My Visit To Haiti!

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Travel to Haiti

I started planning for my visit six months in advance before the specific date of my departure to visit Haiti. This is because I heard several people talking about this country with interest. So finally I decided to visit the place myself.

At first, I got attracted to the citadel, that is in Cap Haitian on the far North Coast of Haiti. It was a very long and tiresome journey to Cap Haitian with the large potholes on the road and mountains to climb as we moved there. It is best to use a four wheel drive vehicle for such a trip to Cap-Haitian because I witnessed the stressful moments that my driver had to navigate through the potholes. However, I didn't regret the hard time at all when I reached there because the fortress was just amazing.

The place has a great view that is incomparable to any other tourist attractions I have ever imagined. This is a  great site of high quality that most people like and that is why  there is always long lines of tourists there who visits the place almost everyday. I also learnt about  Henri Christophe story. The man who decided to proclaim himself as King Henry 1 of North Haiti Kingdom. He built a very fascinating Citadel to discourage the French from returning home. The place got destroyed by the earth quake but it is getting restored currently.

Travel to Haiti

I then went to Bassin Bleu just a few kilometres from Jacmel in Haiti. This is a very wonderful place that I can recommend to anyone visiting Haiti. It is a must visit attraction that no one can afford to miss. The waters are actually blue and look very magnificent and attractive.

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This basin blue is naturally beautiful. I climbed at the end of the hike up the mountain. I realised how friendly and helpful the guides were to me and there were also some ropes to hold therefore I felt very stable and excited to enjoy every bit of it. I was able to swim in the cool waters and enjoy myself. If I have all the time in this world I can visit this place again and again.

Travel to Haiti

I decided to try a new idea by going to the Dragons Breath Zip line in the beach within Labadee in Haiti. I have to admit that this is a great view and it is the longest zip line over water but it is not very steep. I had the best experience as the guides helped me through a small practice where they showed me the ropes and I had a bumpy ride and finally I got up on the zip line. At first I felt a bit nervous and scared because I usually fear heights but eventually I got control of myself and enjoyed moving down and having a wild ride. This was a fantastic experience!

I have great interest in history and historical events and this prompted me to visit the National History Park Citadel, Sans Souci, Ramiers in Haiti. It was amazing to understand that this site was actually built shortly after independence. I had to walk a very long trip from the bottom of the hill up to the top of the mountain which was a bit tiresome but on reaching the top, I did not regret it at all. The view was very wonderful and everything was simply amazing.

Travel to Haiti

This is the place to visit in Cap Haitian although there were several people who wanted to be my guide and started asking for money. I had already been warned about this situation earlier and so I was very careful and paid no attention to most of them. I could have opted for a horse hire to take me up but I decided to have a hike because I am still very flexible and physically fit.

After this, I also planned a trip to Musee de Guahaba so that I could enjoy more of culture and history. I realised how it is a very old museum in the country that is now being used for philanthropic purposes to portray the culture of the Haitians and their way of life. I enjoyed looking at the magnificent arts.

Art is part and parcel of life and I love art so much so I decided to pay a visit to Museum of Haitian Art which is located just within the college of Saint Pierre. I actually wanted to have a view of some of their art works. This was very wonderful because I got information on the local art and other items. It was a very luxurious grand visual display of locals’ works of art made with perfection.

I could not miss to go to Labadie Island which is the most popular tourist magnetism in Haiti. The scene is very beautiful and I took several photos of the scene. I enjoyed everything and even took a dip into the cool Caribbean waters and afterwards moved to the beach, jumped and dived in the bays. I also moved to the different reefs to see the whole scene and to enjoy every part of the Island. This was quite amazing, hilarious and breathe taking event in my life.

After a long day of tour and a great fun, I decided to move to the capital city of Haiti where I went specifically to a certain attraction called Petionville, a very popular area in Port-au-Prince. This is where I could dine well and do my shopping. It has several modern amenities for a good treat after a long tiring day.

I took some few hours dining in the restaurants then I looked for some items with great deals and did my shopping in the capital city. At the end of that day, I spent my night in one of the romantic restaurants around. I also realised that this is a place that has a lot of cultural institutions to visit and am actually planning to have another visit in the near future so I can learn more about the cultures in one of those cultural institutions.

Travel to Haiti 

The following day was meant for nature trip to this significant place called Plaine du Cul de Sac, a great landmark in Haiti located near the border with the Dominican State. This is the best place ever! There are land features which are very scenic and the rare species of nature like the herons, flamingos and the ducks are available here. I spent hours enjoying the nature of the land marks and the creatures looking at them as they relate, walk, feed and fly.

I concluded my tour by moving to one of the popular hotels in Haiti that several travellers were raving about. This was the Satigny Inn. This is where I took some drinks, had lunch and just relaxed while I was planning to end my visit and return back home. The whole journey was very wonderful and Haiti is the place to be for any visit and tours.

I realised the great myth that says that ‘the earth is a book and if I have not travelled then I have just read a page of the book.’ This became very true to me as I saw various attractions, sites, museums, hotels and much more around Haiti. This is a place full of wonderful sites and events that no one can afford to miss.

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