It was so difficult to come out but the enchanting beach sand tempted us to go and stretch out on them. The sun was lovely and we enjoyed so much relaxing under it though there were loads of palm trees that rescued anyone who could not withstand the heat. The site was surely scenic. There were also many nice looking shops full of lovely carvings and drinks which we enjoyed taking. This experience was so moving. We were happy that our trip was going great.

 A trip to Guinea-Bissau with my boyfriend

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The amusing  Fortaleza d’Amura  fort was next on our adventure list.  This charming  fortress is located on the southern part of Bissau city. It also sentinels the backdrops of the ancient Portuguese Quarter that is located within Bissau city. It represented so much of the past world that is probably not known to the current generation. The garrison was fantastic in its design. It looked more of a resort that housed the victims of the Portuguese brutal rules. It was however good looking and we enjoyed walking into it to survey more of its interior charm. The feeling inside was impeccable and we enthralled admiring each room that was within it. There were also friendly guides who helped us get more of the fortification’s history. It was indeed worth a visit and we would definitely visit it again on our next travel to Guinea Bissau.

 A trip to Guinea-Bissau with my boyfriend

We also hypnotized visiting the pleasing Cantanhez Nature Park that is located within Jemberem area. The park embraced loads of charming beauties that were a must to see. We were welcomed by a mind blogging flora coverage that gave a lot of life to the park. It also made the atmosphere  encompass a magnetic serene ambiance. We wanted so much of it. We then came across the lovely vast collection of wild animals. The monkeys were the most interesting as they hardly left us and kept following us all through probably wishing to get something from us which we later offered them several bananas. They appreciated our generosity by throwing them back to us. We found this act so exciting though we were warned by a fabulous guide that they could maybe get annoyed with us joking around their premises and turn out dangerous. We thanked him for his kindness and progressed to watch the many beautiful birds that called the park their home. They were really admirable. We also had a great chance to witness some of the jeopardized genus of lovely birds. We loved the experience that was represented in this park. They were also other amazing types of animals such as the chimpanzees. We also learnt that the park was owned by a community who had come together to offer shield to the many animals. It was surely a nice place to spend time.

 A trip to Guinea-Bissau with my boyfriend

We then toured the amusing Ilha de Orango Island that is one among the many that house the dazzling Orango Island National Park. The site was incredibly stunning with a versatile flora and fauna composition. We started adventuring from the good looking green swamps that exhibited enthralling reeds. The swamp had more to offer as it was a splendid home for  several  exceptional brine crocodiles and lovely gigantic hippos. We liked this scenic site so much that we took several photos of these captivating animals and more so taking pleasure in the tranquil atmosphere that filled the whole area. It was indeed one of our best moments in our lives.

 A trip to Guinea-Bissau with my boyfriend

We then headed to the superb woodlands that were only a few meters from the swamp. The trees looked so fabulous and above reproach. We enjoyed walking through them feeling much of what they were . They ranged from tiny to tall thin trees and offered an enticing shade that was magnetic as we hardly wanted to abscond from them. We actually got into more fun as we tried to hide from each other behind the bushy vegetation. My boyfriend,  Dan was so professional in hiding that most times I failed to find him. I loved this experience so much and wanted to remain there forever. It was also a pleasurable moment seeing this alluring vegetation as we had never seen most of it before.

 A trip to Guinea-Bissau with my boyfriend

We finally embellished our visit further by visiting the stirring old Baloma city that abhorred captivating sandy beaches. We walked to them and cherished every moment that we were on them. We had a great time swimming in the calm water and having the whole territory to ourselves. We took most of our timer diving deep below this tempting water while promising ourselves not to leave that beautiful ground. We also enjoyed lazing around on the inviting sandy beach listening keening to the cool waters and wishing them being at our homelands. Guinea Bissau could hardly be adventured utterly within such a short spell and so we promised ourselves to visit this stunning country again.


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