A Tourist Guide To Iceland

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Iceland is an island nation that is located in the between Europe and North America, a mountainous location in the world that is partially covered by glaciers and surprisingly has a mild climate and so many geothermal hot-spots.  It is a beautiful place for those who love desolate and strange landscape and also very close to the Arctic Circle. The sun is seen briefly every night in the month of June and it does not really get dark not until the sun comes up again.  March and September have equinoxes, when the days and nights have equal duration, December has about 20 hours of darkness.


The Weather and Climate

Iceland is one unique place in the world, it is not one of those places you visit whenever you want to be. This is because like the way the name sounds, it is actually a very a cold place in the world which is the reason why it is imperative that you plan your visit  to the country  prior with the weather condition.

The lowest temperature is January with temperature around the day-1°C and night -3°C

July is the best weather month with temperature around day 16°C and night 10°C

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The brief description of Iceland’s weather that is seen throughout the year is cool summers, temperate that is moderated by North Atlantic Current,  windy winters, mild and damp.

The cheapest  Iceland First Minute deals usually begins  from 612€ for a four  day trip

The Best Time You Can Visit Iceland


Visiting Iceland can be an exciting thing to do and you can make that great trip in the summer. This is because during the summer month a lot of companies make provision for guided bus trips that are seen taking visitors around the country. When you are here, there are lots of buses you can make use of and move around or even hike around destinations such as Snaefellsjoekull, Thorsmoerk,  and  lots more.  You can make your movement through the horseback if you are moving  across the highlands. The best time to visit Iceland is during summer and  the traffic from tourist is very mild May is the cheapest month and July is the most expensive month for travel.




Iceland can have a mild winter for a country that has such a latitude that is due to the warming influence due to the effect of the Atlantic Gulf Stream. This is when it is compared to a country like Russia. The country is known to have a maritime temperate climate and the country’s winter can be compared with a place like that is seen in New England even though the wind in winter can be very harsh and bitter.

Though, the ever increasing and changing the weather has made the country one of the most talked about when it comes to the weather. The summer is always cooler and the temperature can be within the range of 20 to 25°C which is considered to be very quite warm and people are seen moving around and visiting places.



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