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Guyana Land of many waters is a concoction of Caribbean and Amerindian influences. Striking waterfalls, virgin rain forest and vast river systems combine to create one of the world's most exciting destinations for adventure travel and exploration.

Top places to see at Guyana:

Kaieteur Falls:

It is a waterfall on the Potaro River. Kaieteur Falls at over 700 feet is five times taller than Niagara. Kaieteur National Park is situated on the Guiana Shield, a plateau. It is one of the most fantastic waterfalls in the world. It is one of the few places in the world where scarce species are easily observed

Shell Beach:

It extends for about 90 miles along Guyana’s northwestern shore. This remarkable filament consists of uncounted numbers of tiny shells, a composition that makes it an ideal nesting site for sea turtles. Four of the world's eight sea turtle species come here each year between March and July.

The Kanuku Mountains:

The Kanukus are intersecting by the Rupununi River, one of the primary tributaries of the Essequibo. With wind-sculpted crowns rising to just below cloud level, the range is notable for its exceptionally diverse.

Demerara Harbor Bridge:

The Bridge at 1 1/4 miles is the longest floating bridge in the world. This 2 lane bridge spans the Demerara River from Peter's Hall on the east bank to Schooner on the west bank. It is made of steel, and pontoons are used as floatation devices. The middle sections of the bridge retract to allow large vessels to pass.

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Can anyone with extensive experience in the region tell me what crime is like i Guyana, as compared to Suriname or French Guiana.



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